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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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[Highlights] 2010 Mnet 20’s Choice by Walkerhill RiverPark Swimming Pool

2010 Mnet 20’s Choice was held on 26th August at 5pm in Seoul Walkerhill Hotel RiverPark Swimming pool which saw the participation of various stars and their hot live performances.

The MCs of the night were Seo InYoung and Jo Kwon, and about 1000 over audiences were also present. And the event had seemed like a summer night poolside party. Unlike last year, Mnet 20’s Choice this year was held with the prize ceremony for the 20 most influential stars for 2010.

Go under the cut for the highlights, performances and winners list.

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Seo TaiJi-Big Bang voted #1 as the combi project group which is going to be daebak

Singer Seo TaiJi and idol group Big Bang have been chosen as the combi which will be daebak if they are to join together to form a group.

A poll was done on music site Monkey 3 from 19th till 26th August on ‘Which combi will be daebak if they are to form a project group’ and Seo TaiJi-Big Bang combi was voted #1 on the poll with 42% of the votes from netizens.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

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Myung-col Tribe collaboration ‘Whale’ revealed on 20th July!

Myung-col Tribe (Park MyungSoo, Nicole and E-Tribe) reveals their collaboration song ‘Whale’.

The song is a light dance number ideal for the summer. The MV revealed for the song is also a fun and cute MV picturing Park MyungSoo and Nicole as whales.

Love it or not?

Park MyungSoo and Nicole to sing the new version of ‘NaengMyeon (Cold Noodles)’

A new version of song ‘NaengMyeon (Cold Noodles)’, which took the Korean music scene by storm last Summer, will be released. The first version of the song was sang by So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and Park MyungSoo, and for this new version KARA Nicole and Park MyungSoo will be singing it.

An official announced on 13th July, “Park MyungSoo and Nicole did recordings for the new version of song ‘NaengMyeon’ on 14th July. Rather than calling it the followup song to ‘NaengMyeon’, this is a new version and a lighthearted song ideal for summer.”

The first version released last year was written by ETribe. And this time ETribe is ropped in for the new version of the song. The song is also set for reveal on 20th July. It will not have any relation to MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ like the previous version did last year.

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BEAST Lee GiGwang is shorter than gagman Park MyungSoo?

BEAST Lee GiGwang is shorter than gagman Park MyungSoo?

On MBC Sunday Night’s new corner ‘Hot Brothers’ aired on 27th June, the members were seen in the setting of a MT to give the members a chance to become close with one another.

And in the MT setting, the Hot Brothers member Tak JaeHoon, Kim GooRa, Park MyungSoo, Noh YooMin, Park HwiSoon, Han SangJin, Simon D and Lee GiGwang talked about their troubles and worries.

At the moment, youngest member Lee GiGwang told his hyungs, “I don’t know if I’m good looking.” Kim GooRa then said, “Your face is fine. Though you’re a little short.” Lee GiGwang then refuted, “I’m taller than MyungSoo hyung.” But when they compared their height, GiGwang turned out to be shorter than Park MyungSoo.

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Park MyungSoo and Shin BongSeon parodise WonderGirls ‘So Hot’

Gag personalities Park MyungSoo and Shin BongSeon did another parody on KBS Happy Together 3 after their previous one on Rain and Lee Hyori.

On the show aired on 3rd June, the 2 gag personalities did a dance parody of WonderGirls ‘So Hot’ on the show. Love it or not? Go under the cut for the real deal.

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Kim HeeChul expresses interests for SoHee once again, “Her overwhelming cuteness”

Kim HeeChul has once again expressed interests for WonderGirls SoHee.

Kim HeeChul was on MBC FM4U ‘2pm Date with Park MyungSoo’ when he was asked, “Is there anyone whom you are interested in?”. His answer was, “I don’t like it that when people are asked such a question they answer that they like everyone. I like being honest. I like female singers like 4Minute, Secret and After School – those who have the cutesy image lately. Awhile ago, WonderGirls returned to Korea and I saw SoHee. She is really someone whose cuteness is just overwhelming. Usually I’m someone who is alright with most females, but SoHee is just really cute.”

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Lee Hyori’s truthful confession, “#1 is 2PM, not Rain or me”

Lee Hyori shows her support for 2PM.

Lee Hyori and Rain were both guest appearances on KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 13th May. The 2 of them have recently released their new album in the same time period, both Lee Hyori’s ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and Rain’s ‘Love Song’ are well received by music fans and doing well up on various music charts.

Yoo JaeSeok then said, “Currently the 2 of you are dominant in the music scene.” and Park MiSeon asked, “Who is #1 recently?” And Lee Hyori answered, “2PM” not herself or Rain who was beside here. 2PM is recently promoting their new song ‘Without U’ alongside Rain and Lee Hyori.

The MCs, who did not expect the answer, said, “Asked the question in vain.” And then Lee Hyori joked, “I came here in vain.”

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