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SS501 Kim HyunJoong assures fans of upcoming album and rumours of disbandment

Amidst news reports of SS501’s contract with their agency coming to an end the next month and speculations of disband, team leader Kim HyunJoong wrote on the group’s official fansite on 9th May assuring fans of their upcoming album and that the rumours of disbandment are groundless.

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Jessica-Krystal voted as the best celebrity siblings


So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and her younger sister f(x) Krystal has been picked as the top celebrity siblings.

A survey was done on Monkey3 from 31st October till 6th November and about 585 netizens particated answering the question ‘Who are the best celebrity celebrities?’ and the duo JessicaKrystal received 40%(232 votes) response, coming in #1 on the survey.

The participants to the survey explained their choice, “The 2 are really beautiful and have great vocal capabilities”, “Great genes bestowed upon them”, “Enviable sisters” etc.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

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Jo Kwon, “I have been confessed to by group female singer before”


2AM Jo Kwon talks about being confessed to by group female singers.

Jo Kwon appeared as one of the MCs to the new SBS environmental variety show ‘Find it! Green Gold’ on 14th September, and SS501 member Kim HyungJoon has asked the question, “Have you been confessed to by more than 1 female entertainer?” and Jo Kwon answered, “Yes”.

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K Bites – 09.09.09 III (Secret, Brian, ShinDong, Jo Kwon, Kim Hyung Joon)

Member Song JiEun of upcoming girlgroup ‘Secret’ revealed!


Upcoming 4-member girlgroup Secret, consisting of ex-member of group ‘Five Girls’ Jeon HyoSeong, reveals another member – main vocal Song JiEun.

On 9th September, a video was revealed through GomTV featuring Song JiEun singing to a piano accompany of the song ‘Slow Motion’ by Karina, showing off her great vocals.

Before debut, Song JiEun has also sang for several drama OSTs like ‘Learning to Fly’ from drama ‘Air City’ and ‘Scent’ from ‘Korea Lawyer’ etc. She also sang for the song ‘Give you all’ from Untouchable’s 1st album.

Meanwhile, Secret’s own reality program ‘Secret Story’ will be aired on Mnet from 21st September.


Brian, Shin Dong, Kim Hyung Joon and Jo Kwon for new environmental variety show

Flower boys Brian, ShinDong, Kim

Hyung Joon and JoKwon will all come together for an environmental cause.

Fly To The Sky Brian, Super Junior ShinDong, SS501 Kim Hyung Joong and 2AM Jo Kwon will be appearing together for a new broadcast show SBS environmental variety ‘Find it! Green Gold’.

All 4 idol members will ride on their environmental-friendly bicycles in search of places with environmental problems and present a solutions to them.

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K Bites – 01.06.2009 (SHINee, Jang Yoon Jeong, SS501)

SHINee is #1 on album sales chart even without broadcast activities


With member Onew injuring himself 2 days before their comeback stage causing the group to postpone their comeback stage, SHINee has came up #1 on album sales for their 2nd minialbum ‘Romeo’ even without broadcast activities.

On Hanteo chart, the group’s new minialbum ‘Romeo’ has came up to #1 for album sales, taking Super Junior and V.O.S off competition, with 15,000 copies sold.

The album sales was initially set at 21st May and their comeback stage on 19th May but member Onew injured his front teeth after falling from a flight of stairs in their dorm before their comeback stage. The album sales then was pushed back to 25th May.

It is said that the group will most probably have their comeback stage earliest this week.

jyj_010609Trot singer Jang Yoon Jeong takes 180 degrees transformation and sing slow song

Trot queen Jang Yoon Jeong will be back in activity after her previous hit ‘Jang Yoon Jeong Twist’ with a slow song ‘애가타’.

She previously promoted the hit song with a twist rhythm ‘Jang Yoon Jeong Twist’ last summer, and she is back with a different image to sing a slow song.

‘애가타’, written by Lee Gun Woo and Im Jong Soo, talks about the words ‘I love you’ being too commonly used that love is actually dried up.

