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K Bites – 13.04.2009

ShinDong, “Because of 1 sentence said by Lee Teuk, I lost 20 kg”


Super Junior ShinDong has revealed that because of one decisive sentence that fellow member Lee Teuk that had made him go on a diet.

ShinDong said during MBC ‘Yoo Jae Seok and Kim Won Hee‘s Come and Play’ for ‘Super Junior Special’ where he talked about his 20kg lost of weight after a diet and also related episodes to it.

ShinDong, “Originally, it was because of my health, but when I heard ‘Just going to lose 5kg?’, it weighed on my heart more and more.”

He also said, “But one of these days, on a broadcast program, Lee Teuk said, ‘Our ShinDong will not just stop here. Next week, he is going to lost 10kg more!’ And that went onto news articles, and I can only lost up to 2okg.” causing a wave of laughters amongst the audience in the recording studio.

ShinDong then added, “It’s like a yo-yo now. I gained about 10kg again. But right now I’m most satisfied with my weight.”

This episode will air on 13th April.


YounHa comeback song ‘1,2,3’ leaked!


Singer YounHa‘s 3rd album title song ‘1,2,3’ has been leaked ahead of plans for the album to be released only on the 16th.

The song, in full 3 min 29s, was leaked on over the weekend on 11th and 12th online on P2p site and several video upload sites. And download links for it have also surfaced on blogs.

Initially individuals distributing the song were hunted down and told to take the download links off on 11th, the download links were up again on 12th on p2p and other video sites.

YounHa‘s company will be taking legal actions against the distributors. Meanwhile, the song ‘1,2,3’ is officially revealed online on 13th April. And the album is set to be released on 16th April.

Family Outing members enjoy a bizarre makeup party


Family Outing members indulged modelling for their bizarre makeup party.

For the first part of ‘Family Outing’ episode featuring the first appearance of a ajumma star Kim Won Hee aired on 12th April, the members went on a vacation to a village in KyeongBook SeongJoo.

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