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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Teaser to web drama ‘Haru’ featuring UKnow YunHo, Big Bang, Kim Bum revealed

As reported earlier, the teaser to upcoming web drama ‘Haru, One Day Story‘ featuring UKnow YunHo, Big Bang, Kim Bum, Lee DaHae has been revealed.

It is part of the “2010 Korea Tourism Organization Interactive Campaign Sight” campaign and will contain 6 stories.

K Bites – 17.05.2009 II

Korean netizens love 2NE1 debut stage


2ne1_170509YG new female group 2NE1 had their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May with their debut song ‘Fire’.

Even though they are new singers, they did not look like they were newcomers on the stage, putting up a charismatic and powerful performance in front of fans.

Even before their debut, 2NE1 has been the topic amongst netizens for their hit CM song ‘Lollipop’ collaboration with Big Bang.

Netizens’ said, “‘They really live up to their style, and they danced really well”, “Withought listening and just seeing their performance they were really great”, “CL did really well leading the group for their debut stage”, “This was beyond expectation” and “This was like out of their MV” etc.

Great kick start for the girls, they will move on with more performances on other music programmes next week.


GDragon returns to Korea after Europe vacation, “It’s like honey-taste recharging process”

gd_131008_2GDragon was on SBS Inkigayo to support the debut stage of YG female group 2NE1 when he met up with some reporters and said, “I went travelling to several European countries last April-end, and I am back in Korea recently.”

“I went to London, Paris, then to Japan, before coming back to Korea. I spent time for myself after so long, it is like a honeyed recharging process for me.”

He added with a smile, “We will be active in Japan for the time being, and I will also be attending ‘MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009’ with the rest of the Big Bang members on 30th. As for activities in Korea, I will be back with a solo album this coming August.”

GDragon was with the YG Family members like DaeSung, Teddy and Perry, together with Yang Hyun Seok, to support 2NE1‘s debut stage that day.


Netizens, “Lee Da Hae’s ‘ghost’ selca”


ldh_170509_2A recent set of selca photos of talent Lee Da Hae (26) has become a topic amongst netizens.

She took the photos while filming for MV of Taiwanese singer Will Pan, and posted it up on her minihompy on 13th May in the makeup and costume for the MV. She had bright red lipstick on. She wrote on her minihompy, “Even though it was a little awkward, it was fun.”

Netizens’ responses were, “She looked like a doll”, “she looked ghastly”, “she look really pretty”, “Red lipstick goes well with black Da Hae“, “I’m looking forward to the MV” etc.


Gagman Yoo Sae Yoon is taken!

ysy_170509_2Gagman Yoo Sae Yoon (29) had his marriage with his wife Hwang Kyung Hee, 4 years senior of him and is a preschool teacher, done in front of over 1000 family and friends on 17th May.

The 2 met in 2003 and had been in a love relationship for about 7 years.

Besides families, others present at the wedding were artistes like Kang Ho Dong, WheeSung, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Na Yoon, Park Seong Ho etc.

Meanwhile, the 2 will leave for their honeymoon on the 18th. Their love nest will also be in KyeongGiDo PaJoo.

More photos here…