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Park ShinHye, Han SeungYeon and Sulli – great interests as to who will be the female lead to ‘Mischievous Kiss’

f(x) Sulli has been added to the list of possible candidates for the female lead to upcoming drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’.

Ahead of that, it has been revealed that SS501 Kim HyunJoong has been confirmed as male lead for the drama, Sulli is amongst the possible female lead for the drama apart from Park ShinHye and KARA Han SeungYeon.

Kim HyunJoong will play the role of Baek SeungJo who excels in everything he does. Kim HyunJoong has been chosen over Dong Bang Shin Ki ChangMin and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa for the role.

Netizens’ comment to the casting are, “The sync rate for Kim HyunJoong for this role is 100%”, “The key is who is going to be the female lead” etc.

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Kim HyunJoong confirmed for drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Group SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen as the final lead for ‘It started with a kiss’ / ‘Mischievous kiss’.

Kim Hyun Joong’s side Keyeast has revealed that they successfully finished discussions with the drama’s production company Group Eight recently. However, although Kim Hyun Joong has not had signed the papers with Group Eight, they have finished and confirmed his partake in the drama. In awhile more, Group Eight will be releasing official notice of this.

To Kim Hyun Joong’s participation in this drama, he has been on a fiery go with many other strong rivals right until the end, with considered nominees like CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and DBSG’s ChangMin. Though ChangMin was the final consideration along side Kim Hyun Joong right until the final decision, and that his agency SM Entertainment did meet up with Group Eight with quite a keen stand, MBC’s production company has finally taken a firm stand with Kim Hyun Joong as the choice for male protagonist.

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[Photo Spam] Vogue March ‘Pink Wings’ photoshoot revealed!

The full photoset for various celebrities’ participation in ‘Pink Wings’ campaign in Vogue March issue has been released!

The campaign was set up for the 8th year anniversary for fashion magazine Vogue Girl to help needy young girls.

Proceeds from the sales of the magazine from17th February at Lotte Shopping mall will be donated to help needy teenage girls.

Go under the cut for the photos.

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FT Island Lee HongKi reveals a funny episode when filming ‘You’re Beautiful’

FT Island Lee HongKi reveals an episode which happened during the filming of SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which had the whole filming crew breaking into laughter.

Lee HongKi
was on SBS ‘Close Note 3’ aired on 15th January when he revealed a never-revealed scene when filming the drama. There was a day when they were filming and because of his pants, he had main cast like Jang GeunSeok, Park ShinHye, Jung YongHwa and UEE, as well as the staff breaking in laughter.

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Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye for grand ‘wedding’ stage on SBS Gayo DaeJun

Wedding march will sound for singer Lee SeungGi and actress Park ShinHye.

Coming 29th December on SBS Gayo DaeJun, the 2 will have a grand ‘wedding’. They will be holding a joint stage and performing the proposal song ‘Will You Marry Me’.

The 2 have also been up preparing for the stage, practising their choreography together. Fans will look forward to the birth of the lovely couple for the show that day.

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Photo Of The Day! Park ShinHye on a mission to spread some love in Nepal!

It is known that actress Park ShinHye has recently visited a village Tapatali in Nepal.

She is there to personally deliver fan-prepared stationery for children in the village. Even though by country policy, many children got the chance to go to school there, many facilities were still lacking for the children.

She also visited the homes of the needy and took care of a 12-year-old child’s sibling and their mother. In addition, she also went down to the quarry to help out workers who live in the slums, carrying the rocks and a big hammer with her small hand.

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Kim HeeChul, Park ShinHye and Jung YoungHwa to MC for SBS Gayo DaeJun

Super Junior member Kim HeeChul and ‘You’re Beautiful’ cast Park ShinHye and Jung YoungHwa will be the MCs for upcoming 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun.

SBS Gayo DaeJun will take place on 29th December in IlSan Kintex.

Meanwhile, the trio will be joined by other singers like Lee SeungGi, GDragon, 2PM TaecYeon etc for a variety of performances for the year-end event.

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Jang GeunSeok reveals his special relationship with actress Park ShinHye

Actor Jang Geun Seok was on KBS 2TV ‘Jang GeunSeok Ideal Type World Cup special’ recently when he talked about the special relationship he had with actress Park Shin Hye, they both starred in recent drama ‘You’re Beautiful.

He said, “My mother has once said that she really like Park ShinHye, who lives in the same neighborhood. There was even once when she told me to try out with Park ShinHye as a couple.”

And when asked how it went, Jang Geun Seok, “We hit well together. And so my mother asked me to invite Park ShinHye to our house.”

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