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[Highlights] 2010 Mnet 20’s Choice by Walkerhill RiverPark Swimming Pool

2010 Mnet 20’s Choice was held on 26th August at 5pm in Seoul Walkerhill Hotel RiverPark Swimming pool which saw the participation of various stars and their hot live performances.

The MCs of the night were Seo InYoung and Jo Kwon, and about 1000 over audiences were also present. And the event had seemed like a summer night poolside party. Unlike last year, Mnet 20’s Choice this year was held with the prize ceremony for the 20 most influential stars for 2010.

Go under the cut for the highlights, performances and winners list.

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Seo InYoung, “I’ve receiving dashing from many male idols.. If it’s Big Bang TaeYang, I’m ok”

Singer Seo InYoung gives some shocking statements during her appearance on SBS Haha Mong Show.

According to the production team of Haha Mong Show on 26th August, Seo InYoung has done an indirect confession to Big Bang member TaeYang during the filming of the show.

She said during a corner on the show, “I have been chased after by male idol singers.” And when asked, “While you were being chased, is there any celebrity you would like to date?” And her answer was a shy “Big Bang TaeYang”.

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Seo InYoung and Jo Kwon to host Mnet 20’s Choice

Seo InYoung and Jo Kwon will be the MCs for the upcoming Mnet 20’s Choice to be held on 26th August in Seoul Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Riverpark swimming complex.

Seo InYoung was chosen as the MC to the event for her trendiness, sexiness and for being straightforward, which goes with the image of Mnet 20’s Choice. While Jo Kwon was chosen for his great MC skills as seen from his MC’ing on Mnet music chart show M!Countdown as part of the MCD Guyz.

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Jewelry confirms its 2 new members, and new album set to be released in Sep!

With the joining of 2 new member, Jewelry will have their comeback in September.

According to Star Empire on 13th August, “We have recently confirmed the addition of 2 new members. The group is currently working with the aim to release the new album in September.”

It is known that the 2 new members are SuperStarK Park SaeMi and another newcomer in the showbiz. The 2 new members will join Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung after Park JungAh and Seo InYoung left the group previously. The group will remain as a 4-member group.

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Narsha, “After I revealed my age, Seo InYoung and I grew awkward”

On the upcoming airing of variety show ‘Hero Girls’ on 1st August, the members on the show revealed that they have been worried even before the show because of Seo InYoung.

With the participation like Yoo InNa, Jung GaEun, Narsha etc, the female stars said, “During the casting before our filming, we are already worried because of Seo InYoung.”

They said, “This is because of Seo InYoung’s strong image.” Yoo InNa said, “I don’t know how I should call Seo InYoung since she is younger than me,” and Narsha said, “After I revealed my age on Strong Heart, our relationship became awkward.”

But the members continued, “However after spending some time with her, we got close to her because Seo InYoung is actually very easy going and kind.”

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Jo Kwon and GaIn duet ‘We Fell In Love’ the #1 duet for the first half of 2010

‘Adam Couple’ 2AM Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn is up #1 for duet song chart for the first half of year 2010.

According to music specialty site Monkey3, the duet ‘We Fell In Love’ sang by Jo Kwon and GaIn is up #1 for duet chart for the first half of 2010 (from January to June). The song is also up #9 for the aggregate chart for the earlier half of this yea.

At #2 is the song ‘Love Taught Me To’ by Lee SeungGi featuring 8eight BaekChan. And at #3 is the song ‘Nagging’ by IU and 2AM SeulOng.

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SBS Family Outing 2 to come to an end after 5 months without any last filming session?

‘Family Outing 2’ comes to an end without a special last filming?

SBS recently announced 2 of its upcoming new variety programs after the South Korean World Cup match on 26th June. They are namely ‘Running Man’ headed by MC Yoo JaeSeok for his MC comeback and ‘Heroes’ which will star Seo InYoung and Park GaHee etc.

‘Running Man’ is set for first airing on 11th July and ‘Heroes’ on 18th July. This leaves with the fact that Family Outing will come to an end officially. It is set that the last episode of FO2 will be on 11th July.

An official revealed, “Nothing has been confirmed as yet. Our last filming was on 14th and 15th June in YangPyung, and there has not been any new filmings. But because of the World Cup season, we have not done any filming for ‘last journey’ special for the show either.”

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Seo InYoung, Park GaHee and JiYeon casted as members for upcoming new SBS variety show

Seo InYoung and After School GaHee will come together as fixed members for new program to take over the time slot for SBS ‘Miss Gold Digger’.

According to an official on 28th June, “Seo InYoung and GaHee will be appearing for the new show to replace ‘Miss Gold Digger.”

It is added that T-ara JiYeon will also be making appearances on the show and the 3 will be working together as members to the new program. Much anticipation is for Seo InYoung to return to the variety show scene as ‘variety show queen’.

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