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K Bites – 17.07.2009 II (Shoo-Bada, Lee Hyori-Park Bom, SNSD-2NE1)

S.E.S Shoo and Bada will be having their comeback at the same time


After 7 years since S.E.S last release, member Shoo will have her comeback during the time period as another member Bada.

Shoo will be releasing a digital single between end-August and beginning of September. She is returning to stage 7 years since S.E.S’s 5th album ‘Choose My Life-U’.

Bada will also be having her comeback at the same time period as Shoo, and Shoo has expressed her excitement about that.

It has also been known that Shoo will not be doing a dance song but will be donning the cute image for her comeback. Even though all this time she has not been active in Korea, she has taken part in musicals in Japan.

Lee Hyori’s advice for Park Bom, “Go drinking and clubbing too”

2NE1 was on KBS CoolFM ‘Maybee’s volume up’ on 16th July. And Maybee has asked who the role models to the group are. Park Bom has answered ‘Beyonce and Lee Hyori’.

With that, Lee Hyori had made a surprise phone call. Park Bom has got very excited since she had always answered ‘teacher Lee Hyori’ when asked how her role model is.

Lee Hyori said, “A while back, I sent a message to Bommie encouraging her and telling her she did well with the group’s new song but there was no reply.”

Surprised, Park Bom said, “My mobile phone was changed hence I didn’t receive the message.” Lee Hyori, “When I try to contact my juniors, they all tell me they have changed their numbers.” trying to make the atmosphere comfortable.

When asked what features Park Bom should take after herself, Hyori said, “Bommie is a girl who can go very far but she is a little shy. So go drinking, and have fun, go clubbing too and get to know guys and lead a free lifestyle. Do not confine yourself, try different fashion styles, and try on different markeup, she will be a cooler Bommie than now.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae clears away the challenge by 2NE1 to win #1 for 3 weeks consecutive


So Nyeo Shi Dae has cleared away the challenge set by 2NE1 and has been up at the #1 position for the 3rd week consecutive.

On music site Monkey3, So Nyeo Shi Dae’s song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ has been up #1 on the chart on the site for the 2nd week of July, on for the 3rd consecutive week, clearing away the competition from 2NE1’s song ‘I Don’t Care’.

‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is up #1 for download and streaming, with 15% of the download streaming content going to the song. Apart of that, the girls are also #1 on KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo occuping the Kpop scene for the 2nd week of July.

Rest of the chart results here…

2NE1 Minzy is a mouse


2NE1‘s youngest MinJi said it herself in one of her me2day updates today.

And the photo above is one of my favourite one for today. I’m not trying to be biased but we see loads of 2NE1 updates these days – that’s the reason for the overload of 2NE1 sweetness.

Their me2day updates here…

Son DamBi is the Netizens’ next target


Some netizens dug out a MV by MayBee a few years back featuring Son DamBi in it, and everyone is screaming “so she is not natural beauty too?!”.

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K Bites – 25.05.2009 II

Recent of HyunA and Nam Ji Hyun of 4Minute


4minute_250509_1The new looks of revealed members of upcoming female group 4Minute HyunA and Nam Ji Hyun were revealed lately.

The photos of HyunA and Nam Ji Hyun were revealed through HyunA‘s minihompy on 25th May. HyunA intially debuted as part of the WonderGirls in 2007 February, but due to her health condition, she had to leave the group. And new member YooBin then joined the group.

She then became a trainee under Cube Entertainment to debut as group 4Minute again. Revealed member Nam Ji Hyun is born in 1990 and is currently on a studying break from her university course for her debut.

Meanwhile the group will debut in mid-June.

Shin Hye Sung for double eyelid surgery?

shs_250509Singer Shin Hye Sung comes out to explain all the speculations lately about him getting his double eyelids done.

He was on MBC Every1 ‘Now the pretty boy generation’ where MC Lee Ji Hoon said, “There has been some speculations about Shin Hye Sung doing on the knife for plastic surgery. Especially that of him going for double eyelids.”

Shin Hye Sung then said, “My condition changes and sometimes I get double eyelids, so it had seemed like I went under the knife for double eyelids.”

Also on the show, he confessed, “I’m the ugliest of the ShinHwa members. The other ShinHwa members are really good looking.”

This episode will be aired on 26th May at 11pm.

