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Se7en, “TOP is the funniest YG Family member”

Se7en who came back with his new song “Better together”, chose BIG BANG T.O.P as the funniest member in YG Family.

He said, “I’m the best on TV shows but in fact, the funniest member in YG Family is T.O.P, not either Daesung or Seungri.” He also added, “He is the funniest, not in front of the camera. He is just so funny in private, just with us.”

Se7en also said that he envy BIG BANG. He said, “I envy the idols these days“, “I think it’s because I’m on the stage alone.” Added, “I am satisfied with my age now, but I think it is better when I was younger.”
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Jo Kwon and Raina spotted with similar gestures and couple ring, what is their relationship?

Singers 2AM Jo Kwon and After School Raina’s relationship has garnered much interests from netizens and fans.

Recently on a popular community forum online, a netizen has brought up that Jo Kwon and Raina do similar gestures on music programs. There are also some netizens who pointed out the couple ring that they are both wearing, and their similar gestures seem like some kind of mission for each other.

Already there has been on several occasions where netizens question if Raina is Jo Kwon’s ‘Oh BangShil’. On MBC We Got Married, Jo Kwon had brought up the story of his ex lover ‘Oh BangShil’, garnering great interests from netizens and fans.

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Park Han Byul on marriage, “I have no thoughts about it”

Actress Park HanByul’s shares her thoughts about marriage.

A production press conference for upcoming SBS drama ‘Oh! My Lady’ was held on 16th March at 2.30pm in Seoul SBS Building. And Park HanByul describes her character Hong YooRa in the drama as “Stylish and with an edge.”

“Even though she may seem perfect, she has many weaknesses too. That’s why I think she is a cute character.”

Especially during the press conference, what caught the attention of many is the question of marriage posted to Park HanByul and she replied, “I have no thoughts about it”.

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2NE1 Dara and Park HanByul are good friends!

2NE1 Dara updated her me2day on Dec 8 by posting a photo of her with Se7en’s girlfriend Park HanByul!

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YG Ent is the top company netizens want to apply for to be singers


Netizens have picked YG Entertainment as the company they want to enter in as singer the most, and as the company they can trust the best.

A survey was done from 15th to 22nd September on community portal site DCInside on the question of “If you are a singer wannabe, which company do you want to enter the most and which company can you trust the most?” and YG Entertainment has came in #1 on the survey.

Find out the other entertainment companies voted on the survey.

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K Bites – 14.06.2009 (Park HanByul-Se7en, Jang Geun Seok)

ash_140609WonderGirls SoHee to quit school?

There has been rumours that group WonderGirls SoHee will be quitting school.

A post was posted on one of the Korean online forums on 10th June about the rumour. Part of the netizens were saying that there has been news that ChangMoon Girls High the school that she is attending will want her to quit school voluntarily. And there was also searches on portal sites on the keywords ‘SoHee quitting’.

JYP representative said, “We were not informed about SoHee’s voluntary quitting.” And a representative from ChangMoon Girls High also revealed that they reveal about their student’s information.

Meanwhile the girls will be releasing official American album in September.

Park Han Byul, “As compared to myself, Se7en does more aegyo”


Talent Park Han Byul revealed that her boyfriend singer Se7en does more aegyo (act cute) than herself.

She revealed on KBS Entertainment Weekly on 13th June, “I don’t call him by ‘dear’ or ‘darling’ because it is just not my character to do so. So on the phone, I normally call him by ‘yaa’.”

She added, “Instead Se7en has more aegyo than me”. And about their 7 years late reveal of their love relationship, she said, “We are so sorry for acknowledging it. But until now it still doesn’t feel real to me. To be in an interview like this talking about my relationship with Se7en has been my dream.”

Jang Geun Seok, “I didn’t eat for 3 days after the kiss with Shin Bong Seon”


Jang Geun Seok had a phone call with close friend Super Junior HeeChul on the episode of KBS Shin Dong Yeop and Shin Bong Seon’s Champagne aired on 13th June.

And with the phone call, he revealed the shocking truth about his kiss with Shin Bong Seon on Coming-of-age day.

Currently filming in Australia, Jang Geun Seok, “After my kiss with Shin Bong Seon, I didn’t eat for the next 3 days.”

Jang Geun Seok also did an imitation of gagman Choi YangRak’s voice with a song during the show that day.

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Se7en finally admitting to love relationship with Park Han Byul


Singer Se7en has finally admitted his love relationship with actress Park Han Byul.

He wrote a post on his minihompy on the 10th with the title “I’ll reveal everything” talking about his relationship with Park Han Byul. All this while, the 2 had time-after-time denied their love relationship.

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Park Han Byul’s painful confession about couple photo with Se7en leaked out


A while back, photo of Park Han Byul and Se7en, said to be supposed couple photo, were leaked out from Park Han Byul‘s minihompy.

This came as shocking as the 2 had denied their love relationship all along. Their companies have also insisted that they were just close friends.

Recently on 18th May, Park Han Byul wrote an entry on her minihompy about the incident, saying, “living the life of an entertainer is so tiring…”

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