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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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The male solo singers lined up for comeback this Autumn

The male solo singers have all gone missing in action.

This is the time when idol groups dominate the music scene. Even the male solo singers like Rain and Lee SeungHwan who released album and promoted earlier this year, it is visible that they are struggling against the domination of the idol singers.

This has something to do with the structure and how the Kpop industry works. We see how the lifetime of songs in the market has been shortened recently. At the same time, there has been too much power going to the broadcast companies as well as the major label firms in the market. The major labels are also pushing more exciting and fun Kpop content at a faster rate into the market.

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After School World Cup song ‘Dreams Again’ revealed!

After entertainers like KARA, T-ara, Super Junior, Big Bang, Psy and Kim Jang Hoon, another singer group is up with a world cup cheer song. Girlgroup After School is featured doing a World Cup cheer song ‘Dreams Again’ off the album ‘The Shouts Of The Reds’.

Love it or not?

KARA World Cup song ‘We’re With You’ deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS

It has been known that KBS has deemed KARA’s world cup song ‘We’re With You’ as inappropriate for broadcast.

The reason that KBS stated for the decision is that the song made use of SBS’s world cup campaign sound in its background, which is indirect advertising for the other broadcast company.

A KBS official told StarNews on 17th May, “The world cup song made used of an advertisement song in it which made it an indirect advertisement, that is why we deemed it inappropriate for broadcast.”

Meanwhile, recently KBS has also deemed the songs ‘The Shouts Of Reds’ by Hwang SeonHong Band and ‘Ring For Me Once More’ by Kim JangHoon and Psy inappropriate for broadcast.

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Kim JangHoon, Psy, Brown Eyed Girls and 4Minute come together for ‘Once More, Korea!’

A new World Cup cheer song by Kim JangHoon, Psy, Brown Eyed Girls and 4Minute titled ‘Once More, Korea!’ composed by Go West and arranged by Pet Shop Boys has been released.

The song is also availabled on TCafe (www.tcafe.co.kr) for download and a making video will also be released.

KBS deems 3 MVs by Rain, Psy-Kim Jang Hoon and Yoo SeungChan inappropriate for broadcast

The MVs to 3 songs – Rain’s ‘Love Song’, Psy-Kim Jang Hoon world cup song ‘Ring For Me Once Again’ and Yoo SeungChan’s ‘Chemistry’ have been deemed inappropriate by KBS broadcast centre.

On 9th April, KBS has revealed that the problem with the 3 MVs is the one scene featuring the the MV characters running on the street, not taking consideration in the public traffic regulations.

Meanwhile, it has been known that the singers affected will be editing out the problematic scenes and resubmitting the MVs to KBS.

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Kim JungEun performs ‘My Ear’s Candy’ with 2PM TaecYeon

Actress Kim JungEun and 2PM TaecYeon perform ‘My Ear’s Candy’ on SBS ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’ aired on 14th March.

The performance was part of the celebrations for the show’s 2nd year anniversary. Kim JungEun was seen in a sexy costumes and she was seen putting up a grand performance.

Go under the cut for the performance cut.

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“Hello 2010?” “No, Hello Anticipation!”

2010 is here! 2009 was a year of new dramas, variety shows, and even new rising stars. Stars who left for military service two years ago are coming back and with the start of new drama from different channels battling it out to be number one, 2010 looks like a year with a lots of hope for many.

KBites breaks down the new stars to look out for in 2010!

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Psy, “GDragon is one good idol model”


Singer Psy praises Big Bang member GDragon amidst criticisms of plagiarism.

Psy said in an interview recently on 9th November, “GDragon is one good idol model.”

When asked about which junior singers caught his eyes, the singer songwriter said, “In terms of capabilities, it has to be Big Bang. Especially for JiYoung, who seems like he is doing good. For idols who make music and just idols, you can see how different they will be in 10 years. Personally I think that the principals will be the same after 10 years. So with that, I think a kid like Kwon JiYoung is a really good idol model.”

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