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Koyote to comeback as 3 members early next year with new album release

Koyote will have its member BbaekGa return to the group to 3-member group again early next year.

Koyote recently came back as 2 members Kim JongMin and ShinJi with the release of a new minialbum. The 3rd member BbaekGa has been promoting as designer and photographer after he went through surgery for brain tumor last year.

Ahead of the ending of their promotions, Kim JongMin revealed through his agency, “Early next year, BbaekGa will be back and we will release a new album.”

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[Photo Spam] Introducing the new G7 on Invincible Youth!

Photos of the recent filming of KBS variety show Invincible Youth featuring the new G7 members have been revealed!

With members Yuri, Sunny and HyunA who left the group recently, new members JooYeon, Victoria and Sora joined as new members! Now G7 consists of Narsha, Goo Hara, HyoMin, Han SunHwa, JooYeon, Victoria and Sora.

Go under the cut for more photos!

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Koyote is back as 2 members with ballad ‘Have You Ever Loved?’

Koyote is back as 2 members (ShinJi and Kim Jongmin) with a new ballad song.

The new minialbum ‘Koyote Ugly’ is set to be released on 10th June, and the song ‘Have you ever loved’ was revealed on 4th June. The song is composed by Kim SaeJin who did songs like ‘I Hope’ for FT Island and Seo YeongEun ‘These words like beggar’.

With member BbaekGa still recuperating from his recently brain surgery, the group will promote as 2 for this minialbum.

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Koyote is back with new album after 4 years – group to promote as duo without BbaekGa

Popular mixed group Koyote will be back after 4 years with a new minialbum ‘Koyote Ugly’.

They released their previous 9th album in 2006 titled ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ and will be back with a new minialbum 4 years after that. They will be back as 2 members – ShinJi who is active as an actress all this while, and Kim JongMin who is recently discharged from the army and is appearing on KBS 2Days 1Night.

The title song to the album is ‘Return’ and there will be 5 songs in total in the minialbum. They also roped in popular composers like Kim SaeJin, Park GeunTae and Joo YeongHoon for this album.

Meanwhile, the minialbum for the group will be released online on 10th June.

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[Updated] Kim C to leave KBS ‘2 Days 1 Night’ after 3 years

It has been known that singer Kim C will leave KBS ‘2 Days 1 Night’.

Kim C is well loved as a quiet and rational character in the weekend variety show ‘2 Days 1 Night’ and he will be leaving the show after 3 years. This news came after there has been speculations of him leaving the show earlier.

As for the reasons of leaving the show, it has been revealed that Kim C will be going overseas to *further his studies. And the last filming of the show was completed last week in KyeongBok KyeongJoo. And for the last filming for Kim C, the other 2Days1Night like members Kang HoDong, Lee SooGeun, Lee SeungGi, MC Mong, Eun JiWon and Kim JongMin bade him farewell.

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BbaekGa, predicted to fully recover from brian tumor by May, wishes to perform with Koyote members on stage again

Koyote member BbaekGa reveals his wish to be able to take the stage to perform again.

BbaekGa did a voice appearance on MBC ‘SaeGaKwi recently through a phone call on the show. According to the BbaekGa’s representative, BbaekGa has revealed through the phone call with Kim JongMin on the show that he has been recently gone for followup checkup after his brain tumor operations, and the doctor said that he is making good recovery progress.

When asked what is the thing he wish to do the most after he recovers, BbaekGa revealed, “To be able to perform on stage with the members again.”

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After School GaHee shows off her million-dollar figure through shadow dance on Star King!

Girlgroup After School member GaHee shows off her million-dollar figure through her shadow dance in a magic show.

GaHee had taken part in the recent filming of SBS Star King and had participated in the magician Choi HyunWoo‘s new magic show. She was seen wearing a tight black overall outfit.

And during the show, she was seen dancing behind a screen, and the light from behind the stage setting focused on her great figure through her silhouette.

MC Kang Ho Dong also commented, “Even though I know that she has a good figure, through the shadown dance, it appears even more.” Kim JongMin also said, “Sexy” looking dazed, causing laughter from around him.

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Kim JongMin, “Kang HoDong only dotes on Lee SeungGi now”

Singer Kim JongMin reveals that Kang HoDong has changed.

Kim JongMin was on KBS 2TV Roundtable Plus aired on 5th January when he said, “HoDong hyung has changed a little as compared to before.”

“The Kang HoDong who dotes on me has disappeared. Now it seems he only dotes on SeungGi.” causing laughters with his statements.

Kim JongMin also talked about his feelings having joined the 2Days1Night team again.

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