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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Brown Eyed Girls takes part in special album for ice show ‘Festa On Ice’

Group Brown Eyed Girls releases a special album for the ice show.

The special album to commemorate the 3rd year of ‘Festa On Ice’ is released on 6th April. Other than the Brown Eyed Girls, other hit composers like Yoon IlSang, Han JaeHo and Kim SeungSoo have taken part in it.

Despite the group’s busy schedule promoting not only in Korea but also overseas as well as the individual members are involved in their own activities, they have managed to take time out to participate in the special album.

The theme song for the ice show this time is ‘Magic’. Another theme song included in the album is ‘Jump’ composed by Yoon IlSan who made hit songs like ‘Miss you’ by Kim BumSoo and ‘I have lover’ by Lee EunMi etc.

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2PM JunSu’s best friend Jung JinWoo joins M To M for singer debut

After issues with their contracts in their previous entertainment company, the 3 membered male group M to M returned with a new member named Jung JinWoo. He has been gathering much interest after being revealed to be the best friend of JunSu of 2PM.

With the reveal of Jung JinWoo‘s face with the release of their digital single, many have been wondering if he’s the person JunSu introduced on ‘Introducing A Star’s Friend.’ Pop Up Entertainment confirmed it.

M to M‘s company went on to say “JunSu and Jung JinWoo are both from Daegu and grew up together as best friends. He’s received a lot of help from JunSu, who debuted first.”

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K Bites – 15.07.2009 IV (Super Junior, DNT, 2NE1)

Super Junior ‘It’s You’ up #1 for 3 consecutive weeks on Thai music chart


Super Junior is getting very popular in Thailand.

After the song ‘Sorry Sorry’, their 2nd hit song ‘It’s You’ is up #1 on Thai music chart.

Their title song ‘Sorry Sorry’ off their 3rd album previously set a record high of staying up #1 spot for 8 consecutive weeks on Thailand Channel V Countdown Asian chart. And their next hit ‘It’s You’ is up #1 for 3 consecutive week from the 4th week of June through 2nd week of July.

The song is also up #1 on Gramophone weekly chart GRAM ASIAN POP TOP10 chart for the 2nd week of July.

Meanwhile, the group will have their Super Show II concert performances from 17th July to 19th July in Seoul.

DNT releases comeback teaser video!


Ahead of their comeback, 4-member group DNT has released their comeback teaser video.

The video was released on 15th July showing the members’ powerful dance. They were also the top search on search portal sites.

The group debuted in 2008 and beginning of this year they also caused a topic with their cover of ‘I Have A Lover’ originally by Lee Eun Mi.

The group will comeback with the hip hop number ‘Crazily pretty’.

[Interview] 2NE1, “We were worried for a slump after dumping the powerful image for feminine image”


2NE1 has revealed that they had felt the pressure for a possible depression (?) after dumping the powerful image for feminine image.

The girls said in an interview recently, “We are worried since ‘I Don’t Care’ has a totally different atmosphere as ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Fire’. Fortunately it seems that fans like the song.”

They continued, “We can really feel how great the capabilities of Teddy and Kush were through the song. The music is good, the lyrics are fun and the fans love it.”

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