• Featured: JYJ ‘The…’

    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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KBS Music Bank 17.09.2010 – 2NE1’s first win with ‘Can’t Nobody’

Today on KBS Music Bank, 2NE1 won their first #1 after the release of their 1st full length album ‘To Anyone’ with their 1st title song ‘Can’t Nobody’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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New ‘gorilla teaser photo’ for JYP newcomer rapper San E revealed!

The veil to ‘JYP’s new weapon’ rap genius San E has been lifted.

After the teaser video release for San E, who is known by many for his unique rapping and also called by the name of ‘Teacher San’ in the music scene, a gorilla teaser photo was revealed on his official homepage on 8th September.

The photo revealed on www.jype.com/sane featured San E laughing at a gorilla doll wearing a tee with the initials ‘JYP’ printed on it, unaware that Park JinYoung is standing behind watching him. Park JinYoung is known to have the nickname of a ‘sexy gorilla’.

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JYP reveals newcomer rapper San E!

JYP Entertainment has revealed the teaser to upcoming new rapper San E together with San E’s official homepage (sane.jype.com) and Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/sane) on 7th September.

In the teaser video, San E has garnered much anticipation from fans and netizens to be labeled as the ‘Next big thing’ after JYP himself, Rain, WonderGirls, 2AM etc. San E was also featured at the end of the video with an awkward ‘Hwaiting’.

San E gives a different feeling from the usual newcomers. There is great interests regarding this rapper newcomer from JYP Ent and how he will be promoting for his singer activities.

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K Bites – 18.11.2008

Super Junior M is ‘China’s Best Group’


Super Junior M attended the 9th CCTV-MTV Music Awards on 16th November. And they were award the most popular group award – ‘China Best Group’ award.

CCTV-MTV Music Awards is one of  China’s biggest music awards, seeing the participation of popular stars like Taiwan’s Vanness Wu and HongKong‘s Eason Chen. On this day, Super Junior M performed the remix version of ‘U+迷(Me)’.

Also Super Junior M won the ‘Most popular Group award’ on 15th during the 6th DongBNam GyeongBok Music Chart (東南勁爆音樂榜). And SM singer Jang Ri In also won the Best Newcomer Award.


JYP releases ‘Anybody’, the answer to ‘Nobody’


‘Anybody’ a digital single that is connected to WonderGirls‘ ‘Nobody’ was released on 18th November.

JYP Entertainment said, “‘Anybody’ is the remix version of ‘Nobody’ that depicts the feelings of a woman who does not want to bid farewell to the person she loves. ‘Anybody’ is about the heartbreak of a man who have to bid farewell to his love. A rap is added to the song. The rap will be sung by Dynamic Duo and JYP‘s rapper San E. Park Jin Young himself also participated in the producing of the song.”

” ‘Anybody’ is like the answer to ‘Nobody’ depicting the heartbreak of the man. ‘Nobody’ has received a lot of love from music fans for its various versions released. ”

‘Anybody’ is being released on Melon, Dosirak and Cyworld etc.

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