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KPop Highlights Of The Week [03.09.2009]


KBites has another Kpop highlight for you guys! Let’s get started shall we?

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K Bites – 17.08.2009 (SooYoung, 2PM, Kim Jeong Hoon)

So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung is a 2PM fan


So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung has revealed herself as a fan of ‘beasty idols’ 2PM.

SooYoung was with the other So Nyeo Shi Dae members on SBS Chocolate aired on 15th August when she said, “I want to join 2PM’s fanclub.”

She has revealed it during the corner ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae Truthful Talk’ on the show that day and was asked the question ‘There is an idol artiste whose fanclub I wish to join’ and she answered, “The afternoon 2 o’clock folks (2PM)”.

She revealed “I wish to join 2PM’s fanclub, I think all of them are cool. As compared to SHINee’s fresh feeling, I like 2PM’s sexiness better.”

Also on the show that day, Seo Hyun’s mother made a surprise appearance and the other members were in tears missing their mothers.


2PM members TaekYeon and JunSu on 2PM fanmeeting


It has been known that group 2PM members had taken part in their first fanmeeting even though their health conditions were not at their best.

2PM had their 1st fanmeeting with their official fanclub Hottest on 15th August in GwangWoon University. It was known that members JunSu had a nosebleed and TaekYeon has suffered much from singing as he had previously undergone a surgery for his vocal cords.

JunSu has undergone a surgery for rhinitis during early August afte ther group’s 3rd single’s activities ended. And still recovering from the operation, he has suffered bleeding during their performance at the fanmeeting. And that was why he appeared at the fanmeeting wearing a mask.

And for TaekYeon, he has undergone surgery for his vocal cords a week before. And for the fanmeeting, it was known that he has over-exerted himself during the practice for the fanmeeting. But still, for his solo performance at the fanmeeting, he has received great responses from the fans present.

He also performed together with Baek Ji Young, special guest appearance on the fanmeetin, with ‘My Ear’s Candy’.


Kim Jeong Hoon to release first solo album on 1st September

kjh_280409_6Singer cum actor Kim JeongHoon will have his solo debut in the midst of serving his military service.

He will be releasing the solo album on 1st September in Korea. This is his first solo after debuting in UN 3 years and 6 months back. The title song to the solo album will be ‘눈에 밟혀서’ and the lyrics will contain Kim Jeong Hoon’s messages to his fans.

There will be no special promotions for this solo album, just some promotions to be done online. This is the first time a singer gets to do his solo debut while serving his military service and has received much attention from fans.

Kim Jeong Hoon has earlier released several Japanese single albums. He reported for his military service previously in June.

Hits and Misses – Kim Jeong Hoon vs Jang Geun Seok


Hits and Misses of the day – photos of Kim Jeong Hoon posing with a new tan and in his army uniform are loved while netizens are appalled by recent photos of their pretty boy Jang Geun Seok.

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K Bites – 10.08.2009 V (2PM TaekYeon, Kim JongHoon, So Nyeo Shi Dae)

2PM TaekYeon is wanted by noona singers!


2PM TaekYeon has recently has really good popularity amongst noona singers.

He has received lovecalls for featuring acts for singers Baek Ji Young and Bada. On the 10th, the teaser MV to Baek Ji Young’s minialbum ‘EGO’ title song ‘Candy to my ears’ was revealed, and in the MV teaser features TaekYeon with sexy diva Baek Ji Young.

And also for Bada, who is recently back with her 4th album has also invited TaekYeon to do featuring for her album. TaekYeon was featured in the song ‘Yes I’m in Love’ in the album.

TaekYeon had revealed, “I’ve adored Bada noona from young, and when I received a phonecall from her, it was like a dream come true.” While Bada said, “With TaekYeon’s rapping, I had one of the best songs produced.”

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young will be peforming together with TaekYeon for her comeback stages on MBC Music Core on 15th August.

Singer Kim JongHoon for first solo album to be released on 1st September

kjh_270409Singer Kim JongHoon will release his first solo album.

Debuted in duo UN in 2006, Kim JongHoon who is currently serving his military services will release his first solo album in 3 years and 6 months on 1st September.

What is special is that this is his first ever solo album since his debut. He has released 7 Japanese single albums since October 2006, and was hailed as one of the Hallyu stars.

And in this minialbum, there will be 3 songs included. While he was working on this album, Kim JongHoon had received the notice to enlist for military services.

So Nyeo Shi Dae to end promotions for ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ on 15th August on MBC Music Core


So Nyeo Shi Dae will end the over 50days promotions of their 2nd minialbum ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ on 15th August.

It was revealed on 10th August that they will end the promotions of their 2nd minialbum on MBC Music Core on 15th August.

