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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Kim JongMin, “ChangMin is amongst my list of top singers in Korea”

Kim JongMin praises 2AM ChangMin.

2AM, Cheon MyungHoon and Kim JongMin were present for the recent filming of SBS E!TV ‘Variety Production’.

On the show, 2AM ChangMin talked about the process of getting his current vocals capabilities. With that, Kim JongMin said, “I think there are less than 5 singers whom I think have the best vocals in Korea,” pointing to veteran singers like Kim GunMo, Lee SeungChul and ShinJi etc, and the list includes ChangMin.

ChangMin then confessed, “To get my current voice, I changed it for 3 times.”

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With Kim C leaving, no new member to be added to 2D1N – Eun JiWon to move to OB team

With member Kim C leaving the KBS 2Days 1Night has announced on the 12th, it has been announced hat the 2D1N team will remain as 6 members.

With reasons that he would be focusing on music and movie production, Kim C had his last filming with 2D1N last weekend. And many viewers are concerned if the show will add a new member with the leaving of Kim C.

The production team of 2D1N revealed their stand that no new member will be added but there will be reorganization of the teams with Eun JiWon, who recently got married, to join the OB time. So, the YB team will now consist of Lee SeungGi, MC Mong and Kim Jong Min; and the OB team will consist of Kang HoDong, Lee SooGeun and Eun JiWon.

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2Day1Night team parodises 2NE1 ‘Fire’

The 2NE1 parody done by the 2Days1Night team revealed recently got many viewers bursting in laughter.

On KBS 2TV ‘2 Days 1 Night’ aired on 28th February, members Kim C, Lee SooGeun, MC Mong and Kim JongMin did a performance of ‘Fire’ by 2NE1 during their ‘2Days1Night Viewers Tour’.

MC Mong appeared as CL, Kim JongMin as MinJi, Lee SooGeun as Park Bom and Kim C as Sandara Park for their lip-sync performance. The highlight of the performance that day was the ending where Kim C did a body gag in the ‘coconut tree’ hair.

Go under the cut to watch the performance clip!

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Kim JongMin, “My ideal type are HyunA and Goo Hara”

Coming back to the K-variety circle after 2 years, Kim JongMin picks 4Minute HyunA and KARA Goo Hara as his ideal type of woman.

Kim Jong Min was on KBS Variety Awards on 26th December when he met up with the G7 members coincidentally.

He was caught by Kim TaeWoo walking past the waiting room for G7 members backstage holding a toothbrush and toothpast in one hand. And Kim Jong Min revealed, “I would normally not miss even 1 episode of ‘Invincible Youth’.”

And when asked who is the prettiest of the 7 members, Kim JongMin said, “Not one but 2 of them. I normally like girls who can dance sexily and well.” and picked Goo Hara and HyunA.

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Kim Jong Min and Jang WooHyuk released of their military duties today!

H.O.T member Jang WooHyuk and Koyote member Kim JongMin, who have been serving their military duties the past 2 years, has been released of their duties officially today!

The 2 had reported for their military services on the same day on 15th November in 2007 and on 18th December, they were also released of their duties together.

Kim JongMin
was also welcomed by the whole KBS 2Days1Night gang. Kim JongMin has been one of the prominent celebrities in the variety shows circle with his appearance on various shows like SBS Star King and KBS Champagne.

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MC Mong displays close friendship with Baek JiYoung


MC Mong and Baek JiYoung both came out on Star Golden Bell together and showed their close friendship with each other.

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MBC Music Core – 13.06.2009


Music Core tonight :

  • 2PM continues to awe with great vocals and dance display with ‘I Hate You’
  • Super Junior ShinDong and Eun Hyuk does a little dance battle before ‘It’s You’ performance
  • Koyote performs ‘Nonsense’ with member Kim Jong Min acted by the backdancer behind the mask!
  • 8eight comeback stage with ‘Goodbye my love’
  • and other great performances lineup.

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