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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Seo TaiJi-Big Bang voted #1 as the combi project group which is going to be daebak

Singer Seo TaiJi and idol group Big Bang have been chosen as the combi which will be daebak if they are to join together to form a group.

A poll was done on music site Monkey 3 from 19th till 26th August on ‘Which combi will be daebak if they are to form a project group’ and Seo TaiJi-Big Bang combi was voted #1 on the poll with 42% of the votes from netizens.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

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July is the month of Kpop ‘Big Bang’, jampacked with comebacks and debuts

This July, we are seeing a much more hyped up Kpop scene as compared to June with the World Cup season going on.

Kpop fans are in for a ride with comeback by Big Bang TaeYang and Gan MiYeon, as well as debuts by JYP new girlgroup miss A and boyband Teen Top.

Already, TaeYang made his comeback with his 1st full length solo album ‘Solar’ released on 1st July, and had his comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown. The title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also featured the rap of friend of 10 years GDragon. And the MV features Sandara Park.

At the same time, Baby V.O.X Gan MiYeon had her solo comeback on 1st July with the digital single ‘Going Crazy’. The song is written by hitmake Bang ShiHyuk and was produced after 6 months long of recording. The song features the rap of MBLAQ Mir. At the same time, MBLAQ Mir and Lee Joon also did appearance in the MV.

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Upcoming group Infinite to appear in MV for Epik High’s new song

Hip Hop group Epik High will release their new album on 9th March.

The title song ‘Run’ sends a message out to listeners that one should not lose hope even in times of hardship. The MV director to the MV will be Hong WonGi who did Seo Taiji ‘Moai’, 2AM ‘Even If I Die, I Will Not Let You Go’, SS501 ‘Collection’ and Nell ‘Walking In Memory’.

One of the highlights to the MV will also be that upcoming group Infinite will be appearing in the MV. Infinite is a group preparing for their debut under the same management company as Epik High.

Infinite member L will be the main character in the MV. The other members like SeongJong, WooHyun, SeongGyu etc will appear as a band putting up a performance in the MV.

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2PM fans donate to earthquake victims in Haiti under the name of ‘People who are waiting for 2PM Leadja Park JaeBum’

In hope for Park JaeBum to return to 2PM, 2PM fansite UnderGround donates 10 million KRW to Haiti, recently devastated by massive earthquake.

The in-charge of UnderGround revealed about the donation on the fansite on 22nd January. It is known that the site has donated the amount under the name of ‘People who are waiting for 2PM Leadja Park JaeBum‘.

An in-charge of the site also said, “We will use part of the money we collect in hope for JaeBum‘s return to earthquake victims in Haiti who need this money, this is one of the most meaningful things we as fans who wish for JaeBum to return can do, and we hope that relay the message to JaeBum in Seattle that we are all together.”

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A.N.JELL parodises Seo TaiJi’s ‘I Know’

It’s a day of bad news for Kpop world with 2 idol singers confirmed of swine flu, but here’s a parody that will cheer you up.

Witness A.N.JELL‘s jorkiness to the max with their latest parody of Seo Taiji‘s ‘I Know’. This is the 3rd parody from the group after doing Roo’Ra and So Nyeo Shi Dae.

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Nominees for 24th Golden Disk Awards 2009 revealed!


The annual music award 24th Golden Disk Awards will be held coming 10th December.

There are about 30 nominees for album/disk award category this year. Go under the cut to see the full nominees list!

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Mnet unveils MAMA – Full nominee list revealed!


From 2009, Mnet annual music event MKMF will be changed to Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

A live program took place on 23rd October in Seoul Tower and the idea of the new music awards ceremony was revealed. Previously on 16th October, the note “This year there will be no MKMF’ was posted on Mnet’s official homepage, the change of the music ceremony was to give it a new transformation as mentioned by Mnet.

Go under the cut for the nominee list and more details!

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Debut of yet another boyband?


There have been speculations that uljjang actor Seo MinWoo will make a singer debut.

Earlier this year, he was also the main character to Seo Taiji‘s blockbuster MV ‘Human Dream’ together with child actor Yoo ChangHyun.

And recently on his minihompy, he posted up photos taken together with other trainees. There was one particular photo, showing him posing with 4 other individuals, which sparked off netizens’ interests on whether this meant the debut of another upcoming boyband.

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