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Son DamBi and GaHee voted #1 and #2 as singers who will look the best in bikini

Coming back with new song ‘Queen’ sexy singer Son DamBi has been voted as the ‘singer who looks the best in bikini’.

A poll was done on music site Bugs from 10th to 16th August on that ‘Which is the singer who will look the best in bikini’ and Son DamBi was voted number 1 with 287 votes.

Son DamBi has always been known for her sexy singer image with hit songs like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’. And recently her slender leg line was also the topic amongst netizens online. Netizens who took part in the poll commented, “Even Venus will cry in front of Son DamBi”, “Doesn’t the queen look good in everything?” etc .

At #2 on the poll is After School GaHee. Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

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Amidst criticisms of ‘belly fat’ against UEE, After School GaHee reveals proof-shot

A photo of After School UEE and GaHee revealed garners the interests of the netizens.

Recently, UEE was under criticisms after photos of her ’embarrassing belly fat’ showing from her performing costume were revealed.

And GaHee posted the photo on her minihompy on 5th August under a post titled ‘2010 August 5th – Daily’. The photo was taken with UEE while the girls were shopping in Singapore, and they were both doing a cool pose in it. And UEE was seen with a slim fit and dispelling the criticisms against her of late.

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After School GaHee for unique solo activites in August~September

After School leader GaHee will be having her solo album release either late August or early September.

After the reveal of unique group Orange Caramel consisting of members Raina, Nana and Lizzy, GaHee will start on her unique activities for After School with a solo album.

Pledis revealed, “GaHee will be starting on her solo activities either late next month or early September. And she is currently doing training and practising for that.

GaHee has always been known for her powerful dance skills, but vocal capabilities is equally important for her solo debut. With that, she is currently attending vocal trainings from Nexstar Entertainment which grooms popular composers like Jo YeongSoo and Ahn YeongMi etc.

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After School GaHee, “I don’t like guys who are shorter than me”

After School GaHee reveals that her ideal man has to be taller than herself.

GaHee did guest appearance with members Nana on MBC SaeBaKwi aired on 17th July when she talked her standard for her ideal man, “I don’t like guys who are shorter than me.”

With GaHee’s statement, the other male guest appearances on the show had felt embarrassed. So as to not make them feel bad and hurt, GaHee presented a set of sexy dance routines on the show, much to the delight of the other star appearances and the TV viewers.

Meanwhile, GaHee revealed on the show, “Even though my parents know that I can’t drink, I can actually drink about 2 cans of beer.”

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Park GaHee and Son DamBi pose for a selca photo

A recent selca photo of After School GaHee and Son DamBi revealed garners interests from netizens.

The photo was posted up on GaHee’s Twitter on 11th July. She wrote, “I went to root for DamBi… Please show much love to our DamBi~ You’re the real Queen! Hwaiting.”

Netizens’ comments to the photo are, “Cute”, “Good to see”, “The 2 are pretty” etc.

Meanwhile, it has been a smooth comeback for Son DamBi with criticisms of plagiarism for her MV scenes as well as criticisms against her vocal capabilities with the MR-removed videos of her performances revealed.

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After School GaHee, “I want to get married after 5 years”

After School GaHee reveals, “I want to get married after 5 years.”

GaHee has revealed that during her appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 7th July. GaHee said, “It is not true that I don’t consider marriage at all. But still, I want to do it only after 5 years.”

Meanwhile, on the show JungAh reveals, “I’m unexpectedly a bad woman.” Also Son Dambi confesses, “I like man who are rich.”

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After School JungAh, “Jealous of UEE? I pity her more”

After School JungAh talks about team member UEE.

JungAh was one of the After School guest appearances on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 30th June.

JungAh was asked on the show, “By any chance, have you been jealous of UEE?” JungAh replied, “As compared to being jealous, I pity her more. It is because she has much more schedule than me.”

Meanwhile, Son DamBi also did guest appearance on the show that day with the After School member Nana, JungAh and GaHee.


Park GaHee speaks up on celebrity ex-boyfriend

After School’s eldest sister Park GaHee is flustered as the talk of her previous celebrity boyfriend.

After School members made guest appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star on 30th June.

When asked about her previous celebrity love relationships by the MCs, GaHee commented, “It got me flustered, awkward and at a loss of what to do.” GaHee also requested netizens who posted up photos of her and her previous celebrity boyfriend online, “Please delete them.”

Back then on a broadcast program aired last May when asked if her previous boyfriend was a celebrity, GaHee had not denied and had garnered much interests from netizens for that.

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