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V.O.S Park JiHeon reveals photo of 2nd son GangChan

VOS member Park JiHeon reveals a photo taken with his 2nd son on his minihompy.

In the photo revealed recently, Park JiHeon was posing for a photo carrying his 2nd son while shopping at a mart. His 2nd son was born last August, and is named GangChan.

Netizens’ responses are, “GangChan is really pretty, and the oppa is very cool”, “He has grown so much, and his father looks cool”, “It is good to see that you are looking happy” etc. It is known that there were over 100 replies to this new photo posted up by Park JiHeon.

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V.O.S members Choi HyunJoon and Kim GyeongRok return to Star Empire!

Popular vocal group V.O.S members Choi HyunJoon and Kim KyungRok are said to have return to their formal management company Star Empire Entertainment.

Accord to Star Empire, V.O.S members have recently termination their contract with their current company Javon Entertainment and has returned to Star Empire.

With that Choi HyunJoon and Kim KyeongRok under Star Empire, and member Park JiHeon under Javon Entertainment, will continue to concentrate on their promotional activities in Japan which they started last year-end as group V.O.S.

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K Bites – 11.07.2009 II (T-ara BoRam, V.O.S Park JiHeon, Brown Eyed Girls)

T-ara BoRam to star for MBC horror drama ‘Soul’ together with JiYeon

tara_070709_5T-ara BoRam will be starring for MBC upcoming horror drama ‘Soul’ together with team mate JiYeon.

‘Soul’ is set to air on 5th August, talking about the story of a ghost who had borrowed the body of the main character to seek revenge. It will star Lee SeoJin, Im JooEun, Cho ShinSeong, Lee Jin, T-ara JiYeon.

And BoRam has been asked to star in the drama as well. The PD to the drama has known BoRam through her mother talent Lee MiYoung who had starred in the drama ‘Fantasy Couple’ which is also produced by the same PD to this drama. The PD liked BoRam’s clean and pure image.

Meanwhile, T-ara will make their debut on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – RadioStar’ on 29th July before they perform on various music programmes after that.

V.O.S Park JiHeon’s son photos revealed!

pjh_1107093-member group V.O.S leader Park JiHeon’s 4 year-old son ‘BitChan’ photos revealed!

Park JiHeon revealed the photos of his son and also the love story of him and his wife, “Both of us were born in DaeJeon. My wife was studying in the school next to mine in ShinIl Girls’ High and we met through a friend when we were in high school year 3. And we were each other’s first love.”

He continued, “When I was approaching the coming of age, I wanted to do music and my wife has also helped me out a lot. But I went to the army when I was 22.”

“After I got out of army, I wanted to pursue the singing career again. I will never forget how my wife has always been supportive towards my goals and decisions. But in the end when I really debuted as a singer, our marriage could not take place.”

He said, “It was painful not to be able to tell everyone about our son. It was tiring to hold back the freedom of my family for the job as a singer. When the news of our 2nd child came, I was prepared to tell everyone about my family.”

He ended, “I hope it will not be the case that our 2nd child to arrive in August will not get any blessings. And we thank all the fans who have been so supportaive to our family.”

Brown Eyed Girls ‘Candy Man’ goes up to #1 on real time chart after reveal, clearing away competition from 2NE1 and Big Bang


Ahead of comeback, Brown Eyed Girls’ comeback song ‘Candy Man’ has already shot up to the #1 spot on real time chart after its reveal, clearing away competition from other singers like 2NE1 and Big Bang.

They revealed the song ‘Candy Man’ on 11th July and the song went up to #1 on Bugs real time chart clearing, surpassing 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ and Big Bang’s ‘Gara Gara GO’.

They are also #3 on music charts like Bugs, Soribada and Mnet even before their comeback. Now everyone’s eyes are on the ‘war’ of the girlgroups will one more girlgroup’s comeback this summer.

Meanwhile, the 5th teaser video to their comeback featuring the remix of their song ‘My Style’ has been revealed yesterday.

Teaser video; and their 2CD album tracklist here…

K Bites – 10.07.2009 II (FT Island, V.O.S Park Ji Heon, YounHa)

FT Island releases 3rd album teaser video!

After releasing their teaser album jacket yesterday, group FT Island releases their comeback 3rd album teaser video today on 10th July.

The children featured in the teaser video are the lookalikes to each members in the group.

Meanwhile, the boys will release the full version of the MV on 16th July on their official homepage.

Gahh can’t wait! Love the new hairstyles of the boys in the teaser video!

V.O.S leader Park Ji Heon is a father to 4-year-old child, and is expecting a second child coming August

pjh_100709Group V.O.S leader Park Ji Heon has revealed the truth that he is a father of a child.

V.O.S’s representative said in an interview on 10th July, “Park Ji Heon has met his wife Seo MyungSeon 17 years ago and they have been living in concubinage these years. They also have a 4-year-old son.”

It has been known the Park Ji Heon met his wife when they were in middle school 3rd year. But because of Park Ji Heon’s entertainer career, their wedding was always put on hold, and his wife got pregnant in October 2005. They then lived as a wedded couple in an apartment in Seoul. And their son born in June 2006 was given the name of Chan BiNa meaning, ‘a light shining brightly’.

The representative said, “Recently news have come that his wife is pregnant again. They are expecting their 2nd child in August. Even though Park Ji Heon has been busy lately with work, he still looks to make sure that his wife is doing well in pregnancy.”

YounHa to release 9th single album in Korea and Japan


Singer YounHa will release her 9th single album simultaneously in Korea and Japan.

ya_100709_1Her 9th Japanese single ‘Girl’ will be released on 22nd July both in Korea and Japan online and offline. And this is the first time she is doing a release both in Korea and Japan.

This is because she wants to be able focus on both Korea and Japan music markets. In this single, YounHa has done the lyrics to 2 songs, and also composed one of the songs inside, as a young singer songwriter.

In this album, the title song ‘Girl’ is a song which YounHa has worked with producer JIN with.