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Infinite and Teen Top for showdown performing to Rain’s song on MBC ‘Flower Bouquet’

Idol groups Infinite and Teen Top will be doing a showdown performing to Rain’s songs.

Coming 12th September on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’, the 2 groups will be appearing as guest appearances and will be showing off each members’ special talents through singing and dancing performances.

And in the midst, both groups did performances of Rain’s songs. Infinite will perform ‘Love Song’ while Teen Top will perform ‘Rainism’.

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JYP reveals newcomer rapper San E!

JYP Entertainment has revealed the teaser to upcoming new rapper San E together with San E’s official homepage (sane.jype.com) and Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/sane) on 7th September.

In the teaser video, San E has garnered much anticipation from fans and netizens to be labeled as the ‘Next big thing’ after JYP himself, Rain, WonderGirls, 2AM etc. San E was also featured at the end of the video with an awkward ‘Hwaiting’.

San E gives a different feeling from the usual newcomers. There is great interests regarding this rapper newcomer from JYP Ent and how he will be promoting for his singer activities.

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Rain criticised for outfit with prints at a sensitive area?

Rain gets criticised for his fashion once again.

Rain attended the press conference for his upcoming drama ‘Fugitive’ on 24th August in Mikao City Of Dream. And he was seen with a smart looking dark suit. But when the camera flashes from the reporters’ cameras went on, it was seen that there is special print on his pants just below his belt. Since the prints are at a sensitive area, many netizens had also uploaded the photos of him during the event on online community site criticising the outfit to be obscene.

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Rain fails to convince netizens about his height with recent photo revealed

Despite a recent photo released to clarify previous  height criticisms, it seems that singer Rain fails to convince netizens.

A photo was posted up on a portal site on 3rd August under a post titled ‘2 photos of Rain and Lee JungJin in China, fishy~”.  In the photo, the 2 guys were seen standing side by side and their height had seemed similar.

The recent criticisms started when a photo featuring Rain and Lee JungJin standing by the road in Japan was released last month and in the photo, Rain had appeared shorter than Lee JungJin even though his height is stated as 185cm in his profile, while for Lee JungJin, his height is stated as 183cm in his profile.

Netizens commented on the most recent photo, “But still, Lee JungJin is taller”, “I don’t care who is taller. Rain is not short anyway”, “Rain is standing upright and at a higher place”, “Please take a photo where you guys are standing without the shoes on” etc.

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Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm”

Fans of singer Rain are angry.

Recently there has been debates over Rain’s actual height (profile states 185cm) with a photo released which shows him seemingly shorter than actor Lee JungJin (profile states 183cm).

With that, fans have come out to clarify, “The photo looks strange. Rain is very tall in real life,” and photos of Rain on various broadcast appearance and photos taken together with colleagues were posted up by fans to show that he is indeed 185cm.

Fans explained, “In 2002, Rain appeared on a TV program together with Lee JungJin (seen in blue top and white shorts). Lee JungJin had sports shoes on. And it seems that the sports shoes have quite a heel.”

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Lee Joon as a Top Star for a new drama!

Top group, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (22) is setting his feet on the drama screen for the first time, with his role as a pretty-boy top star.

Lee Joon was casted in “Stay-at-Home Mom Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Gathering,”* which is in the works by Kim Yoon Chul PD (producer), the one that made MBC’s “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” a hit. “Stay-at-Home Mom Kim Kwan Ja~” is a drama that begins with a basic plot about an ordinary women in her 40’s liking a pretty-boy idol star. The role of the main character Kim Kwang Ja is taken by Yang Mi Kyung.

On the 27th, a drama official revealed, “In the short-drama prepared by Kim Yoon Chul PD who hasn’t done a short-drama since ‘Queserasera’ three years ago, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is casted as a pretty-boy star and will be acting alongside Yang Mi Kyung. Kim Kap Soo was casted as Yang Mi Kyung’s husband. It will be a fun story extending from the basic storyline of Yang Mi Kyung being active in top star Lee Joon’s fan club.”

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Rain is shorter than Lee JungJin? Photo of comparison garners interests

A photo of singer-actor Rain during his filming for upcoming drama ‘Fugitive’ together with actor Lee JungJin has sparked off a fury of comparison and discussion amongst netizens.

A netizen have posted up the photo on an online community portal site. The netizen commented, “I was at touring around in Shibuya and I saw Rain and Lee JungJin. Did Rain put on weight?” In the photo, Rain and Lee JungJin were seen on the streets of Tokyo.

Even though it was known that Rain is 185cm tall, and Lee JungJin is 183cm tall, in the photo, Rain had seemed shorter.

Other netizens’ comments are, “I guess it is due to the angle of the photo taken”, “I can’t be that Rain suddenly gain weight” etc.

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Rain unloads stake in his own company

Korean singer and movie actor Rain has liquidated all of his management company’s stock, of which he was the largest shareholder. Since the announcement of Rain’s selling of shares in J-Tune Entertainment, his management company, its stock value plunged nearly 60 percent from the end of June.

According to sources in the financial industry and the Financial Supervisory Service, the largest shareholder for J-Tune Entertainment is now Won Young-sik after Rain sold all of his 3,507,230 shares, or 4.27 percent of the total, on July 9.

Rain’s sell-off throws into question whether he will sign again with J-Tune Entertainment – of which he is the only signed artist – which is why J-Tune’s stock price has fallen to 270 won ($0.22) from 645 won at the end of last month.

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