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WonderGirls YooBin, “I go to sleep looking at SunMi’s photo”

A photo of SunMi which had the WonderGirls missing her found in the girls’ dormitory in the States garners interests.

The girls’ dormitory and their features during their American concert tour were revealed through the first episode of Mnet ‘Made In WonderGirls’ aired on 30th July.

YooBin was the one who introduced their dormitory. It had caught the eyes of TV viewers that a photo of SunMi was found in the room which YooBin, SoHee and HyeRim use. YooBin touched the photo and said, “I always go to sleep looking at SunMi. SunMi ya, good night,” expressing her longing for SunMi.

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SoHee for August issue of Dazed And Confused

A new photoshoot featuring WonderGirls SoHee revealed.

A sneak peek to SoHee’s photoshoot for upcoming August issue of Dazed And Confused was revealed on 20th July, and it showed off the young features of the 19-year-old.

More of the photos will be revealed through the August issue of ‘Dazed And Confused’.

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SoHee, “I have bad first impression of HyeRim as she doesn’t greet well”

WonderGirls YeEun and HyeRim were chosen as members who gave a bad first impression.

On KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 10th June, YeEun got 3 votes and HyeRim got 2 votes when the girls were asked which member gave them a bad first impression. The reason why YeEun was chosen is that she did not smile. YeEun explained, “I heard many people tell me that I looked angry when I don’t smile.”

YeEun and SoHee had chosen HyeRim. YeEun said, “The answers HyeRim gave are very short. Sometimes I wonder if she really heard me.” SoHee also added, “I’m sensitive to greetings. And HyeRim is one who don’t greet when she passes by. For me, I’m not one who will greet first but will expects others to greet first.”

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WonderGirls, “YooBin is most different in front of guys”

The WonderGirls reveal that member YooBin changes in front of guys.

The WonderGirls were recently no KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 when they were asked “Which member is the most different when in front of guys?” and they picked YooBin.

YeEun said, “When in front of guys, YooBin will give her smiling eyes exceptionally more often. And the way she speaks also changes, she speaks in a lower voice.”

SoHee continued, “YooBin not only does a lot of smiling eyes in front of guys, she also don’t have any gestures and changes to be become more feminine.” She then did a demostration of how YooBin will behave in front of guys, and ended with an apologetic smile.

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SoHee, “I received comments like ‘Did you do that eye makeup because you wanted double eyelids’ and I felt hurt”

WonderGirls SoHee talks about the misunderstanding she received for her eyeliner makeup.

The WonderGirls were on KBS Happy Together Season 3 aired on 11th June when the MCs asked SoHee, “Your eye makeup is such that the eyeliner goes up to the eye lids.”

SoHee then said shyly, “I had received bashing comments on that. On news reports about me, I’ve seen comments like ‘Did you do that makeup because you wanted double eyelids’ and I was very hurt by that.”

Meanwhile, on the show the members pick YooBin as the member who looks the most different when without makeup.

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WonderGirls SoHee, “My cooking is of good standards” but the other members’ responses were…?

WonderGirls SoHee reveals that her cooking is of good standard during the girls’ appearance on KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 aired on 10th June.

SoHee revealed, “Thinking about it, I think my cooking skills are of good standards. I know how to cook the kimchi fried rice, beanpaste soup and kimchi soup.”

But with that, the other members’ responses were that they have never tasted SoHee’s cooking before. SoHee then explained, “I cooked and eat them alone,” which had roused laughter from the other star appearances on the show. Even though SoHee thinks she cooks well, she could not get the other members to verify it.

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WonderGirls SunYe and YooBin get awkward when they are alone

WonderGirls SunYe reveals truthfully about her relationship with team member YooBin.

SunYe was on KBS 2TV Happy Together – WonderGirls Edition to be aired on 10th June when she picks team member YooBin as the member whom she is most awkward with. Even though it has been some time since YooBin joined the team and they have been promoting together, when the 2 are alone, they are still awkward and do not have many conversations.

YeEun explained, “The reason for their awkwardness is because they don’t have many similar interests.” And MC Yoo JaeSeok asked the 2 members what is the favourite colour of the other. And the 2 had given different answers, rousing laughter from the other star appearances.

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Kim HeeChul serenades to SoHee, while SoHee reveals sexy dance of ‘Single Ladies’

SoHee responds to Kim HeeChul’s serenade.

WonderGirls SoHee was on SBS Family Outing 2 where she had chosen Super Junior Kim HeeChul as her partner for the ‘Instant Meeting’ corner on the show. And Kim HeeChul also showed his great interests towards SoHee.

He had performed the song ‘Cold Hearted Man’ originally by TRAX on the piano. And seeing Kim HeeChul’s performance, SoHee’s response to it was “It is cool”.

Meanwhile, SoHee also a surprise sexy dance of Beyonces’ ‘Single Ladies’.

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