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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Park Jiyoung joins SuperStarK as a judge

Producer Park Jiyoung has been given a spot as a judge on Mnet ‘SuperStarK’. Park Jinyoung plans to be joining Lee Seungchul, Yoon Jongshin, and Um Junghwa as the main judge on ‘SuperStarK’.

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2AM Jo Kwon in New York, no appearance for Dream Concert

2AM Jo Kwon is in New York!

Jo Kwon posted a tweet on his Twitter account on 22nd May saying, “In New York”. Jo Kwon was in New York Roseland Ballroom, and also be in LA Wiltern Theatre on 23rd May for ‘2010 The JYP Tour With 2AM’.

The concert tour will feature both Park JinYoung and 2AM for its performances, and with that 2AM will not be appearing on Dream Concert on 22nd May.

Meanwhile, 2AM will also be appearing as guests together with 2PM for WonderGirls’ American concert tour in June.


Nich Khun, “WooYoung cried the most when we were trainees”

2PM Nich Khun revealed that member WooYoung cried the most when they were still trainees.

Nich Khun was on KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 20th May when hs was asked which member cried the most during their training days, and his answer was, “WooYoung cried the most.” Member JunHo added, “Back then we were being scolded a lot because everything is not going well.”

Nich Khun then said, “For me, when I am being scolded, president Park JinYoung would use English and because of that, it did not become serious.”

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2PM achieves grand slam with #1 on all weekly music show charts this week!

Group 2PM is taking the music chart on the 3 major weekly music shows by storm.

On 16th May, the group won Mutizen award with their latest hit song ‘Without U’ on SBS Inkigayo.

With that, a grand slam on all 3 weekly music shows charts have been born. 2PM previously also won their 2nd consecutive #1 on KBS Music Bank and their 3rd consecutive #1 on Mnet M!Countdown earlier this week. And for SBS Inkigayo, they have surpassed Lee Hyori ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ to be #1 on the show.

2PM said, “We would like to thank Park JinYoung, Jung Wook representative and all our friends, families and Hottests.”

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Rain, “Ripping my shirt is better than singing a thousand songs on stage”

Singer Rain reveals his honest thoughts about ripping his shirt on stage.

He was on SBS Close Note 3 aired on 30th April when he said, “For me, as compared to the effect for singing a hundred or thousand songs, the effect with just ripping my shirt one time is bigger.”

He also revealed, “I’ve received dashing by other females after my 2nd album. But I didn’t have any strange relationship with other singers, they were all models.”

He was then asked by the MCs “So did you go out with them?”, Rain answered, “I was so innocent back then that I didn’t know that it was dashing. So when they called to ask me out for a meal late at night, I just rejected saying that I’m not hungry.”

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2AM Jo Kwon, “Whenever I sing ballads, I will think of Park JinYoung”

2AM Jo Kwon reveals that he would think of Park JinYoung whenever he sings ballad.

Jo Kwon revealed that during the filming of ‘Happy Together 3’ on 22nd April relating to an incident when he was recording ‘This Song’.

He said, “Producer Park JinYoung went through word by word for the recording and it took 11 hours to record. When the recording was done I was waiting for a comment like ‘You worked hard’ but instead what came out from Park JinYoung’s mouth was ‘Now you know why you debuted late?’.”

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Rain, “I have no regrets leaving Park JinYoung”

Rain talks about his producer-singer seonbae Park JinYoung.

Rain appeared on KBS ‘WinWin’ aired on 13th April when he said, “I want to surpass Park JinYoung as an entertainer.” and added “I already did. When Park JinYoung go overseas, does he have a personal plane? Had he done drama? Had he won many music daesang? I surpassed him. I already did.”

And when asked for the real reason for leaving Park JinYoung, Rain said “I wanted to build my own nest. Luckily I had the support of JinYoungie hyung. Since we have no more interests with each other, we are on very comfortable terms. When we go out for a drink, we even scold our own companies. I have no regrets leaving Park JinYoung.”

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Great interests for Park JinYoung-Bae YongJoon collaboration drama ‘Dream High’

It has been known that JYP Park JinYoung will be working with Hallyu star Bae YongJoon for a new drama. This piece of news was revealed a year back. Especially since Hallyu star Bae YongJoon will be involved in his project, there has been much interests as to how it will be received overbroad.

And on 13th April, Bae’s agency Key East revealed that they will be working with JYP Entertainment and CJ Media for the new drama ‘Dream High’. It is known that ‘Holym’ set up by JYP Entertainment and Key East has signed a MOU cooperation agreement with CJ Media on 2nd April for ‘Dream High’.

The drama is set to be released the later half of this year and will talk about the stories of students studying at entertainment arts school. It will be a production which will showcase some insights to the local entertainment industry.

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