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Tablo and Kang HyeJung welcomes their first child!

Epik High Tablo and actress Kang HyeJung’s first child has arrived 7 months after their marriage.

Kang HyeJung conceived the couple’s first daugther at 11.05am on 2nd May in a hospital in Seoul. Tablo conveyed, “It’s a mystical and miraculous day.. Today at 11.o5am my pretty daugther is borned. HyeJungie and the child are both healthy.”

He added, “Ahh I’m in tears. Because I’m really happy. My lady who has gone through much all this time is the best!” Epik High Mithra also wrote on his twitter, “I had a niece!!!! My endless congratulations to BloHyeJung.”

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Tablo reveals 3 embarrassing incidents caused by news reporters

Epik High Tablo reveals several incidents where he had to face with embarrassment because of news reporters.

Tablo revealed during the filming for ‘Happy Together 3’ on 27th March that he was sad that Epik High did not appear in many news report before they were famous. The group received much love with the song ‘Fly’ and with the song release even though there were many news articles on Epik High, there were also cases of embarrassment.

He said, “For our 3rd album concert, I wanted to do Taekwondo and hence I appeared on stage in the uniform for it, and the next day, news reporters ran articles on our concert with titles like ‘Pablo’s hiphop stage’.”

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Mithra Jin and Min KyungHoon meet for the first time after Mithra’s mistake in 2008

Epik High Mithra and singer Min KyungHoon meet for the first time on broadcast show.

The 2 stars met previously on 23rd March on Mnet Radio. The meeting of the 2 had caught the attention of many since this is the first time they had met through broadcast show after Mithra’s mistake in 2008.

Mithra said during a radio show back in 2008, “The Nuts Ji HyunWoo, Min KyungHoon who does ballad, all those who bears the mouse as their zodiac why are they so tall! Is 184cm an appropriate height? People who don’t greet are those who are born in 1984. I think they have a cast around their neck.”

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Epik High teases with comeback title song ‘Run’

The teaser to Epik High’s comeback title song ‘Run’ has been released on 5th March.

The group will comeback as 2 members Tablo and Mithra with a special album to be released on 9th march.

Epik High 1st teaser for upcoming album ‘Epilogue’ unleashed

The first teaser to Epik High’s comeback as duo Tablo and Mithra with new special album ‘Epilogue’, to be released on 9th March, has been revealed.

A short snippet to their new song ‘Run’ was shown at the end of the teaser clip.

Epik High will be back as a duo with release of new album ‘Epilogue’

With the early ending of their previous 6th album promotions after member DJ Tukutz had to go to the army and also get married, group Epik High will be back next month.

According to their company, they will be releasing a new album ‘Epilogue’ in early March. It will be their new album after their 6th album released last September.

Tablo recently wrote on their official homepage, “The recording for ‘Epilogue’ is completed, we will be starting on mixing. And we are designing on the album jacket.” and it has been known that the album is 90% done in productions.

And a company official also revealed, “The members are in the last lap of their promotions, and have been staying in the recording room.”

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Epik High’s label MapTheSoul merges with Woollim Ent, comeback album set for March

Hip hop group Epik High will work with their ex-management company again.

According to Woollim Entertainment on 25th January, Epik High‘s independent label MapTheSoul has recently decided do merger with the company.

Woollim’s side said, “MapTheSoul’s music and producing capabilities together with Woollim’s marketing management planning together will give a good synergy effect. Currently, Tablo and Mithra are directing the album for the debut of new 7-member boy group Infinite.”

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[Kpop Bites] Lee JaeJin leaving FT Island? Epik High MapTheSoul merges with ex-management company

  • Happening! Rumours of Lee JaeJin leaving FT Island

There has been some speculations amongst fans that FT Island Lee JaeJin is leaving the group. He recently wrote on his minihompy, “I shall wrap things up for a while”. But his company FNC came out to clarify, “This is ridiculous. He did the concert performance with the group on 23rd Jan. He will be performing with the group as planned for their Asian tour in over 10 cities.”

  • Epik High returns to ex-management company

Epik High‘s company MapTheSoul had merged with their ex-management company Woollim Entertainment. Epik High has been under WoollimEnt since 2003 but last year they set up their own company MapTheSoul. After which, the 2 companies continue with building relations with each other, and for great synergy, they have decided to merge as 1 company. And the outcome of the merger will be a 7-member boy group Infinite which is set to debut under the directing of Tablo and Mithra.

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