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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Kim TaeWoo to leave ‘Invincible Youth’ temporarily after 10 months

Singer Kim TaeWoo will leave KBS variety show ‘Invincible Youth’ temporarily.

According to a representative on 17th August, “Kim TaeWoo will leave the show temporarily to work on his new album. But he is not leaving for good. He will join the team again after about 2 months.”

Kim HoSang PD also added, “It is true that Kim TaeWoo will leave the show for a while, but he is not leaving the show for good.” And because of his leaving of the show, the crew and the star appearances on the show had a dinner gathering on 11th August.

As to who will take over the MC position after Kim TaeWoo, there has been no news as yet.

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The male solo singers lined up for comeback this Autumn

The male solo singers have all gone missing in action.

This is the time when idol groups dominate the music scene. Even the male solo singers like Rain and Lee SeungHwan who released album and promoted earlier this year, it is visible that they are struggling against the domination of the idol singers.

This has something to do with the structure and how the Kpop industry works. We see how the lifetime of songs in the market has been shortened recently. At the same time, there has been too much power going to the broadcast companies as well as the major label firms in the market. The major labels are also pushing more exciting and fun Kpop content at a faster rate into the market.

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Research: How do we recognise idol singers these days?

How do we recognise the idols of this time?

Mnet music research centre did an investigation on 1000 male and female adults for the whole month of June. The investigation looked into the 57 singers/teams who are the most active currently in the Korean music scene in terms of vocal capabilities, appearances, amiability, talent, performance and variety.

And through the survey, it was known that other than vocal capabilities, the idols are ranked very high in all the categories. In terms of their live performances, 16 ranks out of the top 20 ranks belongs to idol singers. And in terms of appearances, the girlgroups have dominated the rankings. Of the top 10 rankings we see the names of popular girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA, f(x), After School, 2NE1, T-ara, 4Minute etc.

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WonderGirls SunYe, “Park JinYoung introduced me to G.O.D Kim TaeWoo and Son HoYoung”

The WonderGirls were recently on KBS WinWin aired on 1st June when the MC asked them, “Don’t you want to date now?”.

The girls’ reply was, “We want to date. Amongst ourselves, we also talk a lot about male entertainers. But Park JinYoung told us to wait for 3 years when we first debuted, and then when we debuted in America, he told us to wait for 2 more years. How long more do we have to wait?”

Leader SunYe then said, “But Park JinYoung PD act differently from what he says. I believe he is more lenient when it comes to relationships. He tried to introduce Kim TaeWoo and Son HoYoung to me, and he got nervous when news reports of Kim HeeChul saying that he likes SoHee came out.”

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SNSD Yuri and Sunny together with 4Minute HyunA to leave Invincible Youth

So Nyeo Shi Dae members Yuri and Sunny together with 4Minute HyunA will be leaving KBS 2TV Invincible Youth.

There has been speculations that Yuri and Sunny will be leaving the show due to busy schedule from their Japanese advance preparations as well as preparing for their upcoming concert. With that Kim HoSang PD of the show confirmed on 14th May, “SNSD Yuri, Sunny and 4Minute HyunA will have their last filming for the show on 19th May. We are currently doing auditions to recruit new members on the show and we will reveal them in early June.”

The PD also added, “Even though some of the girlgroup members will leave the show, the male appearances like Noh JooHyun and Kim TaeWoo will not change.” As for Secret member Han SeonHwa leaving the show, TS Entertainment clarified, “We have not heard of this news.”

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[Photo Spam] 2NE1, 2PM, Son DamBi and Kim TaeWoo for ‘Anycall Corby Family Festival’

As reported earlier, idol groups 2PM and 2NE1 will be the star appearances amongst the others for the Anycall Corby Family Festival which was held on 24th April.

2NE1 and 2PM performed the dance to the CM songs for their endorsement namely ‘Try To Be Like Me’ and ‘My Color’ respectively. Singers like Kim TaeWoo and Son DamBi who are also models for Anycall mobile phones were also present.

Go under the cut for more photos and fancam.

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Top singers Lee Hyori and Rain dominating top 3 rankings of Monkey3 weekly chart

‘Invincible’ Lee Hyori is up #1 on the weekly music chart.

Lee Hyori’s new song ‘Swing’ is up #1 on Monkey 3 weekly chart for the 1st week of April, climbing up 18 ranks. Lee Hyori is up all-kill with #1 domination on realtime charts, daily charts and weekly charts. Another song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ which Lee Hyori released recently off her 4th album ‘H-Logic’ is also up dominating the weekly charts.

Together with Lee Hyori reigning the chart is Rain who is up #3 with the song ‘Love Song’. Another song off his new special album ‘Hip Song’ is ranked #19 for its entrance on the chart.

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Photo Of The Day: HyunA, TaeWoo and HyoMin pose for a shot

Photo Of The Day! KBS ‘Invincible Youth’ members Kim TaeWoo, 4Minute HyunA and T-ara HyoMin for a photo together in their fresh faces.

Photos taken during the filming of the show have been recently released and the photos have caught the attention of many netizens with the idol girlgroup memberes look pretty in their fresh faces.

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