• Featured: JYJ ‘The…’

    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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SBS Inkigayo 05.09.2010 – FT Island wins Mutizen with ‘Love Love Love’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, FT Island won their Mutizen with the song ‘Love Love Love’ just one week after their comeback. The boys seemingly did not expect to win Mutizen award this week but congratulations to the boys!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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SBS Inkigayo 29.08.2010 – BoA bags 2nd Mutizen with ‘Hurricane Venus’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, singer BoA won her 2nd Mutizen award with her comeback title song ‘Hurricane Venus’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts including comeback stages by FT Island etc.

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‘Model-dols’ Nine Muses for Elle Girl photoshoot

Newcomer girlgroup ‘model-dol’ Nine Muses, who recently released their 1st single ‘Let’s Have a Party’, are featured for a photoshoot in the upcoming issue of fashion magazine Elle Girl.

With some teaser photos revealed for the girls’ photoshoot for the fashion magazine, many netizens have commented, “They are really model-dols.”

More photos under the cut.

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Nine Muses tell their feelings after their first broadcast

On August 12th’s Mnet ‘MCountdown’ was the first debut of Nine Muses. Their words they told to Sports Today was “Very sorry” about their debut.

Member Hye-Mi says. “I didn’t think much. For the first time, I didn’t know what to do. Being at the broadcast was very strange and that made us even more nervous. It was a shame I couldn’t do better.” She told us truthfully.

Erin used scores for the first stages quality. “I wanted to give it 20 points. After the first stage, the members could not say a word. ‘More than 2 years of training to only get this result.’ This seemed to upset the members.” She said.

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SBS Inkigayo 15.08.2010 – SHINee wins 2nd Mutizen with ‘Lucifer’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, SHINee won their 2nd consecutive Mutizen with their comeback title hit ‘Lucifer’

Find the rest of the performances on the show today under the cut.

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Mnet M!countdown 12.08.2010 – G.NA wins her first #1!

G.NA won her first #1 with the song ‘I Will Back Off So You Can Live Better’. Secret as well as Seo In Kook also made their comeback stage today. Also, Nine Muses made their debut stage today too.

Go under the cut for more performance cuts.

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Secret-Nine Muses-Rainbow for a ‘showdown of the girlgroups’ with new music releases on the same day

Girlgroups Secret, Rainbow and Nine Muses come together for a showdown with their new album released on the same day.

Amidst the absence of strong girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, KARA etc, the 3 girlgroups released their new albums on 12th August. We first had Secret releasing their 2nd minialbum ‘Madonna’ – the minialbum and MV was released at 12 midnight and it went up to the #1 spot on GomTV MV chart.

And there is also 7-member girlgroup Rainbow releasing their new song ‘A’ and the MV to the song on 12th August. The girls are back since their debut song ‘Gossip Girl’ with improved and more charming features. We also have rookie girlgroup Nine Muses releasing their debut single on 12th August. The group has garnered much interests even before their debut for their modeling background and are given the nickname of ‘model-dols’.

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‘Model-dol’ Nine Muses reveals debut song ‘No Playboy’

Upcoming girlgroup Nine Muses reveals their debut song ‘No Playboy’ on 12th August.

After listening to the song and the MV teaser, loving it so far?

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