• Featured: JYJ ‘The…’

    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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JYJ for a fanmeeting session in Malaysia

It seems that Kpop fans in Malaysia will get to catch a glimpse of JYJ (JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu) soon in a fanmeet to be held in Malaysia.

KBites reader Nicole gave us a headsup that events and concert promoter RedStar will be bringing JYJ down for a fanmeet in Malaysia possibly in October~November. Already, many local fans are excited about JYJ coming down to meet their fans.

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TVXQ trio’s OST song ‘Found’ for SungKyunKwan Scandal revealed

The OST song ‘Found’ featuring Dong Bang Shin Ki members Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun for new drama KBS ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ was revealed on the show’s 1st episode airing on 30th August.

The OST to the drama also includes the solo songs by Hero and Xiah. Love it or not?

TVXQ Hero, Xiah and Micky to sing for OST of KBS drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’

Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong and Xiah JunSu will come together for fellow member Micky YooChun to participate in the OST of Micky’s upcoming drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’.

It is known that Hero JaeJoong and Xiah JunSu have each recorded a solo song for the OST, and the 3 of them including Micky YooChun will record the song ‘Found’. The song ‘Found’ is a love theme for the drama and will be aired from the 1st episode of the drama.

Hero said, “The production seems like a fun one, and I got a feeling that the drama will be daebak. The OST is as good as the drama.”

Xiah also added, “YooChun looked better in traditional Hanbok than I’ve expected him to look. His acting is very natural and I like it. As for the song, I also worked on it with excitement found after so long. I want to do all that I can which will be of help to YooChun.”

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Micky YooChun’s manager accused of violent act against fan

There has been opinion forming amongst netizens that Dong Bang Shin Ki Micky YooChun’s manager have been acting very violently towards fans. And the police is currently looking into it.

A netizen has posted on an online forum about Micky YooChun manager’s violent behaviour. And under the post is the heated debate amongst netizens on the case. The netizen wrote about how his/her younger sibling have been treated violently by Micky YooChun’s manager, including suffering slaps and hits. The netizen also attached captures from a CCTV video which shows the violent act.

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Micky Yoochun: “With YunHo and ChangMin, we still get along like we used to”

Micky Yoochun, member of the group TVXQ, said, “With U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, nothing has changed and we still get along like we used to in the past.”

On 15 July, at the press conference held at Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, the filming location for KBS2’s drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal], Micky Yoochun said, “They were both busy (Yunho and Changmin) so we didn’t contact each other as much as expected” and “But after that (the lawsuit), our relationship didn’t change much.”

Since the lawsuit for an injunction against their exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment was filed last year, this is the first time that Micky Yoochun made a solo public appearance.

When asked how he passed his time then, Micky Yoochun said, “I spent it peacefully, learning music, composing, practicing acting and also went to watch movies.” Also, “As we were very busy, I never had the time to visit my parents so I made the decision to spend time with them.”

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Micky YooChun on bedscene with Park MinYeong for upcoming drama SungKyunKwan Scandal

Micky YooChun gives a shy response when asked about his first acting attempt and his bed scene with actress Park MinYeong.

The press conference of upcoming KBS drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal was held on 15h July at the filming site of the drama. When asked about the bed scene he had to shoot with Park MinYeong, Micky said, “The bed scene with Park MinYeong.. Well in most dramas, we only get to see the bed…right?”

And about his first acting attempt, Micky said, “I have always had the Dong Bang Shin Ki Micky YooChun image since my singer debut, I think I can show various images through the characters in acting. And I am envious about that, and have decided to take up the attempt this time.”

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Xiah JunSu sent to the emergency ward in the middle of the night in LA

Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu is known to have been sent to the emergency ward in the middle of the night during his stay in LA, America.

Xiah has shown symptoms of serious cold like high fever and dehydration at 10pm on 3rd July (local time) and was sent to the emergency ward at a Korean hospital.

An official revealed, “Probably due to accumulated fatigue from recording, Xiah had shown symptoms like exhaustion and over 40 degrees fever, and so we had him sent to the emergency ward for treatment.”

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SM Entertainment will respond actively to TVXQ trio’s demand for compensation of 3 billion KRW

SM Entertainment’s official stand on Dong Bang Shin Ki trio’s lawsuit to demand for compensation is that they will be responding to the lawsuit actively.

News surfaced on 28th June reporting that the trio had demanded for a total of 3 billion KRW in compensation from the agency. And SM’s response to that was, “We will be responding actively to the lawsuit for compensation through our legal representatives.”

News reports have also surfaced quoting that the lawsuit is of no problem for SM Entertainment since it has at least 50 billion KRW in cash reserves.

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