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Lee Hyori, “I got warned by Yang HyunSeok after bringing DaeSung out for drinking session”

Lee Hyori reveals an episode where she goes for drinking session with junior singers.

Lee Hyori was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 5th June when she was asked “What is your favourite gathering”, and she answered, “As compared to karaoke session with idols, I like having drinking session with the Family members.”

Lee Hyori added, “When I go drinking with the Family members like Yoo JaeSeok and Yoon JongShin, I can relate my troubles and they also listen to me well.” And about the drinking capacity of the Family members, Lee Hyori said, “Kim JongKook don’t drink even a cup considering his build, while Yoo JaeSeok can’t drink even a cup. But they will stay until the end even it is hard to stay when you don’t drink.”

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‘Family Outing 2’ first filming ended with a success!

The first filming of Family Outing 2 featuring its 7 new members – Kim WonHee, Ji SangRyul, Shin BongSeon, SNSD YoonA, 2PM TaecYeon, 2AM JoKwon – on 25th January ended successfully.

According to SBS, the filming took place under weather of below zero degrees calcius in KangWonDo. During their first filming, the 7 members showed great teamwork despite the harsh weathers.

The SBS staff also said, “The 10 members of Family Outing 1 including Park YeJin, Lee CheonHee and Park ShiYeon went for their last vacation to a village in JeonRaNamDo on 11th and 12th January. The last episode will air mid-February.”

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Star galore at “Fortune Salon” Movie VIP Premiere


On Nov 2nd, 2009 the new Korean Movie titled “Cheong-dam-bo-sal” aka Fortune Salon held its VIP Movie Premiere on 8 pm onwards at COEX-Seoul.

Family Outing members such as Lee Hyori, Kim JongKook, and also former family member Lee CheonHee were also spotted among the attendees as they gave their support to ‘sister’ Park Yejin by coming to the event.

Other attendees are : Ok Joo hyun, Sung Yuri, Super Junior Heechul, SNSD Tiffany & Sooyoung, Jewelry Park JungAh, Choi JiWoo and Shin Aera.

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Tears fell as Family Outing members Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee say goodbye


Aired on the 21st for SBS Good Sunday is the 1st part of Family Outing episode where Lee Cheon Hee and Park Ye Jin say goodbye with ‘Family Farewell Journey’.

The filming was done on 1st and 2nd June, and the 2 members will stop their journey with Family Outing on 28th June officially.

They had their last memories together on Family Outing preparing their meal together. And other member cannot control their feelings as the words ‘last time’ came out. The other members also did an event by singing 015B’s ‘Now Goodbye’ for the 2 leaving members.

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K Bites – 02.06.2009 II (Big Bang DaeSung, SNSD YoonA)

Big Bang DaeSung will not join Big Bang for debut broadcast on NHK

ds_020609Group Big Bang member DaeSung have to give up with performing with Big Bang for their 1st broadcast performance on NHK for the filming of Family Outing.

Big Bang did the recording of their first debut performance into the Japanese major market on NHK ‘Music Japan’ on 1st June. But DaeSung was not present at the recording, because he was participating in the filming of variety show Family Outing. So Big Bang had performed as 4 members.

The reason was that DaeSung wanted to keep to his loyalty on Family Outing. Already, it has been said 2 months back that it will be hard for DaeSung to be on Family Outing because of their performance on 1st June.

This will be the last time for DaeSung to film with fellow Family members Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee as they will be leaving the team. This is a hard decision for DaeSung but looking at the situation, it seems that he can still perform in the future for Big Bang‘s Japan stage but this will be the last time for FO with Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee.

Big Bang will be focusing on their Japanese activities for 2 months from June. DaeSung‘s representative said, “As much as the Japanese activities are important, there are plans for DaeSung to travel between Korea and Japan so that he continues with Family Outing.”

YoonA is the birthday fresh face!

ya_020609So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA had her 19th birthday on 30th May.

And to thank her fans for her birthday, she had revealed the ‘fresh face authentication photo’.

YoonA posted on So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s homepage on 1st June a post titled ‘This is YoonA“.

It is a shame that I don’t get many chances to meet fans because of my drama filming lately. 30th May was my birthday. I’ve seen many birthday wishes on the internet and I’ve received many letters from fans, and also presents. Thank you all very much for that.”

We celebrated my birthday yesterday at dawn, and I’ve received many well wishes from everyone, I feel so blessed. It’s so amazing that many people have known my birthday after debut.

It is a shame that I can’t join the So Nyeo Shi Dae members sometimes to show everyone the 9-member strong group. I’m currently on a recharge after the drama has ended. And I look forward to seeing everyone again.”

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Artistes come together for the environment


Over 20 celebrities come together for the photoshoot of an upcoming environment campaign.

The campaign named ‘CLEAN_air, water and the city’ is jointed organized by stylish casual wear Jack&Jill and also Vogue fashion magazine. It seeks to raise awareness of how human activities pollutes our air and water. It also promotes an improvement in city environment.

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Family Outing members enjoy a bizarre makeup party


Family Outing members indulged modelling for their bizarre makeup party.

For the first part of ‘Family Outing’ episode featuring the first appearance of a ajumma star Kim Won Hee aired on 12th April, the members went on a vacation to a village in KyeongBook SeongJoo.

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‘Family Outing’ members get some love


Thanks to the sharing by Vicky, it has been known that Big Bang DaeSung‘s fanclub DCDS had showered the ‘Family Outing’ crew and stars with awesome gifts.

And they are simply luxurious…

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