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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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‘Female Outsider’ E.via is hot issue with new MV ‘Shake’!

Uljjang rapper E.via is the hot issue. With the MV to her new song ‘Shake’ revealed on 29th April, it had gone up to the #1 spot with great interests coming from fans and netizens.

A GomTV official said after the MV is released, “This is the fastest record any solo female singer can get to the #1 spot with her new MV ever.” This is a feat especially since that now is the time where idols like T-ara, After School, 2PM etc are active.

But there has been much criticisms about the closeup on the skimpy outfits of the models in the MV and revealing of too much skin. Many also thought that the MV was too explicit. Though some netizens think that the scenes are no big problem, E.via’s company is currently editing the MV and is even considering refilming the MV.

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‘Loss of 38kg’ Outsider, “Is he unwell?”

Speed rapper Outsider draws attention to his sudden weight change.

Outsider was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate recently when he said, “After debut I was 90kg and I lost about 30kg.” and he revealed that for his recent new album, he lost about 8kg which makes it that he lost 38kg after debut.

With his recent features, many fans are concerned and voiced, “He is not feeling well”, “Like his lookalike Kim MyungMin who was on a severe diet, he looked like he is not feeling well.”

Outsider, “I went on diet to look good, there is no bad implications on my health. When I was working with MC Sniper hyung and Horan for Lee SeungHwa’s 8th album, when I went on portal sites to search there were questions from netizens if I had heart disease. The search keywords ‘Outsider heart disease’ was even up #1 on search portals and many friends had called to ask if I was alright. It was a fun incident. I will be on stage again with a healthy image.”

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SBS Inkigayo 21.03.2010: T-ara wins Mutizen with ‘Crazy Because Of You’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, T-ara wins Mutizen award with their recent hit song ‘Crazy Because Of You’.

This time it’s a real win on Inkigayo, unlike the false alarm on KBS Music Bank on 19th March. Congratulations to the girls. While, they have also won their 2nd consecutive #1 on Mnet M!Countdown.

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KBS Music Bank 19.03.2010 – KARA wins 2nd #1 with ‘Lupin’

Today on KBS Music Bank, KARA won #1 with their recent hit song ‘Lupin’. This is their 2nd win after their 1st on the show last week. A small happening occurred when there was a little confusion when revealing the winner on the show today.

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KBS Music Bank 12.03.2010 – KARA wins #1 with ‘Lupin’, first #1 on Music Bank 3 years into debut

Today on KBS Music Bank, group KARA wins #1 on K Chart with their hit song ‘Lupin’, 3 weeks after their comeback.

This is the group’s 1st #1 winning on KBS Music Bank 3 years into their debut.

It has also broken the momentum following the 5 consecutive win by So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Oh!’. But So Nyeo Shi Dae will be coming back next week with a new ‘Black SoShi’ concept.

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T-ara and KARA fight it out for the #1 spot on Monkey 3 weekly charts

We see the competition for the #1 position on Monkey3 weekly music chart for the first week of March (1st~7th March) between idol groups.

For this week, T-ara’s ‘Crazy Because Of You’ is up #1 on the weekly chart. They had gone up to the #1 spot after entering at #2 position last week, continuing their craze from ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’. And another new song from the group ‘I’m in pain’ has climbed up 21 spots to the #8 position on the chart.

On the other hand, KARA fell 1 spot with their new song ‘Lupin’ from the #1 position last week to be at #2 this week. We are seeing that the little competition going on between T-ara and KARA on the chart will continue.

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SBS Inkigayo 07.03.2010 – 2AM wins Mutizen on last performance!

On SBS Inkigayo on 7th March, 2AM wins Mutizen award with their latest song ‘Even If I Die, I will not let you go’. This is their 2nd Mutizen after winning the award on 7th February on the show.

But it is a shame that this is also their last performance of the song on music shows. Congratulations to the boys anyway.

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KBS Music Bank 05.03.2010 – SNSD wins 5th consecutive #1 with ‘Oh!’

During KBS Music Bank on 5th March, group So Nyeo Shi Dae won their 5th consecutive #1 on KChart on the show with the song ‘Oh!’. Even though Yuri was not present due to swine flu for the performance, it did not deterred the girls from winning.

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