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Mnet M!Countdown 20.05.2010 – Comeback stages galore!

Today on Mnet M!Countdown, a great line up of comeback stages are prepared for fans of groups WonderGirls, 4Minute, C.N Blue and MBLAQ etc.

WonderGirls, for instance, had their comeback with the performance of ‘2DT’.

Meanwhile, singer Seo InKook won his first #1 on the show with ‘Love U’. Go under the cut for more performance cuts.

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Mnet M!Countdown 20.05.2010- ‘faceoff’ between WonderGirls ‘2DT’ and 4Minute ‘HuH’ to watch out for

WonderGirls wil have her comeback after 1 year and 8 months.

The WonderGirls will performing their comeback title song ‘2 Different Tears’ on Mnet M!Countdown on 20th May. This will be their comeback since their last performance in Korea with ‘Nobody’ in 2008, and also it will be new member HyeRim’s first live stage in Korea.

At the same time, ex-member HyunA will also be having her comeback as part of 4Minute with the song ‘HuH’ released on 19th May.

Other comeback stages for the day include C.N Blue with ‘Love’ and ‘Sweet Holiday’, and MBLAQ  with ‘Y’ and ‘One Better Day’. This will also be the first time that MBLAQ and Rain perform on the same weekly music show together.

The rest of the performance lineup includes: 2PM who have won #1 on the show for 3 consecutive weeks with ‘Without U’, as well as performances by Lyn, Davichi, Double K, Seo InKook, V.O.S Choi HyunJun and 8eight etc.

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Before and after 15 kg weight loss: Superstar K singers Seo InKook and Joo ChanYang!

Before and After comparison!

Many netizens have been interested with the Superstar K singers Seo InKook and Joo ChanYang recently. Seo In Kook was back earlier this month with his 1st minialbum after loss of 15kg in weight. And just this week, news had it that Joo ChanYang had also lost 15kg for his singer debut as new member in T-Max.

Known as ‘rivals’ during their Superstar K, many netizens are seeing the upcoming face off between the 2 again with Joo ChanYang’s debut in T-Max, and there are many photos of their before and after features being circulated on various portal sites since the news.

Go under the cut for more photos.

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T-Max new member Joo ChanYang 15kg weight loss for singer debut, “showdown with Seo InKook?”

T-Max new member Joo ChanYang undergoes radical transformation losing 15kg.

A new still cut of Joo ChanYang has been revealed recently on T-Max’s official homepage. Joo ChanYang is known to have great vocal skills but because of his appearance, he was not successful during auditions. With that, a few months ahead his singer debut, he has undergone training and lost 15kg, transforming into a chic image.

The reason why the loss of 15kg for Joo ChanYang has gained much interests is due to ‘Superstar K’ winner Seo InKook. Seo InKook was recently known to have also lost 15kg for his new album. And Joo ChanYang and Seo Inkook were both strong opponents during ‘SuperStar K’.

Hence with his singer debut as new member in T-Max, it has been said to be ‘2nd round’ between him and Seo InKook.

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Mnet M!Countdown 13.05.2010 – 2PM wins triple crown with ‘Without U’!

Group 2PM won their 3rd consecutive #1 with the song ‘Without U’ off their latest album on Mnet M!Countdown on 13th May. They had surpassed singer Seo InKook’s new song ‘Loving U’ who is at #2 on the chart.

Member JunSu said, “We are thankful to the thanks who had believed and supported us.” That day, JunSu had appeared in a cast after his recent injury.

Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts from the show, including comeback stages by Lee JungHyun and 8eight!

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SBS Inkigayo 09.05.2010 – Lee Hyori wins 3rd mutizen with ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, diva Lee Hyori wins her 3rd Mutizen with her comeback song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts, including KARA’s ‘Green Sports Song’ video!

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KBS Music Bank 07.05.2010 – 2PM wins #1!

On KBS Music Bank on 7th May, idol group 2PM wins #1, surpassing Rain and Lee Hyori, with the song ‘Without U’!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performances including f(x) ‘NU ABO’ comeback stage!

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Seo InKook ‘Love U’ MV was actually leaked out illegally

It has been known that the new MV for singer Seo InKook has been leaked out illegally.

The MV to title song ‘Love U’ off Seo InKook’s new minialbum ‘Just Beginning’, set to be released on 6th May, was known to have leaked out on the afternoon of 5th May.

A rep said, “The fans were the ones who informed us about the MV leakout. We were flustered to know that the MV got leaked out. We are looking into the leakout and will exercise strong legal actions against the one who leaked it out.”

The MV was filmed in Thailand Phuket last April and cost 300 M KRW in the making.

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