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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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[Special] Couple Se7en and Park HanByul amongst other stars at Park YongHa’s funeral

With the Korean entertainment scene waking up to shocking news of the death of Hallyu star Park YongHa on 30th June, many stars have also appeared to pay their last respects to the star at his funeral.

Amongst the stars is couple Se7en and Park HanByul appearing together at the same event after quite some time. Also go under the cut for photos of other star appearances at the funeral.

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Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show titled ‘Running Man’

‘National MC’ Yoo JaeSeok’s upcoming new variety show, which is also a new corner off SBS ‘Good Sunday’, is said to be titled ‘Running Man’.

According to an official from SBS on 24th June, “The new corner for the show with Yoo JaeSeok as the MC will be called ‘Running Man’.”

Star appearances for this new variety show include Kim JongKook, Haha, Song JoongGi, Lee KwangSoo, LeeSsang etc. The official said, “After the first shooting, we having getting the collaboration with the appearances. Please look forward to a fun program.”

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Family Outing season 1 members for Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show

Yoo JaeSeok returns to the variety show scene on SBS after 6 months.

After leaving the show SBS Family Outing in January, coming July, Yoo JaeSeok will be appearing in a new variety show on SBS. It seems that he will return to the show down of the weekend variety show kings with Kang HoDong and Lee KyungKyu.

There are plans for stars like Kim JongKook and Haha to appear as fixed appearances on the show, and also Lee Hyori will be doing guest appearance on the first episode.

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Lee Hyori, “I got warned by Yang HyunSeok after bringing DaeSung out for drinking session”

Lee Hyori reveals an episode where she goes for drinking session with junior singers.

Lee Hyori was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 5th June when she was asked “What is your favourite gathering”, and she answered, “As compared to karaoke session with idols, I like having drinking session with the Family members.”

Lee Hyori added, “When I go drinking with the Family members like Yoo JaeSeok and Yoon JongShin, I can relate my troubles and they also listen to me well.” And about the drinking capacity of the Family members, Lee Hyori said, “Kim JongKook don’t drink even a cup considering his build, while Yoo JaeSeok can’t drink even a cup. But they will stay until the end even it is hard to stay when you don’t drink.”

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HaHa Mong Show airs on 1st May!

The long awaited SBS HaHa Mong Show aired on 1st May after much delay and cancelation of the show’s debut.

For the first episode, we have some funny features including the song ‘Like Big Bang’ by guest appearances SeungRi and DaeSung, as well as hilarious video messages by stars like Lee Hyori, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Kim JongKook, T-ara etc. Idol group members like Big Bang, So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA, 2AM, Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee and MBLAQ also made their guest appearance for the first episode.

Find more awesome video cuts down the cut!

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KBS Music Bank 19.03.2010 – KARA wins 2nd #1 with ‘Lupin’

Today on KBS Music Bank, KARA won #1 with their recent hit song ‘Lupin’. This is their 2nd win after their 1st on the show last week. A small happening occurred when there was a little confusion when revealing the winner on the show today.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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Kim Jong Kook on scandal with Lee Hyori, “We don’t even have each other’s handphone numbers”

Kim JongKook speaks up about the truth about the scandal involving Lee Hyori.

Kim JongKook recently participated in the filming of KBS 2TV Sweet Night when he was asked about Lee Hyori, “Actually, during the course of filming for SBS Family Outing, my relationship with Lee Hyori is the most awkward one. We don’t even know each other’s handphone numbers.”

He added, “There was once when something cropped up and Lee Hyori has to take my car for about 15 minutes. And that 15 minutes were are 15 years. The 2 of us were so awkward I could die. Lee Hyori who could not stand the awkwardness dot off the car.”

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Kim JongKook is back with ‘Don’t Be Nice To Me’

Kim JongKook‘s comeback 6th album title song ‘Don’t Be Nice To Me’ has been revealed on music sites.

After 1 year and 3 months since his 5th album, Kim JongKook is back with the new song and its MV on 15th January. The MV features fellow Family Outing member Park YeJin.

The song is a production of Park SeonJoo who also did Bobby Kim‘s ‘The thing called love’.

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