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KARA Han SeungYeon takes a fall again during Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010

KARA Han SeungYeon earns herself the nickname of ‘kkwa-dang girl’.

KARA was present for Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 event on 29th August at InCheon MoonHak World Cup Staidum. And during the photowall event, Han SeungYeon had taken a fall after she tripped in her kill-heels.

The other KARA members have seemed shocked and member Park GyuRi and Goo Hara had asked “Are you alright?” One could see the close friendship in the team. Even though by the look of her fall it should be very painful, Han SeungYeon was seen looking bright and alright after a while.

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KARA’s first live perf of ‘Mister’ on Japanese broadcast received lukewarm responses?

Girlgroup KARA had their first live stage on a famous Japanese program for their Japanese debut.

KARA appeared on Nihon TV ‘Sukira – Mariwood’ on the morning of 11th August after releasing their debut Japanese single ‘Mister’. The ‘Mariwood’ corner on the show is said tobe a popular corner introducing some of the biggest stars like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber etc.

The girls performed the song ‘Mister’. But the response for the girls’ live performance vocal capabilities is just lukewarm from TV viewers. Even though Han SeungYeon and Nicole did fine, the overall vocal performance of the group was said to be lacking.

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SHINee Key does a perfect dance cover of ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

SHINee Key does a dance cover of miss A’s debut song ‘Bag Girl Good Girl’.

Key was on MBC ‘ShinDong Park GyuRi’s ShimShimTaPa’ aired on 4th August when he was seen dancing to miss A’s recent hit. He had promised to do the dance cover on the show and he carried out his promise in the end.

He was seen dancing till the end of first verse without any mistakes. Key said, “I didn’t practise this for even once. I only watched the choreography like 9 times every week. Once I hear the music, I just know what actions will follow, it is all in my head now.”

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Idols are ‘supermen’ and ‘superwomen’? They want to rest too…

From drama, variety, movies, radio to public performances, the opportunities that idols see these days have increased. It has become an age where idols have to explore other areas and not just stay in one to show off their charms. And these idols will need to spend their energy in the various areas they are exploring into.

The phrase ‘one source multi use’ is just the right one to use on idols. Even though they debuted as singers, they don’t show just the features of a singer. If the stage is not ‘wide’ enough for one, one move on to look at drama, movie, theatre and musicals etc, to show more of one’s charms and talents one cannot show in just the short duration of 3 minutes on stage. In the midst of achieving that, these idols will need the strength of that of an ‘iron man’. Even though this is a chance for the singers to up their rich and fame, without the energy to do so is also useless.

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miss A gets mixed responses for their fresh faces revealed for the first time

Newcomer group miss A’s fresh faces revealed for the first time garner interests from netizens.

miss A did guest appearances on MBC radio ‘ShinDong and Park GyuRi’s ShimShimTapa’ on 14th July and the photos were uploaded on the site’s homepage after that.

The production team of ShimShimTapa also commented on the photo, “These girls wash their faces with milk everyday?” while fans commented “They look young”, “they have great complxion” etc.

However there are some netizens who commented “Even though they are newcomers, they are still entertainers, they don’t look good here”, “This is not the miss A I see on stage” etc.

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ShinDong and Park GyuRi transform as Avatar on ShimShimTaPa

MBC radio ‘ShimShimTaPa’ DJs ShinDong and Park GyuRi transform as characters from movie Avatar.

The 2 had promised to transformed as characters from Avatar even though the South Korean team did not managed to enter the top 8 World Cup teams on their Twitter on 28th June. And on 29th June during ‘ShimShimTapa’, the 2 were really seen transformed as Avatar characters.

Listeners’ comments were, “I was shocked to see them with the makeup”, “This is incredible”, “Fun” etc. ShinDong said, “We did say that we will transform as Avatars if S.Korean team enter the top 8 in World Cup, but even though they did not managed to do so, we have came to the show transformed as Avatars.”

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Hilarious difference in size between Super Junior ShinDong’s and 2PM Nich Khun’s face

The contrast between the size of 2PM Nich Khun’s face and the size of Super Junior ShinDong’s face go netizens cracking up.

Recently on MBC ‘ShinDong, Park GyuRi’s ShimShimTapa’, 2PM members were guest appearances on the show. And after the show, the 2PM took photos together with the DJs. In the 2 photos revealed, the big difference between the size of ShinDong’s and Nich Khun’s faces had netizens laughing.

Netizens’ comments include, “Nich Khun’s face is half of that of ShinDong’s? How can this be”, “The size of ShinDong’s face and mouth is twice that of Nich Khun’s” etc.

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KARA ‘Goddess Gyuri’ reveals bare face through Twitter

KARA Park GyuRi reveals her bare face in a new photo posted on her Twitter.

Park GyuRi posted up the photo on her Twitter on 3rd June. In the photo, GyuRi was seen without makeup on and enviable complexion, at the same time giving off a pure and innocent vibe. Park GyuRi is nicknamed as ‘Goddess Gyuri’ by fans and in the photo, she has once again showed off her ‘goddess charms’.

Netizens’ comments are “The evidence of a goddess”, “Oh my goddess”, “She is pretty even with bare face” etc.

Meanwhile, KARA will be having their official Japanese debut coming August.

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