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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Park JaeBum, “I exchanged birthday wishes with Nich Khun”

2PM ex leader member Park JaeBum reveals, “I still exchange birthday wishes with Nich Khun,” dismissing rumours of dispute with the 2PM members.

JaeBum revealed during his interview with IlGanSports on 31st August, “I sent Nich Khun birthday wishes on his birthday on 24th June and he replied me. Even though I did not meet up or contact the members, it is not because we are on bad terms. I am really happy that 2PM is doing well.”

JaeBum left 2PM after his MySpace controversy last September and returned to Seattle. And in February, JYP revealed that JaeBum has permanently left the group due to personal reasons. He then returned to Korea 9 months after in June for the filming of his upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.

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[Highlights] 2010 Mnet 20’s Choice by Walkerhill RiverPark Swimming Pool

2010 Mnet 20’s Choice was held on 26th August at 5pm in Seoul Walkerhill Hotel RiverPark Swimming pool which saw the participation of various stars and their hot live performances.

The MCs of the night were Seo InYoung and Jo Kwon, and about 1000 over audiences were also present. And the event had seemed like a summer night poolside party. Unlike last year, Mnet 20’s Choice this year was held with the prize ceremony for the 20 most influential stars for 2010.

Go under the cut for the highlights, performances and winners list.

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Key and JaeBum sport the ‘half moon’ hairstyle – the next fashion trend?

SHINee Key and JaeBum shows off their unique fashion sense.

Key recently garnered interests with his new unique hairstyle, with his half of his head shaved off, for SHINee’s 2nd album ‘Lucifer’. And on 18th August, JaeBum was also spotted with a new hairstyle in a photo he uploaded on his Twitter. He had shaved off part of his head and leaving the remaining hair long, similar to Key’s style.

Key has been known to be much interested in fashion. Key even said once that he would live in style and die in style. As for JaeBum, there are great interests as to why he had sported a new hairstyle.

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MV to Brave Brothers-Jay Park ‘I Want To Cry’ released

The MV to the song ‘I Want To Cry’ by the Brave Brothers and Park JaeBum has been released on 11th August.

Actress Sung Yuri is featured in the MV. The song is off Brave Brothers’ 1st full length album ‘The Classic’ to be released in early September.

Brave Brothers, “If given the chance again, I want to work JaeBum to produce music”

The song ‘I Want To Cry’ by the Brave Brothers and Park JaeBum has finally been revealed.

The song, off Brave Brother’s first album ‘The Classic’, was revealed on 10th August, and it features JaeBum as the lyricist as well as the rap and vocal.

The song, after its reveal, went up to the #1 spot on various online realtime music charts, garnering great interests from music fans. Brave Brothers commented, “JaeBum has shown his capabilities in terms of rap and vocals through working together for this album, if given the chance again, I will want to produce music with JaeBum again.”

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Brave Brothers ‘I Want To Cry’ featuring Park JaeBum revealed!

The collaboration between Jay Park and Brave Brothers ‘I Want To Cry’ is finally revealed on 9th August.

The song is off Brave Brother’s 1st full length album. Love it or not?

JaeBum on the reason for leaving 2PM, “As long as I am in the clear with God…”

JaeBum avoid questions regarding the reason to why he left group 2PM.

He was featured for an interview on KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 7th August when he was asked about the reasons for leaving 2PM permanently, “I wrote a post before I returned to Korea. So I want to leave the reason as it is.” Before he returned to Korea, JaeBum wrote on his homepage, “As long as I am in the clear with God, my family and my fans, it is sufficient for me.”

During the interview that day, JaeBum said, “I miss the kids (2PM). I wish we can welcome one another and get along well.”

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Park JaeBum, “Please wait a bit more for reveal of ‘Bestie’!”

Park JaeBum relays his latest news to fans through Twitter.

Park JaeBum posted news about his new song together with news of his event the previous day on his Twitter account on 8th August. He wrote, “When the bestie will come out? Please wait a little while more ㅋㅋ just wait a little bit more for bestie lol, I’m very excited now. I’m doing rap on stage -_- The song…ㅋㅋ haha luckily I didn’t cough. Does this all make sense? ㅋㅋ”

It was planned initially for Park JaeBum to release his bestie song on 7th August, but it was not released even until 8th August, and there was no explanation released on it. In addition, JaeBum had his first solo stage after returning to Korea for ‘Summer Week & T’ on 7th August.

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