Of her 6 years as a singer since her debut, this is the 2nd time she is singing slow song after the song ‘First Love’ in 2007. What makes it special this time is that this is also the 1000th production works by Lee Gun Woo.

‘SS501’s Romantic Sky’ on JeJu fanmeeting

ss501_010609Male idol group SS501 had their fanmeeting in the airplane for the Korean and Japanese fans. The fanmeeting was name ‘Love and Support to SS501’.

The SS501 members have also stood in as plane attendants to make sure that their fans get a safe and comfortable flight. They served the fans beverages on the flight, and also taught a small lesson on flight safety – making it an unforgettable flight for the fans.

Kim Hyun Joong said responsibly, “If there happens to be a crisis on the plane, we will make sure all fans take shelter and gets to safety before we do.” Members Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon were also chosen to be the ‘member with the best service on plane’ and the ‘member with the worst service on plane’.

SS501 were separated into 2 teams – one in Kimpo-JeJu trip and one for KimHae-JeJu trip. There will be 3 parts to the fanmeeting, and they will be aired every week on Mnet on ‘SS501‘s Romantic Sky’ starting from 2nd June.

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K Bites – 26.05.2009 III

After Kim Hyun Joong, SS501 Kim Hyung Joon is next to take up drama acting

khj_260509SS501 Kim Hyung Joon is next in the team to take up drama acting after leader Kim Hyun Joong did.

Kim Hyung Joon has been casted as the main character for a Korean-Japanese project ‘Telecinema’. One of the staff said on 26th, “Kim Hyung Joong had finished the filming to the drama in secret by mid-April.”

It is said that Kim Hyung Joon will act as the rich young master character in the drama, with the appearance of Bae Seul Gi and Son Ho Young. He is the 2nd in the team to take up drama acting after Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers. Member Park Jung Min has recently take up the musical acting.

Meanwhile, other artistes who had taken part in the this ‘Telecinema’ project are Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong, Han Hyo Joo, Ahn Jae Wook, Kang HyeJung, Big Bang TOP and SeungRi, Heo Yi Jae etc. The productions are set to air on SBS the later half of they year.

Hwayobi with 2nd project single with Korea’s biggest divas


Hwayobi has recently came up with her 2nd project album with Korea’s bigges and representative divas for ‘2009 No.1 Diva’s Love’.

And in the album ‘2009 No.1 Diva’s Love’, Hwayobi sings the song ‘Once’. The song expresses the pains after a love separation.

Other than that, newcomer Lee Chae Yeong also stars in her MV.

HwangBo for InStyle June issue


Singer HwangBo shows off her S-line under the May sunbath for June issue of fashion magazine InStyle.

She has revealed that she has been exercising and working out all this while to maintain her body. The photoshoot, with HwangBo donning various swimming costumes, took place in ChoongSoon KwangJing Goo W Hotel’s sky desk outdoor terrace.

When she was asked how she had managed her body, HwangBo said, “Although ur normal dietary management is important, exercise is also important to keep your body toned.”
More photos here…

K Bites – 04.05.2009

Chae Yeon album leaked ahead of comeback


Sexy singer Chae Yeon‘s 2 years and 2 months comeback album has been leaked.

Her company Line Media said on 4th May, “The title song ‘Shake’ which has been set to be revealed on the 12th has been leaked out.”

“The song was leaked about 1-2 day back. We are investigating into who and when did the song get leaked out. With this leakage incident, we are not troubled with the actual release date of the album.”

A singer and the producer’s new song being that easily leaked out will only cause them disappointment. The company is now looking into all ways to track out the person who leaked the album.


Comeback of the female 30s in the Kpop realm


This is the time of the comeback of the female singers in their 30s.

First up will be Lee Jung Hyun coming back with AVA Entertainment after 3 years away. She is set to release a new minialbum in beginning of May. Her comeback album jacket, with the concept of Marie Antoinette, has already set the topic amongst netizens, anticipating for her comeback.

