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Celebrity couple Hwayobi and Sleepy ends their love relationship after 1 year

Celebrity couple Hwayobi and Untouchable Sleepy announces their breakup.

The couple who first announced their relationship early last year, has revealed that they have broken up on good terms. This was revealed through Hwayobi’s agency on 3rd June.

Her agency said, “Hwayobi and Sleepy has been in a love relationship about over 1 year and have been on good terms. But recently they have broken up as they both needed to concentrate more on their singer activities.”

After the announcement of their love relationship, the 2 have appeared on variety shows openly talking about their relationship. They even had couple performance together, and news of their separation is sad news for fans.

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Hwayobi latest selca photos revealed, “Much weight loss?”

Singer Hwayobi’s recent selca photos have garnered much interests from netizens.

The photos posted up on the singer’s minihompy have been posted up on various internet discussion boards. And many netizens are alarmed at how much weight the singer has lost just by looking at her face.

Go under the cut for more photos.

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Hwayobi dropped the baby fats and show off a sexy v-line

Singer Hwayobi (Park RaeA) shows off her v-line face.

She posted up a new photo on her minihompy on 21st February in a post entitled ‘Paris Grill’.

She was seen with long hair and a sharp v-line face. Having lost weight, Hwayobi’s facial features have seen even more sharp and prominent. Netizens who have seen the photos commented, “You lost weight”, “Pretty”, “Surprised” etc.

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SBS Inkigayo 27.09.09 – 4Minute wins first Mutizen!


4Minute won Mutizen award today on SBS Inkigayo with the song ‘Muzik’.

The girls seemed really surprised by the winning, and the girls shed happy tears. This is their first award on music shows since their debut 3 months back.

Other highlights to the show today:

  • GDragon with special performance of ‘Breathe’
  • Special campaign song by 4Minute
  • Other hot performances by Lee Seung Gi, KARA, 4Minute, f(x), T-ara, Supernova, Kim Tae Woo, TaeGoon and Tei etc

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MBC Music Core 26.09.09 – TaeGoon and T-ara rock ‘TTL’

Today on MBC Music Core, one of the special stages is the special stage of ‘TTL (Time To Love’ by TaeGoon and T-ara girls.

TaeGoon is standing in for the Supernova boys as they are on their Japanese promotion schedule. But you have to say this is one hot performance.

Other highlights to the show:

  • Lee Hyun sings ’30 minutes ago’ with KARA SeungYeon
  • Hot stages by girlgroups KARA, Jewelry, 4Minute, f(x)
  • SNSD Tiffany is finally back on the MC team!

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KBS Music Bank 11.09.09 – GDragon wins 3rd #1!

On KBS Music Bank today, some of the highlights to the show are:

  • GDragon wins #1 for the 3rd time on the show today!!
  • f(x)‘s debut stage on Music Bank with ‘LA chA tA’
  • Other hot performances by 2NE1, 4Minute, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, Baek Ji Young, Davichi etc.

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Jessica and Onew’s back with ‘After 1 Year’ duet on Music Core


One of the highlights to the show on MBC Music Core on 29th August is the dream duet between So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and SHINee Onew on ‘After 1 Year’.

Other highlights to the show includes:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri with special performance of ‘Get it right’
  • Jewelry comeback stage with ‘Bounce and Vari2ty’
  • KARA performs ‘Mister’

Watch them under the cut.

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K Bites – 26.08.2009 V (SNSD Jessica, BEG Miryo, Hwayobi-Sleepy)

So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica to star in musical ‘Legally Blonde’


So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica will make her musical debut.

She will be part of the cast team for musical ‘Legally Blonde’ to take place on 14th November in Seoul SamSungDong CoEX Atrium.

jessica_260809_2One of the officials revealed on 26th August, “Jessica has been casted for the musical ‘Legally Blonde’.” With that, Jessica will transform from a singer to an actress on the musical stage. This is eye-catching especially since Jessica’s new golden hair for So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ promotions was well received by fans.

‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ is a Broadway musical based on a Hollywood movie aired in 2001. Jessica will be acting alongside actors Kim DongWook and singer Kim JongJin.

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo voted the best rapper of all female idol group members


Brown Eyed Girls Miryo has been voted by netizens are the best rapper amongst all idol groups.

On community portal site DCInside, a poll was carried out from 18th till 25th August on ‘The rapper which you think is the most talented amongst female idol group members’, and Miryo was voted #1 with 3,072 votes out of 9,358 votes (32.8%).

The rest of the poll results show:

  1. Brown Eyed Girls Miryo (32.8%)
  2. 2NE1 CL (29.2%)
  3. KARA Nicole (18.9%)
  4. WonderGirls YooBin
  5. 2NE1 Gong MinJi

Hwayobi lock lips with lover Sleepy for more than 100 times over 4 hours for MV filming


Singer Hwayobi, who recently released a new minialbum, has also released a new MV to the up-tempo style love song ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’.

The MV features her lover Sleepy from group Untouchable, and in the MV features the scene where they have to lock lips.

The couple said, “Through the filming of the MV, we kissed for more than 100 times.” It was said that the scene took as long as 4 hours to be completed.