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K Bites – 18.05.2009

SHINee 2nd minialbum title song ‘Juliet’ revealed!


Idol band SHINee‘s upcoming 2nd minialbum title song ‘Juliet’ has been revealed on 18th May. The minialbum is set to be released on 21st May.

It will be their new album single 9 months about their full length album ‘The SHINee World’ released last August. The minialbum is written by Kenzie, Kim Yeong Hoo, Brown Eyed Soul‘s Jung Yeop etc.

The boys are back with ‘Juliet’, a dance number with refined rhythm and acoustic drum sounds. The lyrics to the song is also written by member Jong Hyun. The song is also a remake of Corbin Bleu’s ‘Deal With It’.

The boys will be back with a comeback stage with ‘Juliet’ on KBS Music Bank on 22nd May.


Lee Min Woo and Amy end their 8-months relationship


Celebrity couple ShinHwa member Lee Min Woo and Amy have confirmed the news of their breakup.

The 2 gave a shocking news on the 15th, “We have separated the beginning of this month”. “We had a small disagreement, and our relationship became sore, in the end we have decided that we should have time to think about the relationship.”

Some said that the differences in their personalities have led to them ending their love relationship. Also it has been said that Amy was so busy with going on broadcast programes and working on her online mall that she has been hospitalised on 2 occasions. The strained relationship just further made a toll on her mental health.

The 2 had became couple through appearing on KBS ‘Happy Sunday – KkoKko Siteseeing’ last September.


Navi wins viewers’ hearts with the R&B version of ‘Again&Again’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’

Singer Navi (Ahn Ji Ho) sang the R&B version of 2PM‘s and Super Junior‘s hit songs ‘Again&Again’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’ when she was on KBS Star Golden Bell aired on 16th May.

She performed the song during the ‘Survival Super Rookie’ corner of the show. And the video clips to her performances have become the topic amongst netizens. She had performed the song while playing directly on the keyboard herself.

Viewers said, “It’s good to see that we have another good singer with great potential here”, “I’m so surprised that she can sing so well” etc.

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Where do your favourite Kpop hits come from?


Ever wonder who are the people who push and influence the Kpop world? And who are the one who produce your favourite hits?

Full story here…

Stars gather for ‘Sparkling Concert in Seoul-Spring’ Pt 2


Jointly organised by Annex Telecom and GMarket together with other associations like KTO, Sparkling Concert in Seoul-Spring part 2 concert performance took place on 12th April in Seoul Olympics Park.

For this concert performance, performing artistes were Dong Bang Shin Ki, SHINee, ShinHwa Lee Min Woo, Yuri and Lee Ji Hoon, who was also the MC for the night.

Already, part 1 took place on 11th with the performances by group Big Bang, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin HyeSung and Tainaka Sachi.

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It’s the colour pink for ‘Sparkling Concert in Seoul 2009’ Pt 1


Part 1 to ‘Sparkling Concert in Seoul-Spring’ concert, jointly organised by Annex Telecom and GMarket, took place on 11th April in Seoul Olympics Park.

For this concert performance, performing artistes are Big Bang, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin Hye Sung and Japanese songwriter Tainaka Sachi.

The 2nd part to this concert will take place on the 12th with performing artistes like Dong Bang Shin Ki, SHINee, ShinHwa Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon and Yuri.

More photos here…

K Bites – 18.03.2009 III

Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Ki for ‘2009 Sparkling Concert in Seoul’


Groups Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Ki will meet for ‘2009 Sparkling Concert in Seoul’.

‘2009 Sparkling Concert in seoul’ will take place on 11th and 12th April at 6pm at the Seoul Olympics Stadium. It is jointly organised by AnnexeTelecom, Korea’s tourism board and GMarket.

Stars like Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin Hye Sung, SHINee, Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon etc will be performing for this concert.

There will be 4000 standing seats and 4000 seated seats for the concert.


Drama ‘IRIS’ teaser photo released!


The first teaser photo to the drama ‘IRIS’ starring Lee Byung Heon, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Seung Woo and TOP has been released.

‘IRIS’ which started its filming on 10th in Japan Akata will be a blockbuster drama of 2009 with 20 billion KRW in the making.


