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After School World Cup song ‘Dreams Again’ revealed!

After entertainers like KARA, T-ara, Super Junior, Big Bang, Psy and Kim Jang Hoon, another singer group is up with a world cup cheer song. Girlgroup After School is featured doing a World Cup cheer song ‘Dreams Again’ off the album ‘The Shouts Of The Reds’.

Love it or not?

KARA World Cup song ‘We’re With You’ deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS

It has been known that KBS has deemed KARA’s world cup song ‘We’re With You’ as inappropriate for broadcast.

The reason that KBS stated for the decision is that the song made use of SBS’s world cup campaign sound in its background, which is indirect advertising for the other broadcast company.

A KBS official told StarNews on 17th May, “The world cup song made used of an advertisement song in it which made it an indirect advertisement, that is why we deemed it inappropriate for broadcast.”

Meanwhile, recently KBS has also deemed the songs ‘The Shouts Of Reds’ by Hwang SeonHong Band and ‘Ring For Me Once More’ by Kim JangHoon and Psy inappropriate for broadcast.

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Kim JangHoon, Psy, Brown Eyed Girls and 4Minute come together for ‘Once More, Korea!’

A new World Cup cheer song by Kim JangHoon, Psy, Brown Eyed Girls and 4Minute titled ‘Once More, Korea!’ composed by Go West and arranged by Pet Shop Boys has been released.

The song is also availabled on TCafe (www.tcafe.co.kr) for download and a making video will also be released.

KBS deems 3 MVs by Rain, Psy-Kim Jang Hoon and Yoo SeungChan inappropriate for broadcast

The MVs to 3 songs – Rain’s ‘Love Song’, Psy-Kim Jang Hoon world cup song ‘Ring For Me Once Again’ and Yoo SeungChan’s ‘Chemistry’ have been deemed inappropriate by KBS broadcast centre.

On 9th April, KBS has revealed that the problem with the 3 MVs is the one scene featuring the the MV characters running on the street, not taking consideration in the public traffic regulations.

Meanwhile, it has been known that the singers affected will be editing out the problematic scenes and resubmitting the MVs to KBS.

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SBS Inkigayo 31.01.2009 Olympic Special – C.N Blue wins Mutizen!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, scary rookies C.N Blue wins Mutizen with the song ‘Loner’!

Also, we have Vancouver Olympic Special. The MCs for the day are Super Junior Lee Teuk, ShinDong and Kim HeeChul. Also Teuk-academy also did an Olympic special introduction video for the show.

Other highlights of the shows include:

  • Joint stage between 2AM and BEAST with ‘Champion’
  • Joint stage between Kim JangHoon and C.N Blue with ‘Show’
  • 4Minute, T-ara, SeeYa, & Rainbow members transform as cheerleaders to perform ‘Mickey’

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

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SBS Inkigayo for Olympic special this weekend, girlgroups to come together for cheerleaders performance

SBS Inkigayo will be doing a special Vancouver Olympic special with girlgroups coming together as cheerleaders.

Coming 31st January, Inkigayo will be a 80-minute special with Super Junior Lee Teuk, HeeChul and ShinDong as the special MCs.

Park SungMin PD for the show said, “We will be doing a Olympic special this week. Girlgroup T-ara JiYeon, EunJung, HyoMin, 4Minute HyunA, Rainbow JaeKyung, SeeYa SooMi will be doing a cheerleaders performance for the Korean representatives at the Olympic games.”

It was also added, “There will also be joint stages – BEAST and 2AM will be performing ‘Champion’, Kim JangHoon and C.N Blue will be performing ‘Show’.”

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Psy, “GDragon is one good idol model”


Singer Psy praises Big Bang member GDragon amidst criticisms of plagiarism.

Psy said in an interview recently on 9th November, “GDragon is one good idol model.”

When asked about which junior singers caught his eyes, the singer songwriter said, “In terms of capabilities, it has to be Big Bang. Especially for JiYoung, who seems like he is doing good. For idols who make music and just idols, you can see how different they will be in 10 years. Personally I think that the principals will be the same after 10 years. So with that, I think a kid like Kwon JiYoung is a really good idol model.”

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K Bites – 12.07.2009 (JYP, Brown Eyed Girls, SG Wannabe)

JYP new 3-member girlgroup’s debut postponed to next year, why?


The debut for the much anticipated debut of JYP’s upcoming 3-member girlgroup has been postponed till next year.

It was initially planned for this 3-member girlgroup to debut this summer, but it has been changed till next year.

A representative said on the 10th, “We have initially decided for this group to debut in August, but we have decided to postponed on reasons of the groups’ promotions and also other group’s activities. They will debut beginning of next year instead.”

The representative also provided, “Their average age is in their mid-twenties. They are the talented participants chosen from JYP’s yearly auditions. They will be an idol girlgroup with impressive vocal capabilities. They will show their own style that is different from what you have seen in all the girlgroups so far.”

Their speciality will be their vocal powers, but they will not be dumping the idol group image.

Ahead of comeback, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha injures herself again


After falling off from a swing and injuring her leg in the recent teaser video shooting, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha gets into another accident. This time she and the other members were injured when one of the lightings fell off when the girls were shooting for their MV.

Their company said, “Even though the girls have injured themselves during the filming of the MV to their upcoming title song, which has been receiving overwhelming responses from fans, they had showed a strong will and had continued with the filming of the MV. And it is fortunate that they did not suffer from any major injuries.”

What songs would Koreans wish to listen on a rainy day?


Music site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr) did a survey recently on males and females in their twenties on ‘The song you wish to listen on a rainy day’.

And SG Wannabe’s ‘Watercolours of a rainy day’ got #1 on the survey with 45% of the votes. This is a remake of songs sung by late 80s singers Kim HyunSik, Kwon InHa and Kang InWon.

#2 goes to RumbleFish’s ‘Rain and You’, the song was used for movie ‘Radio Show’. And Epik High and YounHa’s collaboration ‘Umbrella’ was voted #3, a great song with the harmony of YounHa’s sensational voice and Epik High’s rap.

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