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MBC Music Core 18.09.2010 – Krystal, Lizzy and EunHyuk as special one-day MCs

Today on MBC Music Core, f(x) Krystal, After School Lizzy and Super Junior EunHyuk were the special one-day MCs on the show.

Some of the highlights to the show today includes 2NE1’s performance of ‘Can’t Nobody’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’, V.O.S with ‘Full Story’ and the goodbye stage for TaeYang with live stage of ‘I’ll Be There’.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

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After School chosen as the #1 idol group who seems ignorant

After School has been picked as the #1 girlgroup which has the image of being ‘the most ignorant’.

The girls have appeared on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 29th August when they tried to break the prejudice by the masses that ‘idols seems to look ignorant’ by showing the various academic achievements they received during their schooldays.

The MCs on the show Kim YongMan and Shin JungHwan then revealed that before the show, they also did a survey to find which idol group seems to be the most ignorant amongst the other idol groups. And coming in #1 on the survey After School and followed by LPG at #2. The girls had then seemed embarrassed.

The MCs then said, “We will give you a chance to refute such an image. Please show your academic achievements during your schooldays.”

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Pledis clarifies, “After School Lizzy’s underwear exposure? It’s just the vest which came off slightly”

Pledis comes out to clarify amidst news reports talking about how After School Lizzy’s underwear had came off during a broadcast show which had fans and netizens feeling flustered.

This had happened during the filming of the summer special for ‘Playgirlz School’, which started airing every week from July.

In one of the scenes, the members were filming some water games at the water ski park and have to ride on banana boat as a form of punishment. In the midst of riding the banana boat, the members had fell into the water and some members said, “It seems her clothes came off.”

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Watch 2PM ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transform as Orange Caramel

2PM members ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transformed as Orange Caramel for their first independent concert.

The photo of the 3 members dressed up as Nana, Raina and Lizzy in After School unique group Orange Caramel during the concert last weekend was posted up on a fan cafe. Fan accounts stated that, “Their costumes and choreography were perfect, but they gave a different feeling as compared to Orange Caramel.”

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Oh gosh cute”, “This is really funny” etc.

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After School GaHee for unique solo activites in August~September

After School leader GaHee will be having her solo album release either late August or early September.

After the reveal of unique group Orange Caramel consisting of members Raina, Nana and Lizzy, GaHee will start on her unique activities for After School with a solo album.

Pledis revealed, “GaHee will be starting on her solo activities either late next month or early September. And she is currently doing training and practising for that.

GaHee has always been known for her powerful dance skills, but vocal capabilities is equally important for her solo debut. With that, she is currently attending vocal trainings from Nexstar Entertainment which grooms popular composers like Jo YeongSoo and Ahn YeongMi etc.

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Rookie boyband Teen Top reveals debut minialbum and MV teasers starring Lizzy

Upcoming boyband Teen Top (Cap, Niel, Riki, L.Joe, ChangJi and ChunJi) releases their debut single ‘Come Into The World’ on 9th July official!

The title song to the debut single album is also ‘Clap’. And while the minialbum is revealed on the 9th, 2 MV teasers released featuring After School member Lizzy were also released, garnering much interests from fans and netizens.

Go under the cut for the MV teasers and album.

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Comical photos of Orange Caramel members revealed

Female group After School unique group Orange Caramel member Raina reveals recent photos of Nana and Lizzy together.

Raina posted up photos of Lizzy and Nana pasted at the back of her mobile phone via her Twitter account on 28th June.

In the photo, the girls were seen posing with comical expressions. Netizens’ comments to the photo are, “Really cute”, “Where is Raina?”, “the 2 are like twins” etc.

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Raina, “When I was first told about the concept of Orange Caramel, I was shocked”

After School talks about her initial thoughts on the concept of unique group Orange Caramel.

Raina was recently featured for an interview with T-News, “At first when I heard about the concept of Orange Caramel, I was shocked. Honestly I was flustered and shocked. I didn’t know that we will end up doing such a concept. It was not a style I like.”

She added, “But still, with practice, I began to get excited and addicted to it. With time, I began to like it and enjoy doing it. It was fun to show others and have them shocked to know that After School can actually do such a concept. We will work hard.”

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