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After School chosen as the #1 idol group who seems ignorant

After School has been picked as the #1 girlgroup which has the image of being ‘the most ignorant’.

The girls have appeared on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 29th August when they tried to break the prejudice by the masses that ‘idols seems to look ignorant’ by showing the various academic achievements they received during their schooldays.

The MCs on the show Kim YongMan and Shin JungHwan then revealed that before the show, they also did a survey to find which idol group seems to be the most ignorant amongst the other idol groups. And coming in #1 on the survey After School and followed by LPG at #2. The girls had then seemed embarrassed.

The MCs then said, “We will give you a chance to refute such an image. Please show your academic achievements during your schooldays.”

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4Minute HyunA, “None of our members had plastic surgery”

4Minute HyunA said, “All the members have not gone under the knife for plastic surgery before.”

She had said that when 6 girlgroups had appeared on MBC Bouquet aired on 25th July. On the show that day, group LPG said, “All 5 members, they had done up to 27 times plastic surgery.”

HyunA then said, “We 4Minute is known for not doing (plastic surgery). All 5 members, we have not done any plastic surgery.”

With HyunA’s honest statement, SookNyeoShiDae Kim SaeRoom joked, “It seems like you didn’t. When you clean off your makeup, there is no eyes, nose or mouth. And LPG SaeMi chipped in, “Really when I see 4Minute’s fresh faces, I couldn’t recognise them.”

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Showdown of the sexy female singers ChaeYeon and Narsha

This summer, we see the heated competition amongst the female singers.

ChaeYeon will be back after 1 year plus with her comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 22nd July, this is amidst the other female singers active in their new songs promotions like Narsha, 4Minute, miss A and LPG.

ChaeYeon will be performing her comeback 2nd minialbum title song ‘Look Look Look’, back with even more sexiness and maturity as the sexy queen of the Kpop scene. Narsha also recently released her first solo song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ and is currently active on the weekly music shows promoting the song. The song is also currently doing well up on various music charts.

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Girlgroup debuts! Plus comeback by WonderGirls, f(x) and 4Minute in April~May!

The domination of the girl groups as seen by So Nyeo Shi Dae, T-ara and KARA in February and March will continue. We recently see that After School is back with the new song ‘Bang!’, and Secret with song ‘Magic’ – much to the anticipation of fans.

In mid-April, we will be expecting a new album from SM Entertainment new girlgroup f(x). Later the month, we will also be seeing a new album from another girlgroup LPG.

And coming mid-May, we will also be seeing the comeback of girlgroups like WonderGirls and 4Minute. It is known that 4Minute is currently working on their new album with the aim of a comeback album in May. While the WonderGirls will also be having their comeback in Korea with new member HyeRim. They have been away for some time with their promotions in the States. It has been known that their new song and choreography is completed.

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2009 ChuSeok HanBok Catalog


It’s ChuSeok (Mid Autumn) today.

And we are in for another parade of HanBok worn by our favourite Korean celebrities.

Go under the cut for the HanBok catalog for this year!

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SBS Inkigayo 13.09.2009 – GDragon wins 2nd Mutizen

Highlights to SBS Inkigayo today:

  • GDragon wins Mutizen for the 2nd time through!
  • 2NE1 says goodbye with performance of ‘In The Club’
  • 2PM WooYoung and TaecYeon do MCs today – they looked like they lost much weight
  • Other hot performances by f(x), 4Minute, T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls, Kim TaeWoo, Paran Ryan, Jewelry etc

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K Bites – 03.08.2009 (SuJu EunHyuk, Lee SeungGi, WonderGirls)

Super Junior EunHyuk enjoys another sweet kiss


After his sweet kiss from meeting Han SeolAh on the last episode of the show, Super Junior EunHyuk gets another chance for a kiss.

eh_030809On the newest episode of MBC ‘Introducing Star’s Friend Survival’ aired on 1st August, EunHyuk got #1 on the survival corner on the show.

And with that he was given the chance for a sweet from the female guest appearance whom he likes. And on the latest episode of the show, he has chosen Han SeolAh again.

And Han SeolAh took the chance and placed several kisses on EunHyuk’s cheek, and MCs HyunYoung and Lee HwiJae responded, “You took about 3 seconds there.”

Meanwhile on the show, LPG member DaEun picks on her rival saying, “I don’t like Han SeolAh.” And Han SeolAh gave a counterattack by saying, “I’m not worrying”.

Lee SeungGi, “If I have a girl I like, I will confess straight away”


Singer cum actor Lee SeungGi was on ‘Brilliant Legacy Special edition’ telerecording on 2nd August, talking about acting and also love relationships.

He said, “(When I was part of theband) in high school year 1, there was a girl nearby who is the vocalist and I like her. With that, I intentionally made chances to perform with her in the band on public performances.”

With that the MCs said, “It looks like Lee SeungGi is pretty determinedwhen it comes to confessing his love.” He said, “For me, when there is a girl I like, it is my personality to get anxious. I will not listen to what others around me will say and just go ahead and confess.”

The rest of the cast to the show also participated in this special episode and it will be aired on 3rd August at 11.05pm.

WonderGirls SoHee and YeEun, “Look at our eyelashes!”


WonderGirls who are currently busy promoting in America shows off their eye makeup.

Members SoHee and YooBin uploaded new photos onto their Twitter account on 2nd August American time.

“SoHee said Today we are in Las Vegas! Me&Yenny did the “V” for Las Vegas. And.. LOOK AT OUR EYELASH!!”

The girls have got new eye makeup with white beads attached to their eyelashes. And YooBin also tweeted, “our new eye make-up^^ isn’t it pretty ??” She added, “we’re in Las Vegas~~ I’ve been here once with my family 5 years ago. I’m glad to be here again with Mimi, Sohee, Sun, and Yenny”.

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Kpop Style 28.07.2009: Lee Hyori-Wilber Pan, All Stars


Kpop Style! Today we have:

  • Lee Hyori and Wilber Pan kiss scene (successful only after 12 takes) for Hyundai new music drama
  • All stars at cultural discussion forum on 28th July – 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, 2PM, 2AM, Clazziquai, LPG etc

Image heavy this way!