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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Jewelry confirms its 2 new members, and new album set to be released in Sep!

With the joining of 2 new member, Jewelry will have their comeback in September.

According to Star Empire on 13th August, “We have recently confirmed the addition of 2 new members. The group is currently working with the aim to release the new album in September.”

It is known that the 2 new members are SuperStarK Park SaeMi and another newcomer in the showbiz. The 2 new members will join Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung after Park JungAh and Seo InYoung left the group previously. The group will remain as a 4-member group.

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SuperStar K Park SaeMi confirmed as new member in Jewelry

Park SaeMi from Super Star K has been confirmed as the new member for female group Jewelry.

According to Star Empire on the 15th, “Park SaeMi has been confirmed as new member to Jewelry, which will also include the 2 existing members Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung. Park SaeMi’s capabilities and passion for music do not shy as part of Jewelry. Currently she is practising with members Kim EunJung and Ha JooYeon.”

The Star Empire official added, “We will be looking for another member for Jewelry, to make it 4-member like before. Everyone will be able to see a brand new Jewelry in August.”

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Secret for project ‘Urban Farm’

4-member girlgroup Secret will be taking part in an eco project.

Together with other stars like Jang GeunSeok, Bae DooNa, Kim JaeWook, Lee ShiYeong, Bani, Park ShiHoo, Park ShiYeon, Park JungAh etc, Secret will be taking part in project ‘Urban Farm’.

‘Urban Farm’ is a eco-awareness campaign jointly organised by Jack&Jill and magazine Nylon.

Meanwhile, the group is promoting the title song ‘Magic’ off their 1st minialbum ‘Secret Time’.

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Park JungAh-Seo In Young refused billions KRW worth contract proposal and recontract with Star Empire

Park JungAh and Seo In Young look at loyalty more importantly than money.

It has been known that Park JungAh and Seo In Young have recently recontracted with their management company Star Empire Entertainment. According to a rep of the company, “Even though Park JungAh and Seo In Young has left the group Jewelry, they remained as a family to Star Empire. They will continue their entertainer activites with Star Empire in the future.”

It was revealed that the duo recently received many proposals from other entertainment companies after their contract with Star Empire ended. Some agencies even offered them billions in KRW worth if they sign up with them. But the 2 decided to stay with Star Empire who discovered and saw them through their development as entertainers, and continue under their management.

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Seo In Young does Maybelline Magnum

Signed on as the model for cosmetic line Maybelline, Seo InYoung recently was spotted in Maybelline’s new Magnum mascara advertisement.

Her appearance for the advertisement has caught the attention of many netizens, especially with the release of some photos for the endorsement. Go under the cut for more photos.

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[News+Photo Report] ZE:A Debut Showcase

Today, Jan 13,2010 the new 9 member boy group ZE: A (Children of the Empire) finally throwed their debut showcase!

The showcase takes place in a club located in KangNam-gu, Cheongdam-dong,Seoul and starts at 3 pm onwards with their senior Park JungAh and Seo InYoung conducting the event. The boys started their debut showcase by performing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Then ZE:A performed their single from their mini album Nativity like : ‘Love Coach’, ‘New Star’ and title single ‘Mazeltov’ to the attendees including their 150 fans at the showcase.

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SBS Inkigayo 10.01.2010: T-ara wins their 2nd Mutizen with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, T-ara won their 2nd Mutizen with their hit song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’!

Also, other highlights of the show today includes:

  • Jewelry‘s last performance with members Seo In Young and Park JungAh before they move on for their solo careers
  • HyunA performs her solo debut song ‘Change’
  • Rookie group F.cuz performs ‘Jiggy’
  • Special stage by Gummy
  • And other performers like SHINee, BEAST, 2PM, YounHa, After School etc

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

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Jewelry’s last stage with members Seo InYoung and Park JungAh on SBS Inkigayo 10th Jan

Jewelry had their last performance with members Seo In Young and Park JungAh performing the song ‘Love Story’ on SBS Inkigayo on 10th January 2010.

The members were seen in tears during the performance. Seo In Young and Park JungAh has been in the group since 8 and 9 years ago respectively, they will pursue their solo career after this.

As part of Jewelry, they will be missed by many fans.