They released their 1st minialbum ‘Gee’ beginning of this year and after 3 months they released another minialbum ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ which they did promotions for about 50 days.

SM Entertainment’s representative said, “The individual MC activities will still carry on, but they will end their promotions for ‘Tell Me Your Wish’. They will continue to work hard to meet everyone with good music. They will also be preparing for overseas promotions for a while.”

K Bites – 09.05.2009 II

Perez Hilton enjoys some Super Junior too


American celebrity blogger Perez Hilton goes on to feature Super Junior after his recent post featuring 2NE1.

In his post ‘Boys Boys Boys‘ posted on 9th May, he featured Super Junior‘s ‘Sorry Sorry’ MV with the commentary “They do everything BIGGER in Korea! Check out the supersized K-Pop band Super Junior doing their new song Sorry Sorry.”

Well, he sure is getting on his Kpop dosages up lately. Thanks to minmin for the headsup!


Kim Jung Hoon greets fan from the army

kjh_090509Singer-turned-actor Kim Jung Hoon, who recently enlisted to serve the military service on 28th April, left cute messages for fans who sent in fanletters for him.

He is currently receiving his 5 weeks of basic training in the army, after which he will serve the army for 2 years.

He wrote on his official fancafe, “Because there are lots of tasty food, I think I put on some weight. I’m very healthy right now. Thank you”, “I also want to see (the official photos of my training). I hope they turned out well, hmm”, “I heard fans who are following me now are all female university students”.

He also did a little aegyo in his messages, “I went to confront those who wore their gumboots inside out. And I got ‘Hey boyfriend, are you the assistant tutor here? ><”

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K Bites – 28.04.2009 III

Newcomer actress Woo Seung Yeon commits suicide

wsy_280409News came that newcomer actress Woo Seung Yeon (24) had committes suicide on the 27th due to depression.

Woo‘s company provided on the 28th, “Woo Seung Yeon has committed suicide due to serious case of depression. All this while, she has been receiving treatment for her depression.”

Her body will be placed in Seoul General Police hospital, the funeral will take place on the 30th.

Woo debuted as a model for fashion magazines, but went on to acting after that. Her latest works are movie ‘Hub’ and sitecom ‘Yap’.


Kim Jeong Hoon says goodbye and thank you to 800 fans


Former duo UN member Kim Jeong Hoon gets enlisted for his military service on the 28th in front of 800 fans at replacement unit in GyeongGiDo.

His short hair was visible only after he took off the cap he has been wearing.

He said in an interview before he got enlisted, “I’ve decided on enlisting for military service. The 2-3 years period when I was not in Korea, I had a lot of good and fun experience overseas.”

More photos here…

K Bites – 27.04.2009 III

Super Junior KiBum featured in photoshoot with Lee Yeon Hee and Kim Bum – actor comeback?



KiBum recently

Super Junior member Kim KiBum, who did not join the rest of the group with their 3rd album activity, has been spotted in a poster recently with other stars like Kim Bum, Lee Yeon Hee, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Min Ji and Choi ARa. This has also attracted much of fans’ interests especially after a blank period where there were no news of him.

The poster named ‘We Start’ was shot in Seoul city centre recently. A date 2nd May 2009 was also stated on the poster, which looked like a likely drama, movie or advertisement.

Fans are curious what will be coming up on the 2nd of May, and many are speculating a new drama, a new start for Ki Bum after his long blank period, since the poster features 3 male and female actors.

Other fans speculate it to be a teaser poster to a new product endorsement. SM Entertainment has also revealed that plans for him in the new term have yet been decided.


Kim Jeong Hoon to enlist for military service on 28th April

kjh_270409One half of former group UN, singer cum actor Kim Jeong Hoon (29) will be enlisting for his military service on 28th April at a replacement unit in GyeongGiDo to serve for the military for a 2-year period.

He made his drama debut in 2006 with Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye in drama ‘Goong’, and then went on to other drama filmings like ‘Witch YooHee’ in 2007. And for the last 2-3 years, he had been busy promoting in China, Japan and other Asian countries.

He has released 2 single albums and 1 full length album in Japan. Ahead of his enlistment, Kim Jeong Hoon has also recorded a solo album to be released in Korea. This will be his first solo singing act since UN‘s disband. The solo album will include 2 ballads and 1 rock ballad.

The solo album will be released after Kim‘s enlistment, within the first half of this year. He ended the recording works of this solo album on the 27th, and will spend the rest of the day with his friends and family before his enlistment on the 28th.


Big Bang GDragon’s party time with close friends


News came recently that YG upcoming female group 2NE1‘s stylists are Big Bang GDragon‘s good friends Yang Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Jung.

Lately, photos of GDragon partying with his good friends have also been uploaded online.

More photos this way…