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KBS Music Bank 23.07.2010 – Miss A wins #1 with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

Today on KBS Music Bank, Miss A won #1 on the KChart with their song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’.

SHINee and ChaeYeon also made their comeback stage on Music Bank today! MBLAQ also performed their follow up song ‘One Better Day’

Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.
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K Bites – 23.05.2009

Hyori and Rain go back to alma mater GyungHee University


Singer Lee Hyori and Rain were amongst the other celebrities who went back to their alma mater GyungHee University to grace the music festival that commemorates the institute’s 60th anniversary into its establishment.

Rain performed his hit songs ‘Rainism’, ‘I Do’ and ‘Love Story’ while Lee Hyori performed the songs ‘Mr. Big’ and ‘U-Go-Girl’. The music festival saw the participation of a 20,000 strong crowd.

Rain graduated in 2006 from GyungHee’s post modern music course, while Lee Hyori who graduated from Korea University is currently taking a graduate school course under the university.

Other than that, Son DamBi and After School also performed for the music festival.

Fancam of Hyori‘s peformance here PLUS one funny pic of Hyori and Rain.


2NE1 is #1 on illegal music download sites for 2 weeks consecutive, something to be happy about?


Newcomer group 2NE1 has been #1 on illegal music download sites for 2nd week consecutively.

On illegal music download sites P2P and Webhard and also several other cafe sites, 2NE1’s debut song ‘Fire’ is #1 for the 2nd week taking up 24% of illegal music download contents.

This group has been famous even before their debut with their hit CM song ‘Lollipop’ and their nickname as the ‘female Big Bang‘. Even though this does show the group and the song popularity, it certainly have some harms on the legal single downloads. This also points to the need of more copyright controls on music content.

More of the illegal music download chart results here…

Brilliant collaboration – TOP and Kim Hyun Joong ‘The Original Friends’

Big Bang TOP and SS501 Kim Hyun Joong was at MBC University Song Festival on 4th October.

They performed the song ‘이 밤이 깊어가지만’ from Seo Taiji and Boys‘ first album and also ‘Rise and Fall’, with an interview with Lee Hyori in the middle of the 2 songs.

Read full article here…

K Bites – 17.09.2008

Son DamBi is ‘Crazy’

Son Dam Bi will be coming back with a new minialbum.

A teaser video to the title song ‘Crazy’ is released a day before the release of Son Dam Bi‘s 2nd minialbum on 17th September.

‘Crazy’ is produced and written the lyrics to by one of Big Bang‘s hit songs’ producers Young Gam Han and features the rap of Eric.


MC The Max to come out with 6th album before reporting for military service

MC The Max members who will be reporting for their military service next year will be coming out with their 6th album, the last before they leave the Korean music scene temporarily for 2 years.

Their management announced on 17th September that the 6th album will be released end-September. And they are also in the preparation for a large scale national concert tour, which falls on the 18th and 19th October.

Member Jun Won Ee will be the first to report for his military service the early half of next year. And the 6th album will also portray a different image of MC The Max as before and the members have also put in their heart and soul into making the album.

I hope that Son Dam Bi does something different from her ‘Bad Boy’ style. The teaser video didn’t really entice me much.

And also the photo in the article looked really like actress Shin Ae of WGM.