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Seo InYoung in sexy black mini for recent D.Lux Society launching event

Seo InYoung was recently spotted at the launching event for D.Lux Society in Seoul ShinSaDong Coffee Smith.

And photos of her at the event have been garnering interests from netizens over portal community sites online. After losing 6kg for her solo singer comeback, she was seen showing off her slender build in a black mini outfit.

Go under the cut for more photos.

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SuperStar K Park SaeMi confirmed as new member in Jewelry

Park SaeMi from Super Star K has been confirmed as the new member for female group Jewelry.

According to Star Empire on the 15th, “Park SaeMi has been confirmed as new member to Jewelry, which will also include the 2 existing members Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung. Park SaeMi’s capabilities and passion for music do not shy as part of Jewelry. Currently she is practising with members Kim EunJung and Ha JooYeon.”

The Star Empire official added, “We will be looking for another member for Jewelry, to make it 4-member like before. Everyone will be able to see a brand new Jewelry in August.”

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IU and SeulOng overtakes WonderGirls to be #1 on weekly music chart

IU and Im SeulOng overtakes WonderGirls on music charts.

On music specialty site Monkey3 weekly chart, the duet song ‘Nagging’ by IU and 2AM SeulOng takes the #1 spot for the 2nd week of June (7th~13th June), overtaking WonderGirls ‘2 Different Tears’ which slipped 4 ranks to be #5 for the week.

And at #2 is Seo In Young with ‘Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling’ climbed up 4 ranks from #6. #3 is Namolla Family with ‘Amnesia’ and #4 is Koyote with ‘Have you loved’ which had climbed up 23 spots.

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WonderGirls up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart for 3rd week despite having ended Korean promotions

The WonderGirls are up #1 on Monkey3 weekly music chart for the 3rd consecutive week.

According to the weekly chart for music specialty site Monkey3, the girls’ latest high ‘2 Different Tears’ is up #1 on the chart for the 1st week of June (31st May ~6th June), 3rd week as #1 on the chart. Despite the fact that the girls have ended their promotions in Korea, their popularity shows with the achievement of the song.

Idol band C.N Blue stayed the same at #2 on the chart. At #3 is Hwayobi with her comeback song ‘Bye Bye Bye’ climbing up 22 ranks, and at #4 is HwanHee and SookHee with ‘Fool Chest’ up 19 ranks.

Go under the cut for the rest of the weekly chart results.

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Sexy diva Son DamBi’s comeback date is fixed! Comeback is set in late-June!

Son DamBi will have her singer comeback this late-June.

It has been finalised that Son DamBi will be having her comeback this June, and she is currently preparing for her comeback. News of her comeback first surfaced beginning of this year, but after over 6 months, the comeback date has finally been fixed.

There is great interests as to the concept and the music that Son DamBi will have her comeback with. It has been revealed that she will have a change in composers for her comeback album. She will be working with Kim TaeHyun and not the Brave Brothers who did her previous hits like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’. Kim TaeHyun is the hit maker who produced songs like ‘Bang!’ for After School and ‘Crazy Because Of You’ for T-ara.

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Set for comeback on 1st June, Seo In Young releases comeback MV teaser

Singer Seo InYoung’s upcoming minialbum is set to be released on 1st June, and ahead of the released, the MV teaser to the title song ‘Love is bitter, Pain is calling’ has been revealed on 26th May.

In the teaser, we see a different image of Seo InYoung, who is usually known for her sexy dancer image. This time round, she shows off her great vocal power through the ballad number.

What is attracting much interests from fans and netizens is that she has also cut her hair short this time, as well as lost 6kg for the comeback.

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Jacket photo for Seo InYoung’s upcoming new album revealed!

Singer Seo InYoung shows an image which is different from her usual trademark strong image.

On 11th May, a jacket photo for Seo InYoung’s upcoming new album was posted up on Star Empire’s homepage. Known as the ‘fashionista’ and ‘shinsang girl (new product girls’ all along, Seo InYoung shows a different side of her in this new photo with light makeup and innocent features shown. Also she was seen with long wavy hair instead of her usual short hair.

An official said, “You will be able to feel the pure and innocent image though Seo InYoung is always known for her strong makeup. It was Seo InYoung’s idea to comeback with a ballad number for this album.”

Meanwhile, the title song will be revealed on 18th May.

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Seo In Young for solo comeback this April – joining rivalry with Lee Hyori and Rain

Jewelry ex-member Seo In Young is set to have her comeback with new song release.

A Star Empire representative revealed on 13th April, “Seo In Young will have her comeback end of April.”

This will be her solo comeback 2 years after her solo album ‘Elly is Cinderella’ released in 2008, and it is known that Seo In Young is currently doing the recording works for her album.

The Star Empire rep added that they have plans for Seo In Young to do ballad genre for her title song, but nothing has been very much confirmed as of now. Seo In Young has always been known for her vocal capabilities, and previously she took part in the OST for drama ‘IRIS’ with the song ‘사랑하면 안되나요’.

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