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SuJu Lee Teuk and SNSD TaeYeon spotted with same ear rings – SM rep, “It is just a coincidence”

A SM Entertainment rep comes out to clarify after it was spotted that Super Junior Lee Teuk and So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon are both wearing the same ear ring.

The representative told the media through phone conversation on 9th September, “They are both wearing similar ear rings. But it is just a coincidence.”

This is the 2nd time that such speculations have surfaced, previously Lee Teuk and TaeYeon were both spotted with the same necklace.

Some netizens commented, “Wearing the same design ear rings at the same period of time – is this really coincidence?”, “Is it not the case that each of them get one of the ear rings?” while there were also some who voiced, “Is that sponsored? There are many celebrities with similar accessories” etc.

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Lee Teuk promotes BoA’s new album, “World star BoA is back”

Super Junior Lee Teuk shows his support for BoA’s comeback.

Lee Teuk wrote on his Twitter on 4th August and shows his support for BoA who is having her singing comeback after 5 years in Korea. He wrote, “Surpassing as Asia’s Star, World’s Star BoA is back. Everyone please show your love and support.”

The 2 are known to be close friends as they are from the same agency. Lee Teuk also wrote, “BoA ya, the songs to this album is good after all..ㅋ I will promote it~ Of course I can promote it. Working hard to become close, right now it’s really awkward.”

BoA then replied him, “When will the song be played on radio.. Thank you for promoting the album.” It is known that Lee Teuk was DJ-ing at that time on a KBS radio show.

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Super Junior ShinDong, “Please stop asking about me getting married”

Super Junior ShinDong requests for questions of marriage aimed at him to stop.

ShinDong, who recently garnered great interests for openly proposing to his girlfriend on broadcast, had said that during his guest appearance on SBS Good Morning aired on 27th July. He said on the show, “I hope people will stop asking me (about getting married). I am not going to get married immediately.”

He added, “It’s more like I want to get married, but I’m not going to. My wish is to continue protecting that love.”

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‘Prince of tears’ Super Junior DongHae talks about how he cries easily

Introducing himself as ‘The prince of tears’, Super Junior DongHae confesses that he had cried a lot due to the other members.

DongHae had revealed during his appearance on SBS Strong Heart on 13th July, “There is a saying that guys only cry on 3 occasions, but I cry a lot. After debut, I have cried a lot because of the other members. ”

DongHae went on to explain, “We were travelling to an event in the countryside, and ShinDong and EunHyuk were sitting behind me in the car. It had been about 4 hours when ShinDong said ‘So the hyung sits at the back and the dongsaeng sits in front’.”

Back then, DongHae’s popularity was on the rise. And Kim HeeChul commented, “It is like that when you are popular,” and Lee Teuk came in to help. DongHae then stood up wanting to change seats, but another comment came, “Just stand put. Things have been like that anyway.”

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Lee Teuk, “SiWon has bad hearing… God is fair”

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals the ‘secret’ of member SiWon.

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July, Lee Teuk reveals a hidden secret of their ‘prince’ SiWon known for his good looks and body.

Lee Teuk said, “God is fair. SiWon can’t hear well.” He added, “There was once when I said ‘Let’s have a good practice’ and SiWon would come to me and ask ‘Hyung what did you say? We are going to meet Bae YongJoon?’,” which had the other star appearances laughing.

He also said, “There was once when we were watching winter Olympics and I asked ‘Did you see what Kim Yuna did?’ and he said ‘Hyung did you just said that Kimura Taku is here?’.”

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SNSD TaeYeon chosen as the most anticipated ‘variety show MC idol’

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon is chosen as the #1 idol most anticipated as ‘variety idol’.

On community portal site DC Inside, a survey was done from 22nd till 29th June and the question was asked to netizens on ‘Most anticipated variety idol as variety MC’. Out of the total of 29,151 votes, about 8,319 (28.5%) went to So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.

TaeYeon is known for her great speaking and variety sense through her various variety shows appearances including being the DJ on MBC radio ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’ radio show which ended previously in April. During her time on the radio show, TaeYeon has remained #1 for the listener rate during her show’s time slot. She is currently MC-ing on KBS 2TV WinWin.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

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Kangin, who’s going into army, participates in Super Junior 4th repackaged album

Super Junior’s 4jib repackage album is getting attention for self-written songs by the members. The album will be released on upcoming 28th.

This repackage album has original 4jib’s 11 songs and has the follow up song “No Other,” which will be released on 25th through music sites. The album also has more powerful “Shake It Up” remix, the member’s self-written song “All My Heart” and “A Short Journey,” total of 15 songs with 4 new songs.

A ballad song composed by leader Leeteuk and Super Junior-M’s member Henry “All My Heart” excluded all sharp sounds as much as possible to deliver feeling of warm heart just like the title itself. It’s mainly by acoustic guitar to express pop feel. Since it’s Leeteuk’s first ever self-composed song, he has shown passion while making of the song even in his hectic schedule.

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Lee Teuk, “I have been in 5 love relationships before”

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals that till present, he had been in a love relationship for 5 times.

On KBS 2TV Happy Together Super Junior members EunHyuk and LeeTeuk were guest appearances, and MC Park MiSeon asked them on the number of the times they had been in a love relationship. Lee Teuk answered 5.

EnuHyuk then responded to Lee Teuk’s answered, “If I reveal more, the dominion in the entertainment zone will change,” with a smile. He added, “I have seen Lee Teuk perform with a love bullet suddenly in the midst of a sad and heavy song.”

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