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Gag personalities Shin BongSeon and Park MyungSoo do dance parodies of Lee Hyori and Rain

Love it when Rain and Lee Hyori do their latest hit like ‘Love Song’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’?

During the latest episode of ‘Happy Together’ gag personalities Shin BongSeon and Park MyungSoo did their own parodies of the 2 hits by Rain and Lee Hyori right in front of the singers themselves.

Watch their reactions for yourself.

Lee SeungGi shows off his hidden dance capabilities doing ‘Abracadabra’

Broadcast personality Lee SeungGi shows off his hidden dance capabilities.

On KBS 2TV Happy Together aired on 11th February, Lee SeungGi, Kim Jong Kook, Mighty Mouth Shorry J, gagman Park MyungSoo were seen dancing to Brown Eyed Girls’ hit ‘Abracadabra’.

Especially for Kim JongKook, the act of dancing to the saucy hip dance with his muscular body had caused ripples of laughter in the filming set.

Lee Seung Gi also did a dance performance with Shin BongSeon to the song ‘My Ear’s Candy’ on the show, showing his hidden dance skills.

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‘Infinity Challenge’ under the hot and cold spots again

The MBC program, ‘Infinity Challenge’ is under the heat again as netizens ponder through the episode that aired on the 26th titled, ‘Gangs of New York’. Also, it faced a shocking decline in the viewer popularity ratings through this episode.

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MBC Infinite Challenge parodies various Kpop hits!

On MBC Infinite Challenge aired today on 10th October, we were let in to some comical parodies.

Yoo JaeSeok and Park MyungSoo parodised ‘My Ear’s Candy’, and Noh Hong Chul, JunJin, Gil and Jung JunHa parodised ‘Abracadabra’.

Also under the cut, see the parody of ‘Mackerel’ by Noh HongChul and Gil.

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Park MyungSoo on plagiarism case, “Instead, it is called sampling”


Gagman Park MyungSoo has spoken up about the plagiarism accusations made against Kpop artistes.

Park MyungSoo spoke on MBC FM4U ‘2PM Date with Park MyungSoo‘ on 23rd September, “It is not right to say who, but on the internet we all know that, and I find it weird that some people are insisting that it is not plagiarism. Rather, people call it sampling, when it gets tiring it becomes a comic and entertainment.”

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K Bites – 29.08.2009 III (Baek Ji Young, TaekYeon, Park Myung Soo, Jung Joon Ha)

Baek Ji Young, “I expected to get bashes from fans…”

bjy_ty_290809Singer Baek Ji Young has revealed her shock about not receiving any bad comments or bashes from fans for working with 2PM member TaekYeon for a sexy collaboration of ‘My Ear’s Candy’ recently.

She was on KBS Star Golden Bell aied on 29th August where she revealed the responses of fans of TaekYeon.

She was expecting bashes and hate comments from fans since she not only did a featuring with TaekYeon on the song, they also did various sexy dance moves on stage while performing it.

She said, “I expected bashes from TaekYeons’ fans but instead I get requests from fans to take good care of their oppa. They thought of me like a mother.”

With that MC Kim JaeDong said, “I think that even if you are the same age as TaekYeon, fans will not mind as much too.”

Childhood photos of Park MyungSoo and Jung JoonAh’s handsome photos revealed


Photos of Park Myung Soo and Jung Joon Ha with their families have been revealed for the first time.

On MBC Infinite Challenge aied on 29th August, they members talk about the memories of their summer vacation when they were in elementary school.

There was also a corner on the show where the members introduced their fathers.

Park Myung Soo revealed a black and white photo saying, “My father has 2 8-tonne truck and would hide fruit boxes and rice bags. And he made delicious rice cakes. And like that, my father would say ‘bbing ddang’.”

And member Jung Joon Ha revealed the photo of his father. The photo shows a good looking man with sharp features and thick eyebrows. Jung JoonAh said, “My very good looking father was an actor. He also appeared on TV for 1986 Asian game and in 1988 for the Olypmic days.”

K Bites 01.08.2009 – DNT, Bada, Brown Eyed Girls

DNT ‘Crazily Pretty’ is new hot music


4-member group DNT has received great popularity with their comeback single album title song ‘Crazily In Love’.

