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Drama “Heading To The Ground” Is Cut Short


There are the dramas that the people just seem to love, and there are some just don’t get enough attention. When “IRIS” was aired on October 14th, the ratings showed success when it had reached the 20% mark. Also, “You’re Beautiful,” the SBS drama is doing very well in the standings as well. Here is the bad news. Unfortunately, the drama “Heading to the Ground” will be cut.

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In The Making 29.07.2009: T-ara, JYP, UKnow YunHo


In The Making! We have:

  • Upcoming group T-ara for their debut on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star today – photospam!
  • Park Jin Young turns from manager to producer and back to manager status again
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo 1st day filming of his debut drama ‘Heading the Ground’

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KangIn and TaeYeon – couple rings?


Heated discussion exploded on online discussion after it was spotted that TaeYeon and KangIn were wearing similar golden ring on the same hand and finger on MBC We Got Married aired 15th March.

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K Bites – 11.03.2009 II

So Nyeo Shi Dae to release style book

snsd_110309After group Big Bang‘s release of their own story in the book ‘Shouting to you in the world’, So Nyeo Shi Dae is the next to release their own style book.

Putting aside that of the Kpop realm, So Nyeo Shi Dae will lead as one of the Korean mass culture trend setters. So Nyeo Shi Dae’s interest for fashion has led them to being part of what leads the new mass culture in Korea, for example their colour skinny jeans won when promoting their hit song ‘Gee’ lately have set a fashion craze amongst the young people.

Nam Yoo Hee, who is preparing for this book ‘Elle Girl’ said, “In order to follow with the girls’ fashion, we have went directly to their quarters for a visit. We will look into the individual style of the 9 members and then also the style of the whole group.”

The book will be published on 17th March for ‘Elle Girl’ April issue.

Super Junior KangIn to be ‘lovers’ with Miss Korea Lee Kyung Eun for first drama


Super Junior KangIn will be acting opposite 2005 Miss Korea Lee Kyung Eun for MBC drama ‘하차전담반 제로’. They will be acting as lovers in the drama.

Following his recent participation in movie ‘Romantic Comic’ and also appearing on MBC variety show ‘We Got Married’ as fake couple with Lee Yoon Ji, this will be KangIn‘s first drama.

The drama will air on 14th March at 12 midnight.

More male idol singers for We Got Married 4th generation?


MBC variety ‘We Got Married’ is currently into its 3rd generation of make-believe celebrity couples.

Rumours have been floating around on Korean online noticeboards that we may be in for more participation from male idol singers for the upcoming 4th generation.

Take a look at the possible 4th generation couples here…

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KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji’s first meeting on We Got Married


‘We Got Married’ new couple KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji’s first meeting has been revealed!

This new pair of couple – Super Junior KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji, was revealed on ‘We Got Married’ aired on 21st December.

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K Bites – 16.12.2008 (II)

EverySing ‘Happy Christmas with Super Junior Happy’ event


SM Entertainment‘s karaoke entreprise Everysing (www.everysing.com) will be holding a ‘Happy Christmas with Super Junior Happy‘ event.

At the second level of the EverySing building, there will be a photozone area where fans and customers can get autographed Super Junior Happy photos, ‘Boys in City Season 2- Tokyo’ posters, Christmas cards which the Super Junior Happy members have personally decorated and also dolls. There will also be never-revealed photos of Super Junior Happy released for the special event.


Nell last TV appearance on ‘Music Vacation LaLaLa’


Rock group Nell will have their last TV appearance on MBC ‘Music Vacation LaLaLa’ before they entered for their military service. 😦

Nell appeared on 3rd December for the 4th episode filming of the show. Ex-Loveholic member JiSun are amongst some of the guest appearance on the show, and she did a great performance together with Nell vocalist Kim Jong Wan.

Nell recently released their DVD music album last month which collects songs like ‘Part 2’ etc.

This episode of ‘Music Vacation LaLaLa’ will air on 17th December at 12.35am at night.


Super Junior KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji to replace HyunBo on WGM


[sneaked from coolsmurf]

It has been confirmed that Super Junior member, KangIn and actress Lee Yoon Ji will be the replacement couple for the outgoing Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong on MBC star wedding variety We Got Married.

Their first recording took place yesterday where they went shopping for a wedding trousseau. They will have a pretend wedding ceremony in public, held somewhere in Seoul on the 17th. The We Got Married production team hopes that the new couple of KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji will receive lots of attention and love from viewers. They will make their official tv debut on 21st December.