Also HwangBo recently released a digital single album ‘Unbelievable Words’, coming back as a singer. She previously set a techtonik craze with the song ‘Get Hot’ last year. And this is her singer comeback after 1 year.

Next singer Hye Ryeong will also be coming with a minialbum ‘One Night Love’ to be released on the 8th. She previously made it big with the song ”3 ways to endure sorrow’ in 2003. She debuted with the song ‘Fool’ as a R&B female singer. And will comeback with the title song ‘Why did you leave me?’.

We just have to see if these singers can still have their own stage with the Kpop world of sprouting young idols.


KARA and Evan to be DJs


KARA members Han Seung Yeon and Park Gyu Ri and Evan will take on the roles as DJs.

They will be taking the place for SS501 Kim Hyung Joon for SBS Power FM ‘SS5o1’s Music High’ on 107.7MHz as the rest of SS501 gets busy in America for their perforamnce and their filming in Japan for the next few days.

KARA members Han Seung Yeon and Park GyuRi will take over the position of DJs on the show from 7th to 13th May, and then Evan will take over from 14th to 18th May. The show is set to air at 2am in the morning.

4일 채연의 소속사 라인미디어 관계자는 머니투데이 스타뉴스에 “당초 오는 12일 온오프라인에 동시 공개될 타이틀곡 ‘흔들려’ 등 채연의 새 음반 수록곡 모두가 사전 유출 됐다”고 밝혔다.

이어 “오늘 기준, 1~2일 전부터 인터넷 상에 음원이 유출된 것을 확인하고 현재 누가 언제 어떻게 외부에 띄웠지를 확인 중”이라며 “이번 유출 사건으로 인해 음반 발매 날짜를 당겨야 할지 고민 중”이라고 전했다.

이 관계자는 “가수와 창작자의 온갖 노력이 담긴 새 노래를 너무 쉽게 유출하는 것에 대해 실망감을 감출 수 없다”며 “유출자를 밝히기 위해 모든 방법을 강구하는 것은 물론 꼭 책임도 물을 것”이라고 강조했다.

K Bites – 02.05.2009

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung, “We are 4 dimensional couple”


A photo of couple Epik High Tablo and Kang Hye Jung revealed online had become the topic amongst netizens. The photo was uploaded on Epik High’s official website – and in the photo, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung had funny dressups.

Kang Hye Jung had heart-shaped glasses on and Tablo had comedian glasses on. And Tablo also attached a phrase with the photo, “Isn’t this cool? Heart Kang and Detective Ta”.


SS501 fly to America for 2nd album preparation, “We are afraid influenza A”


Male group SS501 will be flying to America for the preparation of their upcoming 2nd album on 6th May.

They will be staying there for about 10 days to film their 2nd album jacket and also to record for their 2nd album. They will also be attending cultural events for South Koreans living in America during their visit there.

Kim Hyung Joon who recently met with some reporters said, “We will go to America on the 6th. We will film for our album jacket, we will also be meeting and having exchange with music producers in America.”

“But after hearing about the influenza A type, swine flu, going on in America, we are a little afraid about it. We will work hard to bring to fans new and better music to fans through what we have learnt there.”


Super Junior and Jang Ri In forge friendship in China


60K fans were present for ‘Jackie Chan and his friends concert’ where Super Junior and Jang Ri In had participated in.

The concert took place on 1st May in China Beijing Olympic Stadium. Super Junior on the day performed their 3rd album songs ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Why I Like you’. This is a pleasant surprise for their China fans since it is the first time they perform the 2 songs in China.

Jang Ri In also performed the song ‘Wish’ off her 1st album. Great friendship forged beween Super Junior, Jang Ri In and Jackie Chan can be seen from their friendly stage and them putting behind their age difference.

Jackie Chan also expressed his gratitude for Super Junior’s appearance for his concert.

Meanwhile, Super Junior won the #1 position for the monthly chart for month of March and April on Music Bank K Chart.