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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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FT Island ‘Love Love Love’ up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart just 1 week into comeback

FT Island is up #1 on music site Monkey3 weekly chart just 1 week into their comeback.

Their comeback song ‘Love Love Love’ is up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 1st week of September (30th August~5th September). At #2 is SISTAR with the song ‘Shady Girl’ which has been climbing steadily up the top 10 rankings since it first entered the charts.

And at #3 is WheeSung with the song ‘I Even Thought of Marriage’ which jumped from #20 to #3 for this week.

Go under the cut for the rest of the chart results.

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Mnet M!Countdown 08.07.2010 – TaeYang’s 1st win with ‘I Need A Girl’

TaeYang wins #1 on Mnet M!Countdown, the first #1 for his comeback hit song ‘I Need A Girl’.

TaeYang won #1 on Mnet M!Countdown with the song ‘I Need A Girl’ off his first full length solo album ‘Solar’ on 8th July. TaeYang said in his thank-you speech, “Thank you for appreciating me even though I’m still lacking in many areas. And also thank-you to all the YG family. I will work hard to be a singer worthy of #1. I love Big Bang members.”

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

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Lyn, “I used to like MC Mong, but I got tired of him after a while”

Singers MC Mong and Lyn revealed that they have once liked each other.

The 2 had appeared on MBC Come To Play aired on 5th July when Lyn said on the show, “There was one point in time when I like MC Mong, and people around me know it. During my early debut days, I had once stored my own numbers in MC Mong’s phone when he had left it behind by accident. And after that, even though I waited, there was no call from him.”

Her confession has gotten the other star appearances shocked. But she continued, “And after that, I received a call from him to help do featuring for his album. After which, I received his call every night.”

MC Mong also confessed that when he first met Lyn, his heart fluttered. He said, “We met at a cable broadcast filming, and when I heard her singing, I was shocked. I fell for her when I first met her.”

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So Nyeo Shi Dae wins #1 for KBS Music Bank for the 1st half of 2010

Today on KBS Music Bank – 2010 1st Half Year Special – girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae won #1 with their hit ‘Oh’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts including special stages lined up.

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MBC Music Core 19.06.2010 – Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun are special one-day MCs

On MBC Music Core on 19th June, MC Yuri is back on the show. And for this week’s show, special one-day MCs are MBC We Got Married couple Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun.

During Lyn ‘Honey Baby Love’ performance, the 2 were seen singing along to the lyrics. Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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Photo Of The Day! Uljjang rapper E.via poses with world star Rain

Recently back with new song ‘Shake’, uljjang rapper E.via reveals a photo taken together with singer Rain backstage.

E.via posted up the photo on her minihompy on 30th May, and amongst other photos she posted up are photo taken together with singers like Hwayobi, Lyn, f(x) Amber, Sulli and Rain etc.

The one that caught the attention of many netizen is the photo taken with Rain. The 2 had looked like they are close friends. In addition, Rain was seen with a tank top showing his toned muscles, much to the contrast of E.via’s sweet and cute image.

E.via wrote jokingly, “World star Rain seonbaenim, really standing next to him, I almost wanted to ask ‘Can I touch those muscles?’. Really cool really cool.”

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Mnet M!Countdown 20.05.2010- ‘faceoff’ between WonderGirls ‘2DT’ and 4Minute ‘HuH’ to watch out for

WonderGirls wil have her comeback after 1 year and 8 months.

The WonderGirls will performing their comeback title song ‘2 Different Tears’ on Mnet M!Countdown on 20th May. This will be their comeback since their last performance in Korea with ‘Nobody’ in 2008, and also it will be new member HyeRim’s first live stage in Korea.

At the same time, ex-member HyunA will also be having her comeback as part of 4Minute with the song ‘HuH’ released on 19th May.

Other comeback stages for the day include C.N Blue with ‘Love’ and ‘Sweet Holiday’, and MBLAQ  with ‘Y’ and ‘One Better Day’. This will also be the first time that MBLAQ and Rain perform on the same weekly music show together.

The rest of the performance lineup includes: 2PM who have won #1 on the show for 3 consecutive weeks with ‘Without U’, as well as performances by Lyn, Davichi, Double K, Seo InKook, V.O.S Choi HyunJun and 8eight etc.

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SBS Inkigayo 16.05.2010 – 2PM wins Mutizen with ‘Without U’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, beasty idols 2PM wins Mutizen with their latest hit ‘Without U’!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts, including comeback stages from Super Junior, Lee Junghyun, Davichi and 8eight!

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