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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Korea’s top celebrities at Andre Kim’s Wake!

World known fashion designer Andre Kim (Kim BongNam), who passed away on 12th August at the age of 75 has left many of his friends in tears and that includes his celebrity friends.

Famous faces were spotted attending Andre Kim’s wake at Seoul University Hospital.

Andre Kim was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia after being down with flu and on 12th August at 7.25pm he was announced dead.

Goodbye Andre Kim, we surely do lose such a great fashion designer.

More photos under the cut and hover your mouse over the photos for names!

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Nich Khun in upcoming 8eight’s ‘Farewell is coming’ MV

2PM member Nich Khun will star for 8eight’s new song ‘Farewell is coming’ MV.

The song, which will be revealed on 11th May, has Nich Khun acting for a crying scene for its MV. And ahead of the group’s comeback, the teaser MV was released on GomTV.

Following Lee Hyori, Kim TaeHee and WonderGirls SoHee for MV appearances for their past hits, 8eight will come back this time with Nich Khun’s appearance in their new MV.

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Rain and So Nyeo Shi Dae voted as #1,2 for Vietnam’s best Hallyu stars!

Rain has been chosen as the best Hallyu star in Vietnam.

According to KBS on 16th February, Rain has been voted #1 by Vietnamese viewers in a survey done through KBS’s international broadcasting in Vietnam.

The survey was done from last December all the way till end of January on  KBS World’s homepage to Vietnamese viewers on the best Hallyu star in Vietnam. A total of 386 viewers took part in the survey.

Rain was voted #1 with 46 votes, and So Nyeo Shi Dae follows behind at #2 with 26 votes.

The rest of the survey results under the cut.

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Netizens vote Lee SeungGi and Kim TaeHee as the #1 celebrities who will continue to remain single in 2010

Actress Kim TaeHee and all-round entertainer Lee SeungGi has been voted as the #1 celebrities netizens think will remain solo/single for the year 2010.

During KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay aired on 9th January, about 12,000 viewers did a survey on the poll ‘The celebrity who will remain single this year’.

And Kim TaeHee and Lee SeungGi are were voted #1 for the female and mae celebrity category with 20.3% and 20.4% of votes. Following behind are Lee Hyori and Kim HyunJoong at #2, and Kim HyeSoo and Rain at #3.

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2PM members’ desired CF partners and WooYoung’s little episode with Kim TaeHee revealed!

[Combined 2 articles from TVDaily] 2PM WooYoung reveals an episode with actress Kim TaeHee when they were filming for a CF together.

This was during 2PM‘s interview on MBC Section TV Entertainment News aired on 1st January while the boys were filming their Coca Cola CF. When asked if he had any special episode with Kim TaeHee when they were filming the CF, WooYoung said, “Actually I said something really cozy.”

He revealed smiling, “I said ‘I shall call you noona’ and she had very readily accepted it. But after that, we did not have any scene together” showing his reluctance.

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GDragon, “Kim TaeHee or Kim SoYeon? It’s Kim SoYeon for me”

Big Bang leader GDragon has revealed that he would choose Kim SoYeon out of the 2 KBS drama ‘IRIS’ actress Kim TaeHee and Kim SoYeon.

He was on KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 19th December for an interview when the reporter asked him “Choose between Kim TaeHee and Kim Soyeon” and he chose Kim SoYeon without hesitation.

After that he shouting “Noona noona” and revealed that this is member SeungRi‘s strategy to gaining noonas’ love.

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[Photo Spam] New photos of 2PM and Kim TaeHee for Paris Baguette

It’s December! Getting ready for the Christmas mood, we have new Christmas season CFs, and one of them is the Paris Baguette endorsement by 2PM and Kim TaeHee.

Go under the cut for photo-spam of the endorsement.

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2PM Paris Baguette CF with Kim TaeHee revealed!

The CF for group 2PM‘s endorsement of Paris Baguette with actress Kim TaeHee has been revealed.

Christmas will be sweeter with these folks.

Love it or not?

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