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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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TOP is the #1 star netizens want to be campus couple with

Big Bang TOP has been voted #1 with 24% of votes (330 votes) out of 1,404 votes on music specialty site Monkey 3 for the poll ‘The star you want to be campus couple with’ posted on the site from 26th March till 1st April.

The reason for picking TOP are stated by netizens are that he seems charming and masculine yet innocent and fun.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

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A.N.JELL to unite on SBS Drama DaeSang with live performance

SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ cast Park ShinHye, Jang GeunSeok, Lee HongKi and Jung YoungHwa will be putting up a 100% live performance for upcoming 2009 Drama DaeSang.

After the drama ended in November, the band ‘A.N.JELL’ featured in the drama consisting of the 4 main cast will take the stage once more for a live performance.

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Park ShinHye’s boyish image is proven to have gained success!

Actress Park ShinHye successfully gained success for her Girl Boy character in “You’re Beautiful” drama!

The actress plays the twin sibling Go Minam (Man) and Go Minyu (Woman) in ‘You’re Beautiful” drama. Her natural acting for the 2 characters in the drama has been popular among the drama lover as people is putting their eyes on the drama since the very amusing scene in which Park ShinHye transformed from a nun’s dress into a man’s outfit in the drama’s 1st episode!

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Moon Geun Young and MC Mong are entertainers netizens want to make song-pyun with this chuseok


Actress Moon Geun Yeong and singer MC Mong have been voted the stars Korean netizens want to make song-pyun (traditional rice cake eaten during Chuseok festival) with.

Specialist education enterprise EduWill did a survey on 1204 netizens from 14th to 25th September on the question, “Which entertainer do you want to knead song-pyun with?” and the results were released on 28th September.

Guess which other entertainers were voted on the survey.

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Kim HyunJoong & Moon GeunYoung Have Something In Common


So what is it that “actor” Kim HyunJoong and “actress” Moon GeunYoung have in common?

No clue? Read on to find out!

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K Bites – 07.07.2009 IV (Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls, Park Jin Young)

Super Junior, “Jeon JiHyun is KangIn’s woman, and Han GaIn is Lee Teuk’s woman”


Super Junior members Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, Ye Sung and KangIn were on SBS YaShimManMan 2 aired on 6th July. And leader Lee Teuk said, “Female artistes whom the members think are ‘good’ become the their women.”

He continued, “The woman I like cannot be liked by the other members. They can’t call her by her name but have to her call by ‘sister-in-law’. KangIn’s woman is Jeon JiHyun, Lee Tuek – Han GaIn, Eun Hyuk – Choi JungWon and Ye Sung like Moon Geun Young.”

Lee Teuk said, “A while back I met with Han GaIn’s father-in-law but I did not do well.” and he decided to send Han GaIn a video message, “It’s been 8 years since we last met. When time allows, let’s have a meal out with Yeon JeongHoon.”

Meanwhile, Lee Teuk also reveal that they met each other in the beauty salon, “I hid myself and then escaped out through the door. Once you get eye contact with her, it feels like your heart has stopped. I still cannot forget that look in her eyes.”

Brown Eyed Girls 3rd teaser video featuring JeA revealed

A third teaser video to Brown Eyed Girls comeback 3rd album has been revealed, and this time it features member JeA.

In the teaser video, JeA looked absorbed into making music and had awaken member GaIn who was taking a day nap and got irritated.

The girls will release their new song on 13th July with their comeback 3rd album on concept ‘City’.

Park JinYoung brings his love for rice cake with him to America

jyp_070709Singer cum producer Park Jin Young has brought his ‘love for rice cake’ with him to America, and this has become a topic amongst the netizens.

It is known that the WonderGirls are currently busy promoting their American debut song ‘Nobody’. There was a photo uploaded by fans recently. The photo was taken after the girls’ concert performance at Jonas Brothers’ concert. In the foreground is member YeEun smiling at fans, while in the background Park Jin Young can be seen eating rice cake alone.

There has been news saying that he has to have with him rice cake wherever he goes. These was revealed by 2PM Nich Khun who talked about Park Jin Young’s love for rice cakes recently.

Netizens who have been calling Park Jin Young ‘Sexy Gorilla’ have started giving him new nicknames like ‘Sec-Go-Ddok’ (made up of sexy, gorilla, and  ddok which means rice cakes in Korea’ and ‘Ddrok Go’.

Meawhile WonderGirls are looking great in their recent photos in America…