On 15th July after the teaser video to the song was revealed and then the full song reveal on 23rd, it rose up fast on all the online charts like Bugs, Mnet, Melon, Soribada, Dosirak etc.

The song ‘Crazily Pretty’ has a hip hop rhythm and an addictive melody, and is produced by Eun JongTae who did T-Max’s ‘Paradise’ and SS501’s ‘Because I Am Stupid’.

But it has been known that the group’s album was leaked out online on P2P website before the official release. The company revealed that they don’t know to be happy or angry about it as there are much interests from music fans for the group’s comeback.

Stillcuts to Bada’s comeback MV filming released!


Ahead of her comeback, singer Bada has filmed for her new MV and still cuts to the filming were revealed on 31st July.

In the still cuts, we get a sneakpeek into the atmosphere of her comeback songs, Bada monitoring the MV filming and also some shots of her with her backdancers.

The MV was filmed on 13th July in a filming set in GyeongGiDo.

The veil to Bada‘s comeback will be lifted from 3rd August, and more details to her comeback 4th album will be released.

More photos under the cut!

Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ s #1 on illegal music download sites


For this week, Brown Eyed Girls has overtaken 2NE1 and MC Mong to be the #1 download song on illegal download site P2P.

Downloads for the group’s comeback title song ‘Abracadabra’ makes up 24% of all the downloads on the site.

With the sexy and topic-causing MV and performance of  ‘Abracadabra’ put up by the group, their comeback was a heated on with much interests coming from music fans. There was also the ‘noise marketing’ with all the criticisms on how the performance and MV to the song was deemed inappropriate for broadcast. But that made the interests for their comeback even heated.

More stillcuts to Bada’s MV filming

K Bites – 25.07.2009 (SNSD-SHINee, Chae DongHa, Epik High)

SM groups So Nyeo Shi Dae and SHINee for joint stage today on MBC Music Core


SM Entertainment’s 2 idol groups SHINee and So Nyeo Shi Dae will be having a joint stage today on MBC Music Core.

For Music Core on 25th July, the group will be having a special dance break. In between SHINee ‘Juliette’ and So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ performances, there will be a 1-minute dance time where the members from each group will show off their dance skills.

Already idol groups like 4Minute and 2PM had a dance break between each group’s performance on 11th July on Music Core.

Other special stages on MBC Music Core today will also be the live performance of ‘NaengMyun’ by So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and Park MyungSoo and also group 4Minute’s tribute performance for the late Michael Jackson.

SG Wannabe Chae DongHa for solo debut after 7 years

cdh_250709Used to be from group SG Wannabe, Chae DongHa will have his solo debut after 7 years.

He will be back with a comeback solo album, Chae DongHa said, “I have experience with power failer and even encounters with the supernatural from when I was part of SG Wannabe till now when I am doing solo, when I am recording my title song or preparing for our tour concert performances.”

He said that while he was recording for his comeback album, “I was recording at about midnight when there was a short blackout, and when the staff was busy trying to fix it up, I saw a little kid at the entrance of the recording room. I didn’t believe in ghost. But now with much experience I have believed so. Even though I try not to think about these things, I feel uneasy at times too.”

Chae DongHa has previously sang for SBS ‘City Hall’ OST ‘Smile’. He will have his solo comeback album released end-July.

Epik High is on American iTunes top 10 chart!


3-member hip hop group Epik High’s new album ‘Remix The Human Soul’ is up on the top 10 of American iTunes chart.

He revealed the good news on Epik High’s official homepage on 24th July about hitting the top 10 on the chart.

He said,

“Our [Remixing the Human Soul] album ranked top 10 on the US iTunes chart… got as high as #5 yesterday. It’s top 20 in Japan and top 10 in other countries as well (not to mention #1 in Korea yesterday). This is a strange feeling. It’s on the electronic music chart… seeing my album up there with daft punk and moby is a little strange… but, wow! Revvvvvvv up the engines for the next album, baby! thank you!!!”

Meanwhile the album is released on the 22nd. Together with this album is the song ‘Electronic gangster’ collaboration with Jung HyungDon included as the hidden track.