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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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HyunA, “My ideal guy is 170cm”

4Minute HyunA confesses, “My ideal type if someone who is 170cm.”

HyunA was on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 22nd August when she and the other 4Minute members who were present talked about their ideal type of girls.”

SoHyun was asked “Do you like guys who are tall?” and she said, “HyunA unnie like short guys. Her ideal is 170cm.”

HyunA was then asked, “So someone of Haha’s height is okay?” And HyunA’s answer was, “That is the best height.” She was then asked again, “Have you dated any guy who are tall?” and she avoided the question with, “Aei, why ask that.”

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Fans angry over collapsing stage platform on SBS Inkigayo

Even though SBS Inkigayo production team has apologised about our collapsing stage, the unhappiness of the TV viewers did not simmer.

Inkigayo staff has posted up an apology through their site forum regarding the incident. The production team, “Part of the front glass stage platforms have collapsed today during the show. We apologise for the worry caused to TV viewers, we promised to be an Inkigayo who take safety as priority in the future.”

But criticisms against the show continues even after the apology. Netizens commented on the forum, “How did they set up the stage?”, “Luckily no one was injured, I cannot imagine if any singer would get injured”, “Inkigayo disappoints”, “When I watched 4Minute perform, I was so anxious for them”, “I don’t know how to trust Inkigayo” etc.

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MBLAQ Mir, “Secret Jeon HyoSeong who has the same smile point is my ideal type”

MBLAQ Mir picks Secret member Jeon HyoSeong as his ideal type of girl.

Mir was picked by Brown Eyed Girls Narsha who was chosen by the 3 male idols present as the female celebrity with the highest popularity on KBS Star GoldenBell aired on 2nd January.

While Mir has chosen Secret Jeon HyoSeong as his ideal type. He said, “Our smile points are the same. I like those kinds of girls. Whatever you say, they will like it and their reactions to them are good.”

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HyunA, “I want to personally make clothes for ShinDong”


4Minute HyunA has revealed her dream to be a fashion designer.

On KBS Drama Super Junior‘s ‘Miracle’ aired on 31st October, 4Minute appeared on the show as hope messengers.

When they were talking on the topic of dream on the show, HyunA said, “I dream to be a designer. Because I have much interests in fashion, I want to be a designer in the future.” Lee Teuk then asked, “Which Super Junior member do you want to make clothes for?”

HyunA replied, “I want to personally make clothes for ShinDong.”

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Kpop ushers in its new batch of maknaes!


With new singers and groups debuting lately, Kpop world is experiencing a flood of new and definitely younger singers.

We are looking at a crowd as young as 15 years old, and born in 1994. Did time really fly that fast or are we looking at a younger group of singers now?

Go under the cut to know who they are.

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