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Lee KiKwang, “To the BEAST members who were backdancers… I’m sorry”

Joining as new MC on KBS WinWin, BEAST Lee KiKwang reveals his apologies to the other BEAST members.

Lee KiKwang had expressed his apology to the other BEAST members who had appeared on the show aired on 10th August to congratulate him on his MC debut.

Known to many fans, Lee KiKwang had debuted before the rest of the BEAST members as solo singer AJ. And during his solo days, BEAST members Yoon DooJoon, Yong JunHyung and Yang YoSeob were promoting backdancers. There was also an episode where, as backdancers, Yoon DooJoon and Yong JunHyung were in a situation where they have no dormitory to stay and held each other and cried.

Lee KiKwang said, “After I end my promotions as AJ, I began to understand the things that my colleagues went through. I am really sorry for understanding my friends who had danced, rapped and helped me quietly behind me late.”

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Shin Bongsun, “Yoon Doojoon is the best looking amongst Beast,” revealing her ideal

Shin Bongsun chose Yoon Doojoon as her ideal amongst the BEAST members.

Shin Bongsun hosted a ‘Beast Ideal World Cup’ on the recording for MBC Every1’s ‘Idol Maid.’ On this day, for the final round, Shin Bongsun was stuck in between Lee Kikwang and Yoon Doojoon but chose Yoon Doojoon as BEAST’s best face.

Although Shin Bongsun was alone with Lee Kikwang, she showed her affections in still choosing Yoon Doojoon.

Also, the word is that BEAST’s magnae Son Dongwoon didn’t make it into the top three for good looks amongst BEAST although it was revealed that he was a part of Shin Bongsun’s line in the first episode of ‘Idol Maid.’

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Super Junior, KARA and BEAST shouted,”TAEHANMINGUK Fighting!”

As South Korea started their 1st match today ni the 2010 World Cup against Greece, Koreans are all in hype and that includes the Kpop celebs.

Super Junior Donghae also showed some supports with the Super Junior boys by wearing red clothes.

KARA JiYoung tweeted her supporting photo as she headed to COEX to watch the game.

Whilst the BEAST leader DooJoon tweeted a photo of GiKwang and HyunSeung who looked stunned and says that the boys showed the same supports though they can only watch the game inside the car due to schedule.

Go under the cut for more photos!

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Lee GiGwang-Min HyoRin’s kiss scene for CF before debut garners interests

BEAST Lee GiGwang is known to have shot a cherryade CF with talent Min HyoRin before his debut, and this has garnered the interests of netizens lately.

The 2 of them had shot the CF with the concept of a lovey couple. And in the CF, there is a scene where the 2 also had a kiss scene watching a match in the stadium. The caption that goes with the scene was ‘Fresh tempting’.

Netizens and fans who saw the CF commented, “AJ=Dancing shoes=cherryade freshness=Lee GiGwang=SaeHo”, “I’m envious of Min HyoRin”, “No matter what, don’t kiss” etc.

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T-ara picks GDragon as their #1 favourite male idol, and #2 is which BEAST member?

T-ara members pick their #1 favourite male idol to be Big Bang GDragon.

On SBS Star GoldenBell aired on 10th April, GDragon has been picked as the group’s favourite male idol for his charismatic performance with his solo activities awhile back. And for #2, the group chose BEAST member Lee KiKwang despite the fact that it was Yoo DooJoon who appeared on the show that day.

MC Ji SeokJin asked DoonJoon, “DooJoon sshi, it’s one of the BEAST member. Congratulations. Lee KiKwang has been picked”. With that DooJoon commented, “That’s good” but his sadness was obviously showing.

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