Artistes pay memory of late former president Roh through song dedications


Artistes like Lee Jun Ki, Moon Geun Yeong, Kim Min Seon, Bae Doo Na, Sweet Sorrow In Ho Jin, Kim Yeong Woo, MayBee, Kim Di Ji and 2AM Jo Kwon etc are some of the entertainers who wrote a little condolence note on their minihompy on 23rd and 24th May after the unfateful news of the death of former president Roh Moo Hyun.

And also on their minihompy, they also played background songs in memory of the late former president. Though they all played different songs, from pop songs to folks songs, they all expressed their grieve for the last former president Roh.

More about K.entertainment’s responses to former president Roh’s passing…

K Bites – 11.05.2009 II

Lee Hyori celebrates her 30th birthday


Photos of Lee Hyori’s 30th birthday party have been revealed.

Her birthday, which falls on 10th May, was celebrated with her close friends over a dinner party. The photos were revealed through her close friend of 10 years Ahn Ji Hye‘s minihompy.

Also in the photos, staylist Jung Bo Yoon who has been Lee Hyori‘s stylist since her Fin.K.L times; and Kim Do Hyun producer to her first album ’10 Minute’ and singer MayBee were also seen at the party.

Ahn Ji Hye was known for her photoshoot together with Lee Hyori taken last March in America Las Vegas. The 2 had known each other since they were studying in Korean university in the theatrics and movies course.


KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ official apology to GDragon, “Error in our captions”

gd_080409_3KBS show ‘Entertainment Weekly’, which has recently angered Big Bang fans with mistaking the composer to Big Bang song ‘Lies’ as the Brave Brothers instead of GDragon, has made an official apology.

They wrote an article on their viewers noticeboard on 11th May with the title ”To inform”. In the post it was written, “There is an error in the caption on our show on 9th May where we put up a caption saying ‘Lies (Big Bang) – Braves Brothers composition’.”

The production group said, “The song ‘Lies’ is composed by Big Bang member GDragon which it is arranged by the Brave Brothers. Our production group will be more prudent and pay more attention to such details in the future.”

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Artistes come together for the environment


Over 20 celebrities come together for the photoshoot of an upcoming environment campaign.

The campaign named ‘CLEAN_air, water and the city’ is jointed organized by stylish casual wear Jack&Jill and also Vogue fashion magazine. It seeks to raise awareness of how human activities pollutes our air and water. It also promotes an improvement in city environment.

More photos here…

K Bites – 02.03.2009

Super Junior to release 3rd album on 12th March


Super Junior will release a comeback album on 12th March after 1 years and 6 months.

They will release their 3rd album and will be back with a new image and dance hit song.

Super Junior will come back as full group after their unique group, musical, drama, movie, DJ and MC activities.

They will not only be back with their 3rd album, but will also be going on an Asia tour in Japan, Thailand etc.

Kim Hyun Joong’s version of ‘Because I am Stupid’ to be included in 2nd OST of Boys Over Flowers


KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST vol.2 set to release in early-March will include the song ‘Because I Am Stupid’ sang by Kim Hyun Joong.

The song has already been recorded, and the song will be an acoustic version.

The song ‘Because I Am Stupid’ is originally sang by SS501 members Kim Hyung Joon, Heo Yeong Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong, and has been a popular hit doing very strong on various music charts.

Meanwhile, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST Vol.2 will include songs by Kim Hyun Joong, SS501, KARA and AST’1.


FTTS Brian’s shocking confession, “There is a girl now who I like and whom I want to get married with”


Fly To The Sky member Brian Joo on KBS Cool FM on 1st March, “Currently, there is a girl who I like and whom I want to be get married with.”

Brian was on Maybee‘s radio show on the 1st when he said, “There is a girl who I like lately and we are slowly getting closer and more comfortable with each other.”

He said, “This girl is just a common girl and we do Bible studies together. She is someone who will send a good Bible message every morning.”

And HwanHee added, “It seems that Brian wants to get married with this person.” And Brian said, “Even though we are not officially dating, but I have faith that we will turn out well.”

SeungRi talks back


Big Bang SeungRi was on KBS Cool FM MayBee’s radio program on 9th January, his first solo radio show appearance.

He talks about his solo activities, relationship with other Big Bang members, and also the controversial deleted kiss scene in the MV and having to show his abs to the whole world.

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