Epik High to open own artiste portal site and book album


Hip hop group Epik High will be the first artiste in Korea to open their own artiste portal site and will release their own book album.

They will open their artiste portal site (mapthesoul.com) on 21st March. The site is created and will be operated personally by the Epik High members and will be the portal space for the fans and Epik High to interact with one another via the various contents and services provided.

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Big Bang SeungRi 1 point away from MVP for KBS ‘Shall We Dance’


Big Bang SeungRi appeared on KBS 2TV program ‘Shall We Dance’ tonight, on 27th January, dancing to Samba rhythms with a female dance partner.

But he was 1 point away from being the MVP winner tonight, which was awarded to sexy dance queen Baek Ji Young.

Other dance competitors on the show were KARA Goo HaRa, Solbi, Lee MinWoo, SeeYa Nam GyuRi etc.

Dance concept of the night:

  1. Goo Hara – Quick Step
  2. SS501 Kim Hyung Joon – Waltz
  3. Brown Eyed Girls GaIn – Paso Doble
  4. ShinHwa Andy – Jive
  5. Solbi – Rumba
  6. ShinHwa Lee Minwoo – Paso Doble
  7. SeeYa Nam GyuRi – Tango
  8. Baek Ji Young – ChaChaCha

Meanwhile, SeungRi and TaeYang had a dance battle on MBC Dance Battle on the eve of Lunar New Year.

Little somethings for Bae lovers

K Bites – 26.10.2008

Hero JaeJoong to act opposite Han Hyo Joo in upcoming drama

Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong and actress Han Hyo Joo will be acting opposite each other for the upcoming Korea-Japan joint drama ‘Heaven’s Postal Delivery Man’.

The drama will be directed by ‘Sorry, I Love You’ PD Lee Hyung Min and written by Japan’s Kitagawa Erika, who wrote dramas like Long Vacation and Beautiful Life.

JaeJoong will play the Heaven’s postman who delivers the soul of a dead relative or friend, and Han Hyo Joo plays someone who has the ability to see this special delivery department.

‘Heaven’s Postal Delivery Man’ will be the first part of the TV and cinematic series to the Korea-Japan joint work.

An official to the drama production said that the casted artistes are now undergoing basic acting training for the drama. Filming will start in November and the drama will be aired in May next year.


Lee Min Woo, “I like Brown Eyed Girls Narcia”

ShinHwa Lee Min Woo has expressed his liking for Brown Eyed Girls member Narcia.

They were on KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell, which was aired on 25th October. MinWoo was asked if about his feelings appearing on the show that day, and he answered, “Today is like celebration day for me. Brown Eyed Girls who are also here today – Ga In, Miryo and Narcia – I like Narcia the most out of them.”

His reason being, “I like women who are both beautiful and healthy. I like woman who are not so skinny but woman who look more healthy.”

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K Bites – 10.09.2008

ShinHwa Shin Hye Sung and Lee Min Woo to hold solo concerts on the same day

After last year, ShinHwa‘s Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung to have start their Korea-Japan concert performance on the same day.

Lee Min Woo will be holding a live public performance ‘M RIZING-Step.1 Club’, part of his 4th album ‘M RIZING Tour’ concert tour in the Answer club in Seoul ChungDamDong. He will also be holding his solo concert performance in Tokyo Dome JCB Hall on 17th and 18th December.

And for Shin Hye Sung, he will also be holding ‘Always HYESUNG Le Petit Chambre’, his first event with his official fanclub there ‘Always HYESUNG’ in Odaiba. The tickets to the event are already sold-out.

Shin Hye Sung held his first solo concert tour ‘The Beginning, New Days’ in Tokyo Japan. And back then, Lee Min Woo also have his first concert tour ‘Explore M’ in line for his 3rd album release in Seoul.


Eric to be featured in Son DamBi’s minialbum before reporting for military service

Singer Eric, who will be reporting for the military service this October, will be participating as a featuring in singer Son DamBi‘s minialbum.

Son DamBi who recently released the ballad single “Invisible human” will be releasing her 2nd minialbum this month. And Eric will be featured for the rap in the title dance song “Going crazy” of the minialbum.

Son DamBi‘s 2nd minialbum with “Going Crazy” as the title song will be released on and offline on 18th September.