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Shin MinAh for Vivien 2010 Calendar! It’s MinAh’s Morning!

Actress Shin MinAh reveals her photoshoot for 2010 Calendar of Vivien Lingerie!

As Vivien endorser, Shin MinAh does her photoshoot for 2010 Calendar under the theme “MinAh’s Morning” which shows the Vivien customer ways to enjoy their morning in MinAh’s Way with Vivien Lingerie Collection.

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In A Glance: 2009 Style Icon Awards


Actress Kim HyeSoo has been chosen as the best ‘Style Icon’ for 2009.

2009 Style Icon Awards ceremony took place on 11th November in Seoul NamSan N Town Air Dome and Kim HyeSoo has been chosen as the ‘Icon Of The Year’ and ‘Female talent’ award.

Actress Ha Ji Won, on the other hand was awarded for 2 awards as well, for ‘Fun Fearless Female’ award and ‘Female Actress’ award.

Other winners of the day include Jung WooSung, 2NE1, SS501 Kim HyunJoong, Drunken Tiger, Lee MinGi etc.

Go under the cut for more winner list and photos!

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Stars talk about what the 20s mean to them – featuring Lee Hyori, GDragon, Rain etc


The 3rd 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice to be held coming 28th August in JamSil Stadium will be an event for the 20s in Korea, the representative trend setters in Korea.

And with that, a relay interview ’20 people in 2o’s’ was done on the stars which youths in their 20s love. The interview features like 20 stars Lee Hyori, GDragon, Rain, Shim MinAh, Goo HyeSun, Seo In Young, Tablo, Im DongHyuk, Lee JunKi etc.

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Nominees list for Mnet 20’s Choice 2009 released!


Coming 28th October, the 3rd Mnet 20’s Choice 2009 will be held, and there are 20 award categories this time.

The ”2009 Mnet 20’s Choice’ is an event where youths in their 20s pick their choice of icons of Korean culture. And the award categories together with the nominees were revealed on 5th August on Mnet Wide News at 8pm.

There will be blue carpet ceremony, performances lineup and also award ceremony with a fresh feel to award the choice of the 20s.

Here for full nominees list…

K Bites – 17.07.2009 III (SNSD SeoHyun, Koyote ShinJi, Brown Eyed Girls)

sh_170709So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun is #1 star Koreans want to go on summer vacation with

Idol group So Nyeo Shi Dae youngest member SeoHyun has been voted as the #1 star Koreans want to go on their summer vacation with.

A survey was done on music site Bugs from 6th to 13th July on ‘The star you wish to go on summer vacation with’. And of the 4130 people who participated in the survey, 1934 of them (46.83%) chose SeoHyun.

#2 on the survey results goes to Super Junior leader Lee Teuk (1283 votes, 31.07%) and #3 goes to 2PM Nich Khun with 555 votes (13.44%). Other artistes voted are Wang SeokHyun, Shin MinAh, Lee YoWon etc.

Koyote ShinJi’s health on alert, Koyote activities to be put on hold

koyote_170709Koyote’s activities have been put on hold with member ShinJi’s health conditions known to have deteriorated.

Koyote’s company said on the 17th, “ShinJi’s pyelonephritis has recurred. The situation now is that the accurate health report is not out yet. Their activites will have to be put on hold as she may have to receive treatment for it. We don’t know how long she may take to recover.”

They added, “Currently ShinJi is in great pain hence there is not plans for them to continue with their promotions. In anyway, there is no other way to treat her pyelonephritis but to take medicine and have rest. She need no go under the knife for it.”

Meanwhile, the group has cancelled their performance on KBS Music Bank on 17th July. ShinJi was earlier known to have fainted from exhaustion on 14th July but she had discharged on the 15th.

Overwhelming responses for Brown Eyed Girls with teaser video of ‘Abracadabra’ released


The teaser video Brown Eyed Girls’ title song ‘Abracadabra’ has been released on the 17th.

The song is the title song of the group’s comeback 3rd album. And in the MV teaser, fans were led to a teaser to the choreography of the song.

Netizens who caught the teaser said, “They gave off a mysterious and sexy charms with this new concept” etc.

Meanwhile, the group will release their 3rd album officially on 20th July. And the full MV will be released in the 4th week of July.

Same clothes different feel – Yoon Eun Hye vs Shin MinAh


Same clothes different feel – who don the retroish large shoulders 2-piece highwaist skirt better – Yoon Eun Hye or Shin Min Ah?

Poll away here…

K Bites – 15.05.2009 II

WonderGirls SoHee introduced as a fashionista on foreign street fashion site


Group WonderGirls SoHee has been introduced as a fashionista on one of the famous street fashion sites Streetpeeper. Streetpeeper’s stylist in Seoul recently introduced a photo of SoHee on the site.

Streetpeeper is a site which not only talks about street fashion from New York, Paris, London and Tokyo etc, but also information on other famous fashion designers .

On the site on 13th May, a stylist from Korea introduced the fashion items that SoHee had on in one photo. With that, netizens left comments like ‘Really cute’.


Shin MinAh as vocal for Loveholic


Movie actress Shin MinAh will be be featured as vocal to band Loveholic after member Ji Sun left the group.

Loveholic initially consisted of members Lee Jae Hak, Kang Hyun Min and JiSun, but after JiSun left the group in pursue of her solo career, the group remained as Loveholic without a main vocal.

After JiSun left, they released a digital single ‘Butterfly’ featuring artistes like Alex and Horan. And for their new single ‘Miracle Blue’, actress Shin MinAh has been chosen as featured vocal.

Before this, Shin has already sang for movie ‘Go Go 70’ songs, and this will be another chance for fans to see her sing. And she will also appear for the MV to this new single.


SS501 Kim Gyu Jong and Kim Shin Ah are ‘lovers’

kkj_150509The still cuts to singer Kim Dong Hee‘s upcoming MV ‘Yes you are a woman (여자는 그래)’ from her first album ‘My Reality’ were released on 15th May.

And featured in the MV are SS501 Kim Gyu Jong and movie actress Kim Shin Ah. For the MV, Kim Shin Ah plays the female lead who initiates breakup with her lover played Kim Gyu Jong, and she walked to the seashore where she commits suicide.

Many fans were surprised when they see SS501 Kim Gyu Jong hugging Kim Shin Ah in his arms and his acting as the griefing lover in the still cuts. This is the first time they see this side of Kim Gyu Jong.

The full version of the MV will be released on 19th May.

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