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GaIn to make guest appearance on Family Outing 2 not as ‘Adam Couple’ but as close friend to Jo Kwon

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn will do guest appearance on SBS Family Outing 2.

From 31st May till 1st June, GaIn will be participating in the filming of Family Outing 2 for 2D1N. GaIn has appeared on the show last year with the other Brown Eyed Girls members, but this will be the first time she appears on the show alone.

There is great interests to her appearance since her made-believe husband Jo Kwon on MBC We Got Married is a fixed appearance on the show. The 2 are nicknamed the ‘Adam Couple’ on the show, and on 30th May, Jo Kwon even showed off their couple ring on a broadcast show.

Meanwhile, Family Outing 2 official said, “GaIn will not be appear on the show with Jo Kwon as Adam Couple but just as close friends.”

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KARA Nicole’s ‘bare face’ reveal criticised by fans “It seems that the reveal was of bad intention”

Girlgroup KARA member Nicole’s ‘bare face’ revealed has garnered much interests from netizens.

Nicole had appeared with no-make on SBS variety program ‘My Partner’ aired on 28th May, talking about the topic of exercising with MC Nam HeeSeok. And Nicole was seen shy with no makeup on, and her hands were covering her face many times during the filming. She was also seen wearing a cap, much under-dressed as compared to her usual features performing on stage.

Netizens’ comments to seeing her ‘bare face’ are, “She looks like actress Yoo HaeJin”, “Nicole looks like the 2nd-generation to Yoo HaeJin and Kim HyeSoo” while there are some who commented, “Nicole is one of the stars whose bare face should not be revealed” etc.

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KARA Nicole reveals child-like selca photos on children’s day

KARA reveals new selca photos posing with cute expressions on children’s day.

The photos featuring Nicole in no-make face were uploaded on Nicole’s Twitter on 5th May, which is also Korea’s children’s day.

Many twitizens who saw the photos commented on how cute Nicole had looked in the photo. Meanwhile, Nicole’s Twitter profile has over 40K followers.


KARA members photoshopped as your favourite movie characters

Some photoshopped photos by creative fans online with KARA members featured as some of the familiar movie faces have been the interests amongst fans.

Imagine KARA Nicole as Lara Croft, JiYoung as Snow White, Goo Hara as Cinderella and Han SeungYeon as Alice. Can’t? Go under the cut for the photos.

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Full teaser to KARA ‘We’re With You’ revealed!

The full teaser to KARA’s upcoming World Cup song ‘We’re With You’ has been revealed after the last teaser featuring member Nicole has been released.

Loving the song or not?

‘Best friends’ Nicole and Key spotted in ApGuJung together

Photos of group KARA member Nicole and SHINee member Key seen walking on the street in causal wear garner interests from netizens and fans.

A netizen posted up some photos on an Internet portal site bulletin board recently, and the photos featured the 2 singers working on the streets in normal causal clothes.

The photos were said to have been taken in ApGuJung. The 2, known to be really good friends, looked comfortable hanging out as can be seen from the photos.

Meanwhile, during the Nicole’s previous appearance on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on 23rd last month, she commented, “Key is the best of all my best friends”.

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2AM JinWoon and KARA Goo Hara’s fishy relationship?

‘Same-age idols’ KARA Goo Hara and 2AM JinWoon have been misunderstood to have a fishy relationship.

KARA Park GyuRi and KARA appeared for the filming of SBS ‘Haha Mong Show’ recently as visiting ‘mothers’ in the corner ‘Please take care of mother’. And together with the MCs Haha and MC Mong, they made a visit to 2AM’s dormitary.

It has been known that Goo Hara and 2AM JinWoon are really close friends and are of the same age. Goo Hara was especially curious when it came to JinWoon’s room and even expressed jealousy knowing that JinWoon is close with Nicole.

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KARA’s last performance of ‘Lupin’ on M!Countdown, preparations for next album to begin

After news of KARA member Han SeungYeon injuring her arm during filming, it is known that there will be no followup hit for KARA’s ‘Lupin’ album and they will be starting on the preparations for their next album soon.

But even though Han SeungYeon has to have a cast on her injuries for 2 weeks, she had appeared for KARA’s last performance of ‘Lupin’ on Mnet M!Countdown in her cast.

This will mark the end of promotions of this minialbum for KARA. The girls will continue with their appearance on variety shows while starting on preparations for their next album.

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