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ChangMin reveals, “SeulOng treats IU very well, he even buy clothes and shoes for her”

2AM ChangMin reveals that team member SeulOng takes good care of singer IU such that he would send her presents like sets of clothes and even shoes.

ChangMin had revealed that during his appearance on MBC SaeBaGwi aired on 7th August, “When they are together, SeulOng is seen taking good care of IU.” IU and SeulOng recently paired up for a duet collaboration ‘Nagging’ which was very well received by fans.

He added, “SeulOng would request for the other 2AM members to treat IU well if they appear together on music broadcast shows. Personally she calls me by oppa but since we are 7 years apart in age, I feel like an uncle.”

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Newcomer group Young Gun member Lee Min almost debuted as part of 2AM

New group Young Gun member Lee Min’s photos taken with 2PM and 2AM members when he was a trainee revealed online garner interests.

The photos revealed show Lee Min posing with 2AM and 2PM members like Jo Kwon, SeulOng, TaecYeon, ChanSung, JunHo etc. It is known that Lee Min is a JYP trainee. He entered JYPE in 2003 through an audition and received 3 years of training.

He was one of the candidates up to debut as part of 2PM or 2AM but in the end he was eliminated. Following the elimination, Lee Min continued to take part in other auditions and eventually he got to debut as part of Young Gun.

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Big Bang TOP solo song ‘Turn It Up’ up #1 on music chart for 2nd week even without promotions

Big Bang TOP’s latest solo song ‘Turn It Up’ is up #1 on music site Monkey3 weekly chart for the 2nd week, despite having no promotions for it.

The song is up #1 on the chart for the 4th week of June (21st~27th Jun). At #2 position is duet song ‘Nagging’ by 2AM SeulOng and IU. Since early this year, duet songs or featuring songs have mostly turned out to be hit songs on music charts. This applies for IU and SeulOng’s duet ‘Nagging’ and, KWill and Navi’s duet song ‘We Really Loved’ at #3.

Go under the cut for the rest of the chart results.

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IU-SeulOng to start promotion for song “Nagging”

Singer IU and group 2AM member SeulOng is set to deliver lots of nagging to fans on stage at music programs.

The two’s duet song “Nagging” is a song about the lovable nagging a person sends to their boyfriend/girlfriend, and has garnered interest and popularity with the 1st place spot on online music charts and mobile charts. “Nagging” was a song that fans were interested in about promoting on music programs, but due to the busy schedules and schooling of 2AM’s SeulOng and IU, the news that promoting was very difficult was delivered, disappointing fans.

IU’s entertainment company, Loen Entertainment, said, “At the time, balancing schedules was difficult so we thought about other ways to solve the problem, but we thought that standing on stage was a way to repay the fans for their love so we decided to have a stage. Currently, we’re trying to coordinate schedules.”
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4Minute and 2AM SeulOng for April issue of Cosmopolitan

The preview photos to 2AM SeulOng and 4Minute members’ new photoshoot for April issue of Cosmopolitan have been revealed.

The photoshoot is for Armani Exchange, and SeulOng and the 4Minute members were seen in the Armani Exchange tops and denim jeans for the chic and sexy look.

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More MV teasers to 2AM ‘I Did Wrong’ revealed!

The MV teasers featuring 2AM members Jo Kwon and ChangMin for their new song ‘I Did Wrong’ have been revealed.

2AM will be carrying out a large scale project to reveal the full song on 15th March including doing showcase in the Seoul subway stations.

Go under the cut for more MV teasers.

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2AM new song ‘I Did Wrong’ featuring JinWoon revealed!

The 2nd MV teaser to 2AM’s upcoming new song ‘I Did Wrong’ featuring member JinWoon has been revealed on 13th March.

The teaser features member SeulOng. The group will carry out a large scale project in revealing their new song including doing showcase in subway stations on 15th March when the song will be revealed in full.

2AM new song ‘I’m did wrong’ MV teaser featuring SeulOng revealed!

The MV teaser to 2AM’s upcoming new song ‘I did wrong’ featuring member SeulOng has been revealed!

Reports said that this is one of the most expensive MVs for the group and the group is currently carrying out a large scale project in revealing their new song including doing showcase in subway stations on 15th March when the song will be revealed in full.

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