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Showdown of the beauties between YoonA, SeoHyun and Kim HeeChul?

There is a male singer who will not shy in a showdown of the beauties with So Nyeo Shi Dae. And he is none other than Super Junior Kim HeeChul.

A photo taken of SNSD YoonA, SeoHyun and Kim HeeChul was posted up on an online community site on 19th August. The 3, who are known to be close with one another as they are from the same agency, was seen with their fair flawless complexion in the photo.

What stood was also HeeChul’s beauty. Even though he is the only guy in the photo, his pretty face was the one which had made him stood out. Netizens’ comments included, “Kim HeeChul is the prettiest”, “If Kim HeeChul dresses up as a female, he will be prettier, not shying in terms of beauty with the SNSD girls” etc.

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Super Junior Kim HeeChul transform as ‘Lady HeeHee’

Super Junior Kim HeeChul transformed as Lady Gaga.

Super Junior had their 3rd concert ‘THE 3RD ASIA TOUR : SHOW 3’ on 14th and 15th August in Seoul Olympic Stadium.

And after the concert, Kim HeeChul tweeted photos of himself dressed by as world know pop star Lady Gaga. He wrote, “If you are going to do it poorly, must as well not do it right.. For me if I’m going to do it I will do it right and give it my best.”

And in another photo where he posed with fellow Super Junior members, HeeChul wrote “With my fans. I’m Lady Heehee”.
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Park SooJin, “I had cried on 2 occasions because of Super Junior Kim HeeChul”

Park SooJin reveals an episode where she had cried because of Kim HeeChul.

Park SooJin had revealed during her guest appearance on SBS Strong Heart aired on 3rd August, “I acted as couple with Kim HeeChul in drama ‘I love you 10 million times’. And I became very close with Kim HeeChul and we were like siblings when we were filming the drama.”

She then added, “Kim HeeChul is someone who is very particular about cleanliness. We were filming this scene where we were on our newly wed vacation. He had taken my hand held it to his face. He looked at my fingernails (which were soiled), and pushed me away saying ‘I am not able to garner any emotions, I can’t act this scene’. Even after I apologised, he had put up a face all the way till the end, and I was angry myself too.”

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Idol Groups Only Have a Few Words in Solo Parts as Number of Members Increase

“The Beauty of Four Seconds.”

This is the snarky label from the Internet for Heechul, member of an idol group Super Junior who only has four seconds of solo singing time in “Sorry Sorry,” the title song for the group’s third album. Together, there are 13 members of Super Junior who sang this song. Since all 13 divide up a single song, each member can call himself a “singer” after singing for only four seconds.

Lately there are increasing cases in which solo parts of a song last no more than a few seconds, as the number of members in the idol groups such as Super Junior, Girl’s Generation and After School increase. This is contributing to the pop culture in which those who rely on looks or conversation skills are considered “singers” regardless of their singing abilities.

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BoA, “Kim HeeChul especially likes to show that we are close”

Singer BoA talks about her close friendship with Super Junior Kim HeeChul.

On KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly aired on 24th July, BoA was featured for an interview during her comeback 6th KOrean album photoshoot.

Recently the 2 had been called the ‘temperamental siblings’ with a photo they took together posted on Twitter. BoA responded to that, “When Kim HeeChul uploaded the photo and posted that tweet, I have given permission.”

And when asked by the reporter about their close friendship, BoA said, “We are close. Usually oppa has many people he is close to, but he especially likes to show that we are close,” laughing.

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‘Prince of tears’ Super Junior DongHae talks about how he cries easily

Introducing himself as ‘The prince of tears’, Super Junior DongHae confesses that he had cried a lot due to the other members.

DongHae had revealed during his appearance on SBS Strong Heart on 13th July, “There is a saying that guys only cry on 3 occasions, but I cry a lot. After debut, I have cried a lot because of the other members. ”

DongHae went on to explain, “We were travelling to an event in the countryside, and ShinDong and EunHyuk were sitting behind me in the car. It had been about 4 hours when ShinDong said ‘So the hyung sits at the back and the dongsaeng sits in front’.”

Back then, DongHae’s popularity was on the rise. And Kim HeeChul commented, “It is like that when you are popular,” and Lee Teuk came in to help. DongHae then stood up wanting to change seats, but another comment came, “Just stand put. Things have been like that anyway.”

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Sulli’s smile is the factor to breaking 11 years of age diff and forging close relationship with Kim HeeChul

f(x) Sulli talks about the thing which had her and Super Junior Kim HeeChul have such great brother-sister relationship.

It has been known that Sulli has been close with Kim HeeChul since she was young. Sulli had talked about her close relatioship with Kim HeeChul through a ‘Star Call’ video phonecall to fans.

She said, “Everyone knows that HeeChul seonbaenim always supports us? I’ve always been someone who smiles very often, and HeeChul seonbaenim was shocked that, ‘Ah! There is a child whom I can make her smile so much’.”

And because of this, the 2 were able to break the 11 years in age difference and continue to maintain a close relationship until now.

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Kim HeeChul, “Yuri is the beauty of chocolate-colour complexion”

Super Junior Kim HeeChul talks about So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri.

HeeChul posted on his Twitter on 3rd July a photo taken together with Yuri. He also wrote, “Who is the best chocolate-colour beauty? Yuri shows off 99.9% of cocoa on stage, and she shows off the clean features like that of milk chocolate on variety shows.”

He also added, “Right now, I’m getting confirmation from the girl on my comment.” Netizens’ response are, “Very cute”, “Milk-like complexion HeeChul and chocolate-colour complexion Yuri